Achieving and Sustaining the Optimal Wellness Needed to Thrive

The concept of living an optimal life is not limited to the area of addressing illness. While it was cancer that brought me personally to research and explore healing through mind, body, and spirit, the lessons I’ve learned and practices I’ve explored and adopted (some mainstream, others quite controversial) can benefit anyone with an interest in achieving and sustaining overall well being.


This is not a book about cancer. It’s a book that draws upon my own experiences to help you to build a blueprint toward living an optimal life of wellness and mindfulness.

Chances are, if you’ve arrived here you already have an interest in pursuing wellness, and have likely read other books on the topic. Diet books, meditation books, or other niche “wellness” books are only building blocks, not a roadmap. What I’ve attempted to do here is present an integrated approach to help you design your own roadmap.

Among the topics I address in the book are:

  • The techniques of preventing illness through mind, body, and spirit
  • How to feed your body and your soul with the right foods
  • Ways to boost your brain and body chemistry with supplements
  • The importance of developing healthy, personal relationships
  • Techniques for using meditation for spiritual wellness


The COVID-19 pandemic has put the focus on personal health and well-being like nothing else in decades. As we learn more and more about the impact of the disease, it’s clear that some us are more susceptible to its devastating effects than others. But why?

Right now, the factors that make one COVID positive individual sicker than another are unclear. One thing IS clear though…Using the techniques and philosophies for an optimal life can reduce your physiologic and mental stress, can reduce pain, and can have an impact on inflammatory processes more and more implicated in illness. The benefits on general wellness are clearly huge, but are only beginning to be understood.

The purpose of this book–and my life’s purpose–is to share the tools I discovered on the journey to better health.