About Our Guest- Deborah Wayne – High-speed healing

Debora Wayne, Founder & CEO of The International Chronic Pain Institute® is a world-renowned energy healer specializing in the HighSpeed Healing™ method for rapid release of Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, battles with Weight, Binge-Eating, Chronic Fatigue, and other chronic conditions.

Her specialty is helping people to find and remove the Hidden Reasons that lie at the root of pain, symptoms, and suffering but that often don’t show up on diagnostic tests.

A highly sought after speaker, and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author of “Why Do I Still Hurt?, Debora has earned degrees and certifications in Psychology, Hypnotherapy, & Chemical Dependency Counseling, has 35 + years practicing and teaching Meditation, is a nationally recognized Glass Artist, a former professional Modern Dancer, Certified Yoga Instructor, and leads the Only Practitioner Training worldwide in the HighSpeed Healing™ method.

Full Podcast Transcription

Debora Wayne 01:25
They are focused on stopping the actual symptom which is trying to teach them something they are trying to deny, suppress, repress, mask the information that their incredible wise body is telling them. The average practitioner is not trained to go deep enough and ask the right questions. They just say where does it hurt? Let’s get rid of it. And this resistance to what’s happening is literally guaranteeing that the pain not only stays but gets worse over time. We have to look at this beyond the physical. The physical is the last place anything shows up.

Diva Nagula 02:10
Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of From Doctor to Patient. Today I am pleased to have Debora Wayne with me. She is the founder and CEO of the International Chronic Pain Institute, is a world renowned energy healer specializing in the high speed healing method for rapid release with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, battles with weight, binge eating, chronic fatigue and other conditions her specialty is helping people to find and remove the hidden reasons that lie at the root of pain, symptoms and suffering but that often don’t show up on diagnostic test. A highly sought after speaker and Amazon number one best selling author of Why do I Still Hurt, Deborah has earned degrees and certifications in psychology, hypnotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, has 35 years practicing and teaching meditation, nationally recognized glass artist, performer, professional modern dancer, certified yoga instructor and leads the only practitioner training in the High Speed Healing method. Debora, how are you today?

Debora Wayne 03:32
I’m so glad to be here. Hello, everyone, and thank you for having me.

Diva Nagula 03:36
Thanks so much for being a guest today. I am so really excited to talk with you today, especially with the whole field of what you do and how it often helps get to the root of pain. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but in my past life, I was a interventional pain management physician, and so I was knee deep in treating people’s pain. I specialized in acute and chronic back and neck pain. And I did a lot of interventional procedures, as that’s what I believed, and coupled that with physical therapy. And there are times when I had to use pain medications because that’s how I was trained. And knowing what I know now, I really wish I had taken a different approach. I’m very much, now embedded into the holistic field of medicine with innovative medicine, functional medicine, and I really truly believe in getting to the root cause of things. And I really wish I had taken more time to dive into my patients history, but with insurance companies paying the bills, you’re kind of stuck with seeing people every 15 minutes. So it’s quite unfortunate, but I’m glad I have got a lot of information and education. And so I can share the information through having conversations with people like you.

Debora Wayne 04:56
You know, it’s actually incredible that you’ve been through that experience because as a physician, now people will listen to you, and they will follow your lead and with what you’ve been through, you’ll really make a significant impact because of everything that you’ve been through, and that you would change. And so, you know, kudos to you, we need your voice, that’s for sure. Because the old way, which is still existing, and probably will, for a long time, but it really can bring harm to a lot of people unknowingly. I mean, the doctors are doing what they’re trained to do, as you well know. But you hit a wall of limitation when you just look at the cut it out, drag it out mentality.

Diva Nagula 05:43
Yes and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to bring a voice to this field that we’re both in and trying to spread the word as best I can. And everyone has unique story in how they’ve gotten here. And I’m very interested in finding out more about you and how you ended up in what you’re doing right now.

Debora Wayne 06:04
Well, over 30 years ago, I woke up one morning, lying on the floor of my walk in closet, and I could not stop crying, I could not get dressed, I could not go to work. If you had seen me from the outside looking in, you would have thought nothing’s wrong with her. My life looked great, big, beautiful four bedroom home in Scottsdale, handsome husband, great careers, BMW in the garage. But that morning, I woke up and I had for a long time, and no one knew it. I was in so much pain from head to toe. And my pain made no sense. And I had been to doctor after doctor and they couldn’t find anything on tests other than my thyroid, they gave me thyroid meds, it did nothing to change anything. And I was very depressed, very filled with anxiety. I couldn’t psych myself into pretending everything was fine one more day on that morning. And I had all kinds of joint pain and muscle pain and horrible menstrual cycles, and insomnia. I literally had to drink myself to sleep every night and I took pain pills or sleeping aids of some type. And then I was into binge eating and sedatives. And I was headed for death truly. And that day was a turning point. Now, it wasn’t anything from my brilliant mind. I literally was lying on the floor of the closet and at that time of my life, I did not have a spiritual life. I did not have a religion that I followed. In fact, I was really not sure there was a god. But you know, when you’re alone, and you feel like you’re dying, all of a sudden you find yourself praying. I screamed out to this God that I didn’t believe in and I said, if there’s anything out there, please help me. And within seconds, my closet was filled with the most incredible, palpable, undeniable feelings of unconditional love and peace that I had never known. And something heard me and I stopped crying. And I had what I believe is a very spiritually transformative experience. And I literally got up, I went in the other room, I picked up the phone. And for the first time in my life, I called a professional I asked for help. And I told the truth. And I said, I can’t do this anymore. I am out of ideas. I need help, and I don’t want to die. And I began my journey, my healing journey which has led me to this path which I never planned, honest. It’s not my goal, not my 10 year plan. And along the way, I really had to follow it. Well, I did a lot of things. I basically unpacked everything in my life. And I examined my thinking my emotions, my choices, my career, everything. I think the biggest factor that led me to the work that I’m doing today was I began to meditate again, which I had learned at a very young age, but I threw it out, I thought it wasn’t working, I didn’t have time for it. And I started to have a series of these spiritual experiences. And literally it was revealed to me that everything that we see physically and we can touch is actually made of energy. I could see it, I could feel it. I knew it. Now I did not study science. I wasn’t interested in science. I wasn’t interested in medicine or anatomy. But I began to get this information intuitively during meditation, that everything was energy and vibration, and I could literally see the particles of the universe of the physical walls in my body. I could see them as they really are in their essence. And I began to follow this intuition. And I started to discover that lifeforce energy, which is everywhere present was flowing through my hands, and it was going to be used for healing myself and other people and that I had a mission, at first I thought it kind of my cracking up, I didn’t want to even tell anyone. But it became very apparent I was guided to books, I ended up going back to school. That’s where I stacked on all those degrees because I was tiptoeing around, what was really happening is it was still quite embarrassed to talk about this. And I come from an allopathic medical family. And we see the double blind studies. We just don’t talk about this kind of thing. I kept it hidden except for my closest friends, until quite a number of years later, when I couldn’t deny it anymore, because people were having remarkable healing experiences, remarkable. And it really dawned on me, this is selfish, to keep to myself, this is why I’m here. And I need to just get over myself basically, and put my stake in the ground. And it helped when I became a yoga teacher, it really helped because this is also ancient information that I started to recognize, wow, these ancient cultures, they knew there was invisible, subtle energy. And they talked about it openly and freely. And now, it took many years before I discovered the new science. But there’s a ton of science and documentation around this. I just didn’t know about it. So now in my life, everything has converged. And I’ve been able to synthesize everything that I did, that I felt was the fastest, most important nuggets that helped me personally heal. And then I started combining tha and working with people all over the world. It’s enabled me to work virtually, with people in 150 countries now. I see remarkable things happen every day, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Diva Nagula 11:46
Wow, that’s amazing. And how many years have you been able to use your hands for energy and do energy healing?

Debora Wayne 11:53
I started in 1985. I kept it very quiet for a lot of years. And then I started flying under the radar, but branching out a little more was in 2000-2001 when I started becoming more public, and in 2006, I had an amplification of my abilities, I think I had worked on myself enough to clear out a lot of the beliefs and the things that were in standing in my way. And at that point, I had another really remarkable spiritual experience. And that’s when I knew I cannot hide this any longer. The people that I was working on at the time, were having really astounding, I mean, I was pinching myself. And I knew I couldn’t hide it anymore. And so that’s in 2006. Around that time, is when I just said, that’s all, that’s it. I never did any other methods that I learned to practice. I’ve just never looked back since then.

Diva Nagula 12:50
And can you take us through a clinical case with a client? If you’re having someone, for example, like one of the many patients that I would see my office who dealt with chronic pains, such as fibromyalgia. I saw that quite often. I’m sure you see those cases, too. So what is your approach to a person who’s suffering from a chronic condition like fibromyalgia?

Debora Wayne 13:16
Yeah, it’s actually my favorite. Because, when you Google it, there is no cure for fibromyalgia, you’re gonna have to learn to live with this, that is not the case in my world. From the very first time someone came to me and said, I have fibromyalgia. First of all, I don’t buy into the label, I recognize they have a pattern going on. And it’s a pattern of thinking and emotions and energy. So first, we have a conversation. And I start asking deeper questions about their life, their lifestyle, I get a sense of their thinking and the emotions that they may or may not even be aware of. And when I work with people, whether it’s fibromyalgia, any type of chronic physical pain, any type of emotional pain, even like depression, anxiety, any type of chronic condition, it could even be cancer. There are three exact things that I take a person through one, we examine the common beliefs that they have, about their health, their body, their situation, we sort out what’s true from what’s false. Most of it’s false, by the way. Number two, I help them discover how to find and release the damaging emotions that are linked to those thoughts that they’re usually not even aware of, and they’re storing those emotions in the body, and it becomes tension. We know that emotions are frequencies that are releasing chemicals and affecting the nervous system, the immune system, the organs, the flow of energy, the mood, everything. So I really work a lot with helping people access all of that. And I work in their energy field to speed up the whole process and many times A lot of things just literally come off without any effort just by the energy piece alone. But if you put all three of those together and you work on belief clearing, emotional clearing in the energy field, there’s nowhere else to go. That’s it. So we do a very deep dive. And people are transformed. So I’ve had case after case after case of people telling me they’ve had fibromyalgia for 20 to 30 years, one of these we took into a scientific research lab. And this is common, it was not unique to her. I didn’t know this person. And in fact, with her, I did not even have the deep conversation. And I worked on her in person. Normally, I work virtually that I worked on her in person so we could measure her with these devices, and literally in that very first session, she came out in less than one hour and said I am 99.99% completely pain free. She stood up and her spine had literally changed, she grew her spine straight and where she had a curvature and where she had dramatic pain and tension in her spine, it was gone. Within two weeks, she let us know that the double cataract in her one I was completely healed. And her vision improved. She hadn’t had insomnia and had not slept for 12 years without sleep aids, she slept like a baby for the first time that night without any sleep aids. This is common in my world, people in less than an hour often become pain free. And then I go through the rest of my program, my pain free living program with them to make sure they hold that new pattern. Because oftentimes people will dip back into their old pattern, unknowingly, because they don’t realize they’re contributing to it. And it has to do with the thoughts and the emotion. So like I said, we do a very thorough, deep approach. But people often have sometimes complete healing right from the very start.

Diva Nagula 17:13
Yeah, so I was gonna ask, like, how many sessions do they need before they feel like they’re
back to normal or have any reduction in any other symptoms like a significant reduction.

Debora Wayne 18:22
It’s pretty interesting what we found in the lab, and I knew this for years, but then we saw measurable results, people actually improve within the first one to three days, they don’t decrease, they increase in benefits in results. I’ve seen this for years. Everyone’s case is different. Some people literally have complete and total healing in one session. But I found over the years that the average that I recommend is four to six sessions in order to hold the new pattern. And that doesn’t mean everything will be gone if they have a long laundry list of symptoms and issues. But in some cases, yes, everything’s gone. And other cases, the majority or a lot of it is gone. And they now have the tools. And they’re starting to to really see how this gets created. And what to do about it when it comes up. And some people stay with me longer not that they’re wracked with pain any longer, but they want to really make sure they they change their consciousness around all of this, so that they can prevent or at least know what to do. Because life happens. It’s not, there’s no guarantee that someone won’t have an accident or an experience where they’re thrown for a loop. But if you have the right tools in your toolbox, you will not fall down and end up with another 10-20 years of pain and suffering. You’ll know how to deal with it in the moment. I tell you, the average person in six weeks has massive change and some people sooner.

Diva Nagula 19:56
That’s fascinating and it’s interesting because of something like fibromyalgia with allopathic physicians, or people that are practicing Western medicine, you see, if I remember, they literally will roll their eyes, lift their head up into the ceiling or under this sky, and really regret going in the room seeing this patient. It’s very interesting because the school of thought to treat this is secondary to major depressive symptoms or events that’re causing this condition. And so we were instructed, or we were taught, that the best way to treat these folks is by using a combination. Polypharmacy is what we would use, a combination of medicines, that would include a sleep aid, and antidepressant, and various medications to help treat pain, and we would max these medications out. And then if they were maxed out, we would start another medication, or we would try other interventional procedures that were heavy duty. And it’s really a tragedy, because something such as energy healing, with your specific proven effects, you know, can do wonders in such a short period of time. And I’m wondering why some people can’t get rid of their painful symptoms and conditions, no matter what they try, is it because the fear of going to the wrong sources to help alleviate their symptoms?

Debora Wayne 21:26
Yeah, it’s a lot of what you just shared, it’s that they are focused on stopping the actual symptom, which is trying to teach them something. They are trying to deny, suppress, repress mask, the information that they’re incredible wise body is telling them, but the average practitioner is not trained to go deep enough and ask the right questions. They just say, Where does it hurt, let’s get rid of it. And this resistance to what’s happening is literally guaranteeing that the pain not only stays but gets worse over time. We have to look at this beyond the physical, the physical is the last place anything shows up. I have seen in every case with fibromyalgia, there’s a huge emotional component. And that most of these people have… they’re not listening to the wisdom of their body, their inner guidance that’s always there. They’re not looking deep enough. I see these groups on Facebook, these fibromyalgia groups, and the people are suffering and screaming for help. And no one is giving them the right information. And it just really gets to me to like you’re saying, to be aware of this when I see constantly, almost everyone that comes to me with fibromyalgia or arthritis pain, they’re on meds, sometimes, like you’re saying multiple meds, they’re taking anti inflammatory patches, injections, sleep aids, they’ve been told to go on a certain food plan to eliminate, they’re living on air and broccoli, nothing’s working. Or they go the natural route. And they’re taking buckets of supplements. And they’re afraid to stop because they don’t really see it doing anything, but they’re afraid to stop. And so they’re so afraid that it’s causing more stress, which you can’t heal when you’re in that constant stress. And they’re so afraid because all they get is this is an incurable, we can’t do anything for you take more magnesium. Oh my god, it’s heartbreaking, quite frankly, it’s really heartbreaking.

Diva Nagula 23:30
Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. And tell us more about your unique approach using the high speed healing in like how you utilize this to heal conditions like fibromyalgia, are there any other kinds of conditions that you’ve had success with your with your methodology?

Debora Wayne 23:46
Oh, my God, I’m so excited to tell you how many conditions so first of all, I don’t treat conditions I treat the whole being the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, as a complex, and then it translates into the changes. And it’s all done by working in the bio field, which I’ll explain in a moment. But I just want to share with you and listeners that I’ve seen a wide range of conditions from people with chronic fatigue, people with thyroid issues galore. People come with insomnia, massive digestive disorders, all kinds of digestive disorders clear up. Even people who were told they were gluten they needed to go gluten free or celiac, it’s amazing how many people can go back to eating whatever they want. What else, every type of physical pain under the sun, depression, anxiety, panic attacks. I’ve even worked with many people who had cancer. Some of them were told they would not live and that they were so far gone, that they weren’t even offered chemo or radiation and I’ve seen them come back to life and be pronounced cancer free. We’ve seen tumors on the MRIs that were there completely gone. I’ve seen women having difficult pregnancies, prolapse bladders, we’re talking physical spinal issues, it’s really quite remarkable what’s possible. Again, because the body is energy. And we know from science now I didn’t make this up, energy can change form. And all the symptoms are made of energy. And there is vibrational information. So in recent years, they discovered a new field in physics called, they called it initially an information field. And that was because they discovered the field which surrounds the body surrounds every living thing, this field is informing the body, the information in the field informs the body. Well, I’ve developed an extraordinary sensitivity to be able to scan the field. And I can literally feel within seconds where there are disturbances in that energy field. And I carry a higher vibration. Well it’s not always higher, I can bring in the frequencies, the vibration that they need, and hold that container for them. And we know, like tuning forks, when you strike one, the other forks start to resonate at the same vibration. So I’m literally again, it’s a physics term, but entrainment happens, where they begin to entrain with me, and their vibration literally changes. And we know again, the body is a wave. It’s a wave. And it can change literally physically, when you change the vibration of that wave form. And that’s what’s happening. And people often report during their sessions. It’s so interesting, people who know nothing about this, and they say, wow, I felt like I was a wave. I felt like my body was waving. In fact, sometimes their body will undulate like a wave, there’s a lot of movement. Many times, they said, I feel like there was water or I became expanded in waves of water, they’re getting a physical sensation of actually what’s happening. So I’m able to help them very rapidly by bringing in a coherent vibration. And they begin to entrain with that, and they become coherent or harmonious is another way of saying that, it shows up. And the changes can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, even financial changes. It’s interesting. Some people say, I don’t even know how this is possible to ever, but now I’m getting new clients, my money’s flowing, I found my career, I’ve been searching my whole life for my ideal relationship. You see, it’s all interconnected. via the thoughts, the emotions and the energy field. So anything and everything’s possible when you work at this level first.

Diva Nagula 27:51
From my own personal knowledge, when you are scanning your hands over people’s bodies, do you feel a specific, like a pain of something that indicates that there’s some disturbance in the energy field, or there’s a disturbance or deficiency in a chakra? I ask because I would say in the last two to three months, I have started to learn to use my hands. I don’t have anyone teaching me. So I’m very new at this. And I can actually almost read people chakras whether they’re deficient or not with my hands. And I feel like that I can, if the energy is deficient, I could almost start to jumpstart it, if you will, and get it moving. And I can confirm that with the use of a pendulum. Now I, over the weekend, I had clients and i and i was doing this and I felt energy that was not around the chakra. And I was like, What is this? I had no idea what I was doing. I was just like, I don’t have anyone to guide me or teach me and like it was just fascinating to me now. I just was curious as to your thoughts?

Debora Wayne 29:05
Well, you’re in the right place with me here. So if I don’t work on the chakras, no, but there literally is an entire energy body that you will see and you’ll feel things all over when I work on them. So for me, it’s multi sensory, but my hands are the strongest sense, where I can literally scan, and by the way, I do this at a distance I don’t work in person anymore unless I’m at a live event. So I can feel changes in the vibration, I literally will feel a change. I will feel different sensations. Sometimes one hand or the other hand will be stronger. I can see the auric field as well. I see the light the bodies made of light and I see how that changes. I hear tones as well. And many times different sounds will come in sometimes a single note sometimes multiple. And again, I don’t analyze it I just work with it and carry a stronger vibration that’s coherent. And so when I interact with the field, they begin to resonate with what I’m bringing in, and they start to harmonize themselves. So again, I don’t analyze chakras, but I can scan that body and pretty much tell you the story of what’s going on in the body. And I don’t do readings in that regard, it’s more important that the person that’s receiving learn to trust their inner wisdom, and they’ve been hearing it for a long time and have not listened. So everybody wants to know, well, what did you get Debora what’s going on with me, but I direct the conversation back to them in order for them to start to understand it, they’ve been getting information, they have not trusted it or listened to it. And I’d rather empower them and give them a reading, so to speak. If I need to, of course, I’ll say something, and I’ll encourage certain things. You’re having… everyone has this ability, everyone has the ability to heal themselves and others, it’s a unique gift to me, I just did enough work and prepared the soil, which you have obviously done as well. When you clear out enough of the false beliefs and limiting emotions, or you’ve been meditating for many years like I have, you’ll become aware that there’s so much information in the universe, and we have access to this, it is beyond the intellect. This is not mind over matter. This is not law of attraction. This is not positive thinking. This is a higher state of consciousness, where you tap into some people call it the superconscious mind or the matrix or the divine mind, or God will call it what you want. There’s information everywhere present in all that empty space is not empty, it’s filled with information. And we can tap into that and get guided literally into being a conduit for that information. The universe is for us, not against us. We are the ones through all of our great wisdom, our intellect, who have gotten out of sync with our true nature. And so that’s why you feel so great when you spend time in nature, because you’re getting recalibrated to the frequency of the earth and the earth is calibrated to the sun and the universe and the cosmos, were part of all of that it’s so much greater, we are so much greater than we’ve been taught. And when we tap into that, as you’re really aware of I can tell, we’re able to help people who have gotten lost on the path. They’re no different. They’re not defective, they’re not lacking anything. They’ve been so conditioned and hypnotized to think they’re this limited victim, that they’re stuck, and they need a leg up and they’re trying to think themselves out of that box. And you cannot think yourself out of there. You need a higher vibration.

Diva Nagula 33:02
And I believe that’s the key for everything. I mean, if you vibrate herself to a higher plane,
you’re really escaping all the lower vibrational ailments like disease.

Debora Wayne 33:13
It can’t exist. If I tell people think about like, if you had a mold or some kind of mold that needed a hot, humid climate to survive, and you put it in a freezer, it would cease to exist, can’t exist in the freezer. So when we change the state of consciousness, those low vibrational states cannot exist, they cease to exist. And it can happen like that. That’s why this goes beyond our understanding of limited linear left brain ways of healing. It has nothing to do with that. It’s literally a shift in consciousness. And that virus, everyone’s terrified of viruses a particular frequency, you shift that frequency that virus no longer exists.

Diva Nagula 34:02
Exactly. That’s what I tell my clients. That’s what I preach on the podcasts and tell friends and
family. So no, I’m glad you’re able to affirm what I’ve been telling people.

Debora Wayne 34:12
Absolutely. I’m so excited that you’re discovering this because you’ll be able to help so many
more people.

Diva Nagula 34:13
Yeah, that’s the plan. And so like when you’re scanning the field, as we were just describing, it’s more of a diagnostic tool. So what do you do when you’re starting to treat people obviously, there’s a communication, but I’m really curious as to what the next steps are to modulate their discomfort?

Debora Wayne 34:35
Well, I get Debora out of the way and wow, these incredible… it’s hard to put into words, but it’s a vibration that comes through me it’s very palpable. I can literally feel it. It’s 24/7, it’s not that I do it and I turn it off or I have to do some ritual. It’s just constantly flowing through me and I just allow it flow through me. But then I literally keep feeling into the field basically. And I have an exchange and interaction with where I need to work. And then I watch the reaction in the body, people flip and flop like a fish, some people, there’s tons of movement, some people don’t move, the ones on anti depressants, anti anxiety meds, their their field gets very subdued these pain meds, completely subdue the body, I can always tell when someone’s on meds for that reason, there’s no movement in their body for a while, but then they start to come back to life. After a few sessions, they literally start to flow again, their energy flows, and they have movement. Other people, like I work with a lot of people who have had trauma of all types as well. This is the fastest way to release trauma without retriggering the trauma. So whether it’s trauma from childhood abuse, sexual abuse, any type of abuse, or whether it’s accidents, injuries, ski accident, car accidents, often there’s a lot of movement at first, and then it calms down as the trauma releases. But I see everything from all kinds of just signs that they’re going into a deeper brainwave state. And then afterwards, when I asked them what their experience is, that’s when it’s really interesting, because everyone has a unique experience. But often, it’s quite extraordinary. And they know, they just deeply know, it’s not me convincing them of anything. They know that they’re either healing or something’s completely healed, whether they’re going to be well, they start to get the inner guidance that they even often know what caused it, they begin to know, I’ll never forget, I had a woman with stage four cancer second round tumors everywhere. They said, sorry, you’re going to die is what the doctors told her. We will not even offer you chemo or radiation. Somehow she found me we took her into a science lab as well. And again, this was one of those cases where I didn’t talk to her. I didn’t even know what was going on. I knew she had cancer, but I didn’t know the story or anything. And I only worked on her once a week for three weeks, which is not very much. And in a second session, she burst out crying. And she just sobbed which is not uncommon for some people, some people laugh hysterically, some people that it’s a release, even if it’s laughter. At the end of three weeks, I was allowed to speak with her after finally after we were finished. And she told me that in that second session, she absolutely knew where the cancer came from. It was a very angry argument that began with her husband who had died 15 years ago, who appeared to her in the session. And they had a conversation and she said we made peace. And he apologized. And I knew where I got the cancer. I knew the cancer was gone. I knew that I would be well, she said I knew it beyond on a shadow of a doubt. Now mind you, she was 72 years old. She had no other forms of treatment. She was barely eating. And she had scheduled an MRI for the day after that third session, which I thought was too soon, but she went anyway, it showed an 82% reduction in all tumors. And within a month, she was declared cancer free. And they said this is impossible. We don’t know how this happened.

Diva Nagula 38:25
Where were you when I had my diagnosis of stage four cancer?

Debora Wayne 38:28
I know when I read your story, I was like, oh my god. But see, that’s why this sounds so miraculous. And I know that and I know everybody wants to heal consciously. But there’s something going on that’s hidden from your view. And you may even be participating or not remember where it came from. And you could dig and dig and dig and talk therapy till you’re blue in the face. And you may not find it. I did I spent years in psychotherapy didn’t do a damn thing. It wasn’t until I became aware of the invisible realm. And started to really take a look at that and my emotions, that I discovered the roots. And that’s what I’m trying to help everyone else soon now much faster.

Diva Nagula 39:15
Yeah, it’s so fascinating. Do you find that it’s easier to work with clients who have more of a spiritual basis to their well being? Or does it matter if they’re like a more science based to their well being? Does it really matter if they have one or the other?

Debora Wayne 39:32
That’s a great question. Absolutely not. In fact, sometimes the ones that are… like a lot of practitioners come to me, a lot of healers come to me doctors, nurses, but the spiritual healers are the toughest of all because they have certain ideas about how all of this works, or methods save practice and they’re comparing it and they have a lot of belief systems in place and sometimes I have to help them unlearn and just be open and not compare. This does not require any belief or any faith in anything. I have a lot of skeptics. I have wives dragging their husbands and teenagers all the time, and they’re rolling their eyes. And I say, that’s fine with me all skeptics are welcome. If you’re willing to do it, I’m willing to facilitate, you don’t have to believe a thing. It does help. Of course, if someone wants to be there and wants to go explore this. But if they don’t, they still, many, many of the skeptics become my biggest fans, because they’re not expecting anything to happen, which in a way is an advantage. They don’t come in with a prior expectation. They might be judging me, but they’re at least not expecting. And then when they have an experience that they can’t deny, they’re just shocked. And they go, okay, tell me more, or let’s do this more, and they become very open. So in a way, I like that challenge. It’s our beliefs that get in the way, children are very easy, because they don’t have a lot of those cemented engraved belief systems, the younger they are children and animals. They’re just so much easier. And they get very in touch quickly with the deep emotional pain is usually involved with all of this.

Diva Nagula 41:20
And yeah, that’s what I was wondering, are there any specific types of people where this
doesn’t work? Or are there any contraindications for this type of work?

Debora Wayne 41:30
There’s no harm that can be done at all, the worst that can happen is you say to me, oh, that was relaxing. But that doesn’t happen very often. If you’re highly analytical. And you come in with a lot of skepticism and contempt prior to investigation, you may have a tougher time, it may take two or three sessions before you even begin to notice. Because your head is so in the way. It may or may not. It’s available for everyone. There have been a few people who for various reasons. Well, one in particular comes to mind, she was a PhD psychologist, a brilliant woman. But she had a lot of beliefs about evil spirits, which is something I would have worked with her on. And she wasn’t willing to work on it. And so she was just afraid and wouldn’t even allow herself the experience. So sometimes I’ve seen extremely religious people are often afraid to try because of their belief. But usually, I’m able to explain how this really is based on science. And you don’t have to worry about that. And I share my own spiritual and religious beliefs. And usually I’m able to help them relax about this and recognize there’s absolutely no harm that can come to them. So I can’t say there’s anyone that’s really not going to benefit if they’re if they’re willing to open.

Diva Nagula 42:50
And is this something that can be taught? And have you taught anybody with these methods
that that you’re so gifted with?

Debora Wayne 43:01
I’ve trained almost 300 practitioners around the world. I’ve trained all of them virtually over zoom. Well, in the beginning, in the early years, I trained in an office in person in a small group. But I stopped doing that because I wanted to reach more people. And I discovered zoom. It’s just amazing. And you meet people from all around the world. And it’s a great way for them to learn distance healing, because they practice with each other at a distance until they get the confidence to work on others at a distance. So that’s probably the trickiest area, wrapping the mind around how distance healing is possible. But yeah, I’ve trained everyone from an eight year old boy, to stay at home moms, to nurses and doctors and secretaries and accountants and hairdressers. I mean, really, everyone should learn and should have this in their family. Because I can’t tell you how many people have saved themselves a $3500 visit trip to the ER a when they were able to use this on their children, instead of going and then finding out they didn’t know what’s wrong, because they can’t find anything on a test. So just take these pills and see what happens. I mean, you avoid that whole trail. I want to say, I’m not against medicine, believe me, there’s a place for everything. But I feel this should be the first choice because it often will alleviate the need for the things that we traditionally do, which then adds a long list of side effects and problems that can occur and you end up with a compounded problem. So you might as well try this first. And then if you’re still wanting, go the conventional route.

Diva Nagula 44:41
Yeah, this is fantastic. Debora, I really appreciate you being on the show and talking about all this. This is so fascinating. For people who are listening if they want to find out more information about you what’s the best way of doing so?

Debora Wayne 44:53
Please come to my website. It’s internationalcpi.com and on the website you can get a copy of my free book, Why Do I Still Hurt? Rapid Relief For Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More. And if you want the book where you can dogear and underline, you have to go to Amazon, but you can get a digital version at the website. And also, we invite anyone and everyone to come to a free call the first Wednesday of every month in my High Speed Healing Universe Membership program. So if you’re interested in this, if you’re curious if you’re a skeptic at all, everyone’s welcome. And come check it out for yourself and learn more about this and hear from other people around the world. And just open your mind to it if you’re at all interested because it could literally change your life overnight.

Diva Nagula 45:45
Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate having you on the show today.

Debora Wayne 45:49
Thank you so much for having me. And thank you for all the work you’re doing in the world.
Really appreciate you as well.

Diva Nagula 45:55 Thank you!