Your Journey Back Toward Wellness Begins Here

While my own personal experience was with cancer, your experience with illness might be quite different, whether you suffer from a life-long struggle with chronic disease, or have recently received a disquieting diagnosis. The path toward wellness is the same–healing through mind, body and spirit. In this book I’ve tried to capture the myriad lessons I learned through my experience, and many years of subsequent exploration and research, and share them here with you.



Most of us share a common goal–to live an optimal life free of disease and the associated pain, stress, and worry. But few of us have a blueprint for achieving that optimal life, and many people are often caught off-guard when illness arises. We’re then faced with the question “now what?”

I hope my book will help you address that question..”now what?” as you begin to plot your own journey toward better health and an optimal life through nutrition, mindfulness, spirituality to improve your sense of well being, and being of service to others.

Among the topics I address in the book are:

  • The techniques of preventing illness through mind, body, and spirit
  • How to feed your body and your soul with the right foods
  • Ways to boost your brain and body chemistry with supplements
  • The importance of developing healthy, personal relationships
  • Techniques for using meditation for spiritual wellness



One thing is clear. The possible implications of living an optimal life have not been fully explored or adopted by the traditional medical community—of which I am a part!

But we are making inroads in understanding the benefits. Nutrition, meditation, mindfullness, stress-reduction, and spirituality are becoming less and less outliers in how traditional western medicine is addressing and treating illness.