20 Surprising, Eye-Opening, Thought-Provoking Breastfeeding Facts & Stats

Happy August, folks! Did you know August is National Breastfeeding Month? We’ve gathered 20 of the most surprising, eye-opening, and thought-provoking breastfeeding facts and statistics for you – so that you, too, can celebrate the amazing benefits of breastfeeding this August! Breastfeeding is a natural form of birth control that is 98% effective in preventing pregnancy for the first 6 […]

Sitting is the New Smoking: True or False?

Do you want the short answer or the long answer? Short answer: Sitting is not the new smoking.  Long answer:  “Sitting is the new smoking” is an attention-getting statement! On the plus side, it’s made people truly consider the deleterious effects of a sedentary lifestyle. However, the most current evidence shows that it’s simply untrue. Public health professionals worry that […]

Science-Backed Health Benefits of Vegetarian vs. Vegan Diets

In 2017, Italian researchers conducted a review of nearly one-hundred research studies that looked at the effect of vegan and/or vegetarian diets on a number of health outcomes. Since then, their report has been cited by hundreds of researchers and practitioners, and remained a key resource for dietary decision-making. Here’s what they found:  Vegetarian Diets Vegetarian diet: no meat (poultry, […]

Sun Safety Tool: The UV Index

Although many view skin cancers as relatively innocuous, more than two people die from skin cancer every hour in the United States. Around half of these skin cancer deaths can be attributed to melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. In 2020, experts predict that 100,350 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma, and 6,850 Americans will die from this form of […]

5 Surprising Sarcoma Statistics

“Sarcoma is the general term for a broad group of cancers that begin in the bones and in the soft (also called connective) tissues (soft tissue sarcoma).”The Mayo Clinic Sarcomas only make up around 1% of all cancer diagnoses in the United States. Nonetheless, the Sarcoma Alliance argues that statistics about sarcoma are misleading and underplay the risk of sarcoma […]

National HIV Testing Day 2020

Across the world, nearly 38 million people are living with HIV. However, 1 in 5 of them are unaware that they have the virus. That’s why each year, on June 27th, we observe “National HIV Testing Day” to raise awareness about the importance of getting tested for HIV. Continue reading for information on why, who should, and how to get […]

4 Interventions to Reduce Cancer-Related Fatigue: RANKED

In 2017, a team of researchers evaluated the four most commonly recommended treatments for cancer-related fatigue: 1) Exercise interventions, 2) Psychological interventions, 3) Combination of both exercise and psychological interventions, and 4) Pharmaceutical interventions. These researchers analyzed 113 scientific studies with a total of 11,535 participants to determine which type of intervention is most effective in reducing cancer-related fatigue.  Their […]

5 Leading Causes of Death for Men in the U.S.

In honor of Men’s Health Month, we are highlighting the 5 leading causes of death for men in the United States. On average, American women live five years longer than men. Although men and women experience many of the same health issues (e.g., heart disease), certain conditions are more common for men than women (e.g., deaths from unintentional injuries). It’s […]

10 Famous People Who Survived a Cancer Diagnosis

More than one-third of people will be diagnosed with cancer over their lifetime (National Cancer Institute, 2018) – and those in the public eye are no exception. Since today (June 7th) is National Cancer Survivors Day, there’s no better time to acknowledge and celebrate famous people who overcame cancer! Read on for information about celebrities who survived cancer, including the type of cancer […]

Eating Well on a Healthy Schedule

This article, written by Dr. Nagula, was first published on www.Nutritiontastic.com. Eating well isn’t just about what you eat, but also when you eat. Unfortunately, it’s hard-wired in our brains to eat a big breakfast as soon as we wake up, and regular meals and snacks throughout the day until we go to sleep. However, the latest research shows that this eating regimen really […]