There are a lot of great companies providing great products. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of old fashioned snake oil salesmen that care less about helping you and more about taking your hard earned dollars. I’m happy to share with you resources and tools that can help you along your journey that I personally endorse from reputable companies I know you can trust.

There are seemingly endless options when comparing health supplement suppliers. One of my favorites for quality, service and price is Metagenics.

Dr. Heather Wdowin is the founder, and visionary behind Naturopathic MD. It is her goal to offer access to high quality medical wellness plans to everyone. She offers a wonderfully innovative 30 day Detox program I highly recommend.  Learn more about Dr. Wdowin here.

I’m a huge fan of cold therapy to assist in restful sleep. Chillipad is one of my favorites. Listen to PodCast.  Use discount codes:chilipad25, ooler15, or chiliblanket10 for savings!

As we learn more and more about the benefits of red light therapy, Joovv is emerging as my favorite. Use promo code: fromdoctortopatient for free gift with purchase.

SaunaSpace near infared incandescent therapy combines the luxury of a high end sauna experience with photobiomodulation, heating detoxification, and protection from EMF stress,  by heating the body radiantly, from within.

Fréquence Botanicals essential oils, designed to be used daily, are primarily wildcrafted or grown with organic and biodynamic methods. 10% Discount Code: DRDIVA

Apollo Neuro is a new wellness wearable that improves your body’s resilience to stress, so you can calm down, focus, relax, sleep, and stay healthy. Apollo doesn’t track your health – it actively improves your health in real-time. It’s a safe, effective stress relief tool that works for adults and children alike. No drugs, no side effects. Even better, Apollo actually trains your nervous system to cope with stress better over time.