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Begin or Continue Your Journey Toward Wellness.

Though I wrote this book from my own experience with cancer, you don’t need a cancer diagnosis to benefit. You may be early in your exploration of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Or, you’re well-entrenched in your journey of sustaining optimum health. Perhaps you are at rock bottom with a recent health diagnosis. If your goal is a journey toward wellness, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer, are undergoing treatment, or even in remission, the power to heal is equally important.


Has a recent health diagnosis knocked you down in mind, body or spirit? Replace despair and worry with a thoughtful plan and roadmap toward healing.


If achieving and sustaining optimal health is important to you, this book can help guide you along your journey toward fully realized well-being.



“I’m still evolving. Through sharing my personal experiences of transformation, I hope to offer a reflection that allows you to develop an awareness of the positive and negative influences in your own life.”

– Dr. Diva Nagula

There’s much to learn, much to know, and still much more to explore. I welcome you on this journey with me.

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