“To know what you know, and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.”

– Confucius

My book, “From Doctor to Patient.” tells the story of origins and lessons learned in my journey toward a healthy mind, body, and spirit. The lessons I’ve learned and practices I’ve explored and adopted (some mainstream, others quite controversial) can benefit anyone with an interest in achieving and sustaining overall well being. I have frequently said I believe that most diseases that plague this country can be prevented and sometimes treated by positive health and lifestyle changes.

I welcome the opportunity to share and discuss YOUR journey, and offer any guidance I can through a private, online consulting session.

My own illness was the nidus of my quest to continually learn and grow from my own experiences, and the wisdom of others. I welcome the opportunity to share and discuss YOUR journey, and offer any guidance I can. You’ll have the opportunity to focus the session on a topic of particular interest to you, or we can discuss the steps you can take…both big and small…to migrate from your current behaviors, diet, relaxation techniques and sense of self toward one that is healthier and more fulfilling.

My private practice schedule currently only allows me to offer a limited number of 50 minute online private consultations.


 Reach out to me HERE, and let’s get your first session scheduled.

Payment via PayPal is due prior to/at time of service. We are unable to accept insurance at this time. 


In our online consulting session we will draw upon my own experiences to help you to build a blueprint toward living an optimal life of wellness and mindfulness.

Topics could include:

  • Fostering wellness and preventing illness through mind, body, and spirit
  • Sleep, stress, and how to better deal with both
  • What you’re eating, your dietary choices and options, and how it could be impacting your wellness
  • Boosting your brain and body chemistry with supplements
  • How to develop and nurture healthy, personal relationships
  • How fitting meditation into everyday can impact spiritual wellness

My greatest fulfillment in life is sharing my knowledge of Integrative and

Functional Medicine to help others.