About Our Guest- Dr. Courtney Starkey – The profound practice of spiritual hypnosis

Courtney Starkey, M.Ed., MHt (Doctoral student) has had the rare opportunity to train with four world-renowned hypnotherapy masters. With such an exceptional pedigree of training (Weiss, Cannon, Newton, and Bowman), she is able to expertly and lovingly guide clients toward reaching their highest potential and their inner joy.

In addition to education, hypnosis, and writing, Courtney greatly enjoys spending time in nature, as well as practicing meditation. She am a big believer in the life changing benefits of meditation (as it relates to hypnosis and as an independent practice) and has been practicing since 2008.

More about her practice can be found at:


Spiritual hypnosis sessions (https://courtney-starkey.mykajabi.com/store) Her hypnosis offerings have been created for you to enjoy as your heart is called to them. Peruse the offerings and *feel* which you are most drawn to. Your heart and intuition will guide you toward the most beneficial direction.

Full Podcast Transcription

Dr. Courtney Starkey 00:00
Invite the souls energy to go into their vocal cords and then the soul will borrow the vocal cords and speak directly through those vocal cords so we might get answers directly in that way. Sometimes it’s spirit guides that are coming in.

Diva Nagula 00:24
Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of From Doctor to Patient. This is Dr. Nagula coming to you with a phenomenal guest that I have today. We have Courtney Starkey. She is trained with many leaders in the field of hypnosis and utilizes their methods, including Brian Weiss’s PLR, Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives, Dolores Cam’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique, and Carol Goldman’s Effect Bridging. She supports her clients by guiding them through thoughtfully personalized hypnosis sessions. Via her gentle and effective nature, she guides clients through their sessions as they access their soul wisdom, past-life memories, life’s purpose, future life progressions, inner abundance, intuitive self-healing, universal wisdom and much much more. Courtney’s formal education includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and master’s degree from Marymount University. She’s currently embarking on a Ph. D program in integral and transpersonal psychology with a focus on consciousness studies and contemplative neuroscience and is looking forward to weaving the program’s wisdom into her client’s hypnotherapy sessions, as well as weaving the wisdom of the sessions into her doctoral program studies as part of her work-life balance. Courtney, hi, how are you?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 02:03
I’m doing very well, you have an extremely soothing voice, I think that you could be a hypnotherapist in the making.

Diva Nagula 02:10
I think that’s what the universe wants. You’re coming to us from Hawaii. So welcome. And I
appreciate you taking the time out to join us today.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 02:20
Of course, thank you for inviting me.

Diva Nagula 02:23
And with your expertise in hypnosis, it’s such a pleasure to actually talk to someone and understand the ins and outs of what hypnosis really is. Most people like me have a view that hypnosis is a method where you are induced in a trance like state where your mind is manipulated to read a specific behavior, or to recall an experience that’s buried in the subconscious. Can you shed some light on to the actual purpose of hypnosis and how you use it to help people heal?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 02:55
Sure, so the purpose is for healing primarily. And then of course, I’m a spiritual hypnotherapist; there are going to be other hypnotherapist that will focus on smoking cessation or weight loss. And we can address that through spiritual hypnosis, but we’re going to get to the root emotion, the original cause for why you’re participating in activity that you feel is unhealthy for you. So we’re going to dig a bit deeper in spiritual hypnosis. So usually, it’s all about some form of healing or progress. So you might have someone who is actually already doing really well. So I’m still a hypnosis client, because I’ve learned that even if I’m doing great, I can start doing amazing. And so a lot of people who are doing really well actually just know that they can make progress by using spiritual hypnosis. So it’s progress in one form or another.

Diva Nagula 03:48
I see. And at what point in a person’s life would they turn to you? It’s not typically on their top of the list of people to see to help them heal. I certainly don’t think it’s the bottom but in some people’s minds, they miss this opportunity as a potential way of healing. So when people come to you, what state are they in? And what have they tried before?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 04:14
Oh, that’s interesting to me. Since we’re coming from two different worlds, a lot of times people will actually have a hypnosis session before they go to a mainstream doctor in my experience. So when I am working with someone who has been to a doctor or a psychologist or a psychiatrist, usually what has happened is a friend has introduced them to one of the teachers they train with whether it’s some a book by Dr. Brian Weiss, or Michael Neuen, or Dolores Cannon, a friend who sees that they might need an alternative method for progress and healing will introduce them to those authors via those books. And then they become very interested in having that type of session. And then good old Google, they’ll Google how to work with a practitioner, and then they will end up finding me.

Diva Nagula 04:59
I see, So it’s usually the referral route, that’s how people come to your doorstep.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 05:04
Yes, or they just…. you know how bookshelves are magical, bookstores are magical. Sometimes the book just jumps off the shelf at them. And then they’re so inspired that they want to have a session.

Diva Nagula 05:15
Right? I see or Mr. Google is always good. So with your expertise and with the clients that
you’ve helped heal, what is the most common ailment that people come to see you for?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 05:30
Oh, that’s really interesting. So I was saying earlier that it’s all about progress. So sometimes it’s an ailment that they want to heal and make better, I would say, actually, most of my clients are already doing really well. And so the most common thing that they come to me for is that they want to understand more about their purpose, and how to live that purpose and really be on their mission. So I’m very lucky, I assume that it’s just because of my Pollyanna energy, the a lot of really happy, like they’re doing very well already. Those are the people who are more drawn to me. And so they really just want to find out more about getting better and better all the time as related to their souls journey and mission.

Diva Nagula 06:18
I see. And to better equip yourself with knowledge that can help other people. Do you have to go to a specific type of training? Or is there a program where you can just go online, or what is the training that’s involved?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 06:35
So I had another spiritual hypnotherapist, say to me one day, that she’s pretty sure I might be the best trained spiritual hypnotherapist on the planet. Now, I don’t know if she’s right, but she got me thinking about it. I did a lot of training. I might be addicted to education. So but the reason I’m so passionate about it, I’ll back up just a little bit, because I do think that my very best training of all of the more formal training is that I’ve been a client numerous times. And so the reason I’m so passionate about all of this is that I started off as a client, so I got to feel firsthand how healing all of this work is how much progress how much happier your life becomes. And so my initial training was that of being in that experience firsthand, and then feeling so much better because of it. And then knowing that I wanted to get trained, so that I could help other people in the same way. And I actually started as a client in Hawaii, I knew my husbanda and I would be moving back to Northern Virginia. And so I felt this is such a perfect opportunity to bring this work to that area. And so my very first training that I did was with Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in upstate New York, and that’s because my practitioner had trained with him. So I was most familiar with that style. And then I started a book club in Northern Virginia. And some of my book club members. So I learned a lot from other people who were the book club members and was so excited about those practitioners and those styles of hypnosis that I also trained with those masters of this craft, and then I’m actually getting ready to do the level three QHHT training in Bali, in October. And I think that there are only about 20 level three QHHT practitioners in the world. So by the time I complete that I may be the most trained hypnotherapist therapist, I don’t know for sure. But I’ve got to be there. So and it was really good, because like I said, I care so deeply about helping people in this way, because it helps me very, very much. I used to be really sad, very anxious, very angry. And so to be filled with optimism and joy and feel like I’m thriving. That’s why I named my business, Pay It Forward Hypnosis, I really want to pay it forward and learn as much as I can to help people in the best way since it helped me so much.

Diva Nagula 09:19
And since you mentioned that you yourself underwent a series of hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis, what kind of things did you seek out of the hypnosis and how did it change you and transform your life?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 09:33
Sure. So in the very beginning, I really just wanted to be happier. I had been reading a lot of self help books. I’ve been meditating for years. I was exercising regularly and eating healthy. And all of that helped a bit. It really did help but it was very slow progress and it didn’t feel like it helped me that much. I do think it laid the foundation for when I started hypnosis that I was able to launch more quickly. And so when I started hypnosis, the very first thing that I experienced was a past life regression. And while seeing a past life is super exciting, it was a bit of a mundane past life not a lot to write home about. And even though there wasn’t a lot of information, or whiz bang detail in the session, I felt a lot better after having that session. I couldn’t even explain why. And then I knew that I needed to try it again. Because for some inexplicable reason, I definitely felt better, more peaceful, calmer. And then I tried it again a week later. And it’s funny, because by the fourth session, the universe was bringing me aliens or starseed family members into the session. And that’s one of those well, that escalated quickly. Where it got really interesting really quickly, and my hypnotherapist here in Hawaii, she can go with the flow, like she can hang with that high level of outside of the box detail. And then I was feeling better. And I was just like, I don’t care what they bring in, let’s do this. I’m feeling better. And yeah, and so we both just dove right in. And she would push me a little bit further, and I would push her a little bit further. And the universe was pushing both of us further. And so I was feeling much better very quickly. And I ended up actually seeing her every week for the remaining. I would say it was six or seven months that we lived in Hawaii. It was incredible. So when I say that, it helped me a lot, I really mean it.

Diva Nagula 11:37
And you’re a completely different person than what you were before you started your hypnosis
journey, correct?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 11:44
Absolutely. You’ve hit the nail on the head. It is like a totally different person. I remember, I had a friend or actually it was a boyfriend, who very nonchalantly, very matter of factly, not to be mean, said to me, he was like you’re the most negative person I’ve ever met. And we were just grocery shopping. Like it wasn’t even a serious moment. And that’s actually why it stood out because he wasn’t trying to be hurtful. He was just sort of declaring of negative I was. I have to say this version of life feels much better.

Diva Nagula 12:15
That’s amazing. And did you have any sort of pharmaceutical interventions or psychological counseling, or talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, any of that prior to undergoing hypnosis?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 12:30
Really good question. I had not seen a psychiatrist, even though my husband, bless his heart, had suggested it a couple of times for potential anxiety medicine, or we weren’t sure what I had or what I needed. But there was a good chance I needed something. And he suggested it. But the reason that I didn’t go to a psychiatrist is that earlier, when I was younger, actually, when I was 18, I sent myself to a psychologist, I just felt like I was much too angry. Given the
situations that I found myself in, I would feel kind of enraged. And I knew that it was a disproportionate reaction and very unhealthy. And so I did go to a psychologist when I was younger. And even though I think they can be really helpful to many people. So I don’t want to say they’re not helpful. For my particular experience, it was not very helpful for me. And so when I was just getting angrier all the time, and more stressed out all the time, and maybe did need pharmaceutical intervention, because of the earlier experience with a psychologist being unhelpful, I didn’t feel drawn to doing that. And so luckily, everything has worked out very well, in the end, and I’m sure the universe did that for a reasonably Okay, get your experience. But then let’s go in this other very alternative direction when you’re ready.

Diva Nagula 13:55
And you essentially kept with it because you were seeing dramatic changes and improvements in your personality in the way you were taking on life and probably with relationships. And so that’s what propelled you to continue your journey through hypnosis. Correct?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 14:11
Correct. Yeah, I feel so happy for myself, but also for my husband, what a patient person. He was with me for years while I was in that anxious and easily angered states and so excited for him, all of his progress has been made. And I wouldn’t say because it might sound enigmatic as to how one can feel so much better over something as simple as just a handful of minutes, although it adds up to several hours of hypnosis, how someone can feel so much better. And my theory is that you are connecting to something that is so much bigger than your human self, you’re connected your souls energy, the spirit realm, energy, your spirit guides energy, and so there is this very a strong sense that absolutely everything really is okay. Like really is okay. And you start to calm down and then lo and behold, your life really does become better because you’ve calmed down. So it’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy too.

Diva Nagula 15:14
Got it. At some point, I’d love to talk with your husband to see, what you’re like before

Dr. Courtney Starkey 15:22
He’s very, very sweet about it, he will be very generous to me, I am sure.

Diva Nagula 15:29
You’ve actually touched base on some buzzwords that I kind of want to review for the purpose of clarifying for our listeners. One of the buzzwords that you talked about was finding purpose. A lot of people in society drift away from reality, because they just don’t have a purpose that can ground them. That’s kind of a vague thing that you first talked about how you help people find their purpose. It’s vague, but very unique and powerful. Gow do you do that? Is it all through the hypnosis? What specifically do you do to get into the person’s mind?What did they reveal when you’re putting them in a state of hypnosis that allows the client to reveal or to be revealed their purpose?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 16:20
So there are a few ways that the information will come to them. And everybody’s experience is so different, even the same client working with the same practitioner on a different day might receive information and wisdom and energy in a different way. So sometimes the clients will invite the souls energy to go into their vocal cords, and then the soul borrow the vocal cords, and speak directly through those vocal cords. So we might get answers directly in that way. Sometimes it’s spirit guides that are coming in. Sometimes for the client, it feels more like their intuition or higher wisdom. So it’s not quite as outside of the box as channeling your own soul. But the information will come in a variety of ways. And then it’s interesting, sometimes the universe will bring information in in very metaphorical or symbolic ways where it’s more like an image or a vision where you’re just finding out bits and pieces. puzzle pieces are clues to the overall picture. And then sometimes the universe is extremely straightforward. So just depending on where the person is, what they’re ready for, how open they are to the session. So for example, I was working with a really wonderful gentleman. He’s 26. But looks like he’s 18. He was wondering about his life’s purpose in his career, and I’m so happy for him that he is investigating that when he’s so young. He had this really interesting session, he made more progress than the average person within the confines of one single session. It was amazing. Yeah, he was really resisting, in a nice way. But really resisting like questioning, doubting what was coming in the authenticity of it and the beginning of the session. And then it kicked into a really interesting high gear about two thirds of the way through. And so it was funny, because he wrote to me later, and he was like, I have to tell you, I was getting answers to what my purpose is and what the best next step is to take toward living that purpose. And he was like, but I was just in such denial about it. And so I really want to have a second session, because I know for sure that it was accurate. And I think that what the universe did is…. I am forgetting some of the details, but related to what they told him, there was something on his bookshelf that while he was there that night, after having the session, that item jumped off of his bookshelf, and confirmed what he kept seeing in the session as the answer. And so he was like, yeah, I definitely need that follow up session, because he was doubting it and rejecting it. We didn’t get to delve into the details of his purpose, the way that would benefit him the most. Instead, the session really kicked into high gear when we were finding out more about his past lives. So yeah, they got him primed beautifully for the second session.

Diva Nagula 19:23
I can imagine there’s a probably a large number of people, specifically, even your your clientele who walk in is the first time and have an unbelievable amount of resistance, because they’re just unsure. And I think this is woowoo. And there’s no science behind this. And this is just a way of being duped into giving money for a service. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what people are thinking.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 19:48
Again, I’m very lucky. People who walk through my door. They’re already on board in terms of that they believe that this is real. Where the doubt kicks in for them is that they understand and believe with their hearts that people are able to access this information, where the hang up is, is they start to doubt if they are able to access the information. I have to say, even even me, having had so many sessions as a client and having facilitated so many sessions as hypnotherapist, sometimes the universe will bring in a bit of information that even I am like, hold up. Wait, what, and I’ve noticed that for the vast majority of people, including myself, it’s when the information may seem a bit self important, like you have something important that you’re meant to be doing. And so we have such a tendency to play it small. And the universe is like, did you incarnate for a purpose? Or what are we going to do this thing or what and so you gotta let go of the doubt, and you got to move forward, you got to move forward, and the universe will reward you handsomely when you do.

Diva Nagula 20:59
And are there any side effects to this process, can a person get stuck, and not come back so to speak?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 21:08
I’ve never experienced anyone getting stuck in hypnosis. And actually, the majority of the sessions, the person stays in a lighter, more consciously aware state when they’re in hypnosis. So I know that movies and television, they do a wonderful job of portraying that the person is completely out of control and doesn’t know what they’re doing. And sometimes people will go into the brainwave state, at such a depth where they don’t have a conscious memory of everything that has happened, that can happen, but it’s much less likely. And what’s funny is the example that’s coming to me now, the person didn’t get stuck, if you will, with me, but I helped to unstick him. And so what happened was, he was able to see a past life, and it had some trauma. And usually, whenever you see your past life, what you also do is you go through the final moments of that past life and then transition to the spirit realm, and then call in any healing that you’re meant to receive. So that anything that lingering trauma that may be carried into your current life from that past life, that you’re able to heal it and let it go. And I am not sure why, but the person that he worked with prior to working with me, just had an experience of past life, but then didn’t go through the transition or into the spirit realm, and then experience all of the the healing that goes along with it. Because that’s really the point the universe isn’t showing you things. So you can go, oh, man, I thought maybe I had my head cut off, yep, I did. The whole reason for doing this is to find out oh, this is why I don’t like wearing turtlenecks, or and then, or oh, this is why I don’t trust this person. And then finding out where the real history comes from so that you can heal it and let it go. And so I’m so proud of him, that he didn’t give up on hypnosis. He just knew that he needed to work with someone who has a different approach. And I’m like, yeah, like, let’s go into all of the healing, the healing in the spirit realm. It’s amazing. So it was a really wonderful session.

Diva Nagula 23:56
Can you go more into detail on what past life regression is?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 24:47
Sure. So in my mind, I’m thinking oh, do I do concise answer or do I go really big picture? So I’m going to get a big picture first. Please forgive me, it’s a big picture. I really believe that we all are one, and that everything is happening now. So what I believe is that we’re all from source. And so I could have both a past life regression. And I could very easily go into your experience that you’re having right now and wholeheartedly believe that it’s a past life, you know what I mean? If we didn’t know each other, like, oh, I’m a doctor. I believe that that’s sometimes why, because people will say, oh, how many different people were Cleopatra, right. And I think that sometimes it’s because we’re all really connected to the same source. And so if the memory of Cleopatra’s life ends up being something that is very helpful to your path and progress in your current life, that the universe might very well take you there, because it is something that will help you on your current journey. So when it comes to past lives, my gut feeling is even though I’m saying we’re all one, we’re all from source, and everything is happening now. I also feel like there are some lifetimes that seem more, more exclusive to just us, you know what I mean? Like, I might be the only person who ever accesses this past life memory. And so those are going to tend to be really powerful, very helpful memories for someone to access so that they can heal whatever it is that they need to heal in the current life related to that past life. Or make positive progress that can just be very loving in nature. One of the most loving experiences that I’ve ever had in a hypnosis session was when I saw a past life. And it was such a again, a ho hum past life, but the most love I’ve ever felt, in one of my hypnosis sessions, the connection that I had with my father and that life, so no trauma, everything was good, incredibly deep feeling of love and connection. That was what I was meant to experience in that past life. Different people will try for different reasons. Sometimes you might have a history buff that just wants to know more about a certain time period and get to experience it firsthand. But primarily, the reason is for healing, and understanding more.

Diva Nagula 27:18
Forgive me, if I’m not understanding the concept, but in my mind, when I hear the words past- life regression, it reminds me or makes me think that I’m going into my own previous lives. But it’s not necessarily the case who could be a past-life, it’s not necessarily is tied into me.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 27:36
Right. And what is the past anyway, if everything is happening now, it could be just dipping into a different version of time. So there’s all that to juggle as well. Now to make it really easy to understand and digest, because I brought up some very big picture ideas. So let’s go ahead and say that every past life that comes in is authentic and is in the past chronologically, I personally am not certain that all of them are genuine past lives, I think that the universe absolutely can bring in something that someone else has experienced, or maybe is a bit of a fabrication. For me, I don’t care. I don’t even care if it’s something that’s a bit inauthentic and didn’t really happen. What I care about is does the person feel better after the session? That’s the whole point. And so I think that’s also what the universe cares about the most what your soul cares about. So they might bring in something for you that maybe didn’t happen to you specifically, but it’s going to be so helpful, that they’ll bring it in.

Diva Nagula 28:43
And I guess the healing that takes place could be because you’re looking at things from a lens
of a different perspective?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 28:53
Yeah. Another reason I think that they’re authentic is because it explains so much about why certain dynamics are going on between different people and their relationships. And so I’ve had, this is actually the most surprising side effect for me, I did not see this coming. I’ve had so many people report back to me that their relationships have improved with people who didn’t even know that the session occurred. So something really real is happening so much so that you know, whether it’s a brother, or a colleague, or a spouse doesn’t even know the session happened and there is a remarkable improvement in that relationship after the session. I did not see that one coming. I’m very impressed by it.

Diva Nagula 29:41
I don’t want to put you on the spot – would you be able to review a case where you took
someone through their past life did a past life regression, hypnosis on them?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 29:56
What do you say take you through a case, do you mean details of what I remember from the
beginning of the past life memories to the final day of their life?

Diva Nagula 30:05
Specifically, like a client that you actually put through a hypnosis session and what they came in for, what they saw on their past life and how it actually improved their life or relationships with others.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 30:18
So what’s interesting about these sessions is, I actually don’t remember the content of the sessions that well, because I go into, let’s say, a quasi hypnotic state myself. Yeah, so I actually have my eyes closed. For the vast majority of the session, I am looking at their list of goals, the things that they want to learn about and to cover in the session. So I opened up my eyes from time to time, and I also glance at them from time to time to see how they’re doing. But for the vast majority of time, I have my eyes closed. And I’m also doing the relaxation breathing in that way, my intuition also opens up so that I can be a better service to them in that moment, I’m really present and with them, but one of the interesting side effects is that I don’t have a very strong conscious memory of what has happened in the sessions. And so I care so much about the clients and their sessions, that whenever clients come back to have their session, I always have to do a big confession because I do care, and you would think of someone cares, they would remember, but I’m in such a state where I’m right there with them. And if something happens in hour one of the sessionor in hour two of the session, I can easily dip back into that first hour, recall it, bring it forward so that we can address it in the second hour. But yeah, by the next morning, hoof, I would say a good 95% of that is gone. I have a client who has the most incredible memory, she’s probably had at least I would say at least 10 sessions. And so she’s one of those people where I just I can’t like she can remember everything. She’s had multiple sessions. And then one time I was like, I’ve got to confess, I just don’t remember, you’re gonna have to catch me up to speed. And she said to me, she was like, Oh, that makes so much sense that you don’t carry this with you consciously, because you’re able to wipe the slate clean, and then be fully present for the next client. And I have a lot of people who asked me, they’re like, how do you how do you do this? Like, how do you hear all this information, and then move forward with a happy life yourself. And I told him, I was like, I don’t really remember that much of what happens. And like that client so astutely pointed out, I think that the universe and my soul, they’re just keeping me super fresh, so they can be very present and fully engaged with the person during the time of their sessions.

Diva Nagula 32:44
Wow. Okay. That’s amazing. And I guess that makes sense. Because you need to clear your energy for preparation for the next client, and you don’t want to be harboring any of these energies. When you go see other clients, it would just confound the person’s journey in their healing.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 33:01
Right, exactly. And so the vast majority of the sessions are incredibly happy and positive and delightful. So wouldn’t even be, energetically, wouldn’t even be that bad to carry that forward. But some I’ve learned to not even read a different clients client intake form before I’m facilitating someone else’s session, because it is so easy for me to accidentally, let’s say that the form that I’m reading, because they just emailed it to me, the person has two children. And but then the client that I’m working with a couple hours later that day, I might accidentally refer to their children. They’re like, I don’t have any children. But it was because I read that information. So even something as simple as reading a form, I make sure to just not even look at the forms until it’s before their session, so I can be fully present with them, even when it comes to the paperwork.

Diva Nagula 33:58
Absolutely amazing. And for listeners, what is the typical number of sessions that people book
with you to obtain a certain healing that they’re looking for?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 34:11
Everybody is so different. So I would say that most people probably on average, would have a couple of sessions, and then some time might pass and they’re ready for a maintenance session, or they’ve had enough time past that they process everything, they’ve experienced really wonderful growth, and they’re like, Okay, time to go to the next level. So some people, one session gets done, and they’re just like, thank you, you know, I found out my purpose, I know exactly what to do, or Thank you, I finally understand why I’ve always had this rocky relationship with this person. And so one session, they’re like, got it. I got the answers. I appreciate it. And then other people like that really brilliant client that I was mentioning earlier, she’s had at least 10 sessions. And then it’s interesting because people who have personalities like mine, where I’m just like, Wait a second. So if we can find out x, y, and z, does that mean that we… it’s an infinite universe! So you really could have an infinite number of sessions, and still not really find out everything. And so yeah, people who are, I noticed exceptionally bright and curious that they tend to have even more sessions, because they realize that there’s just so much more to investigate and our progress never stops like it once we get to what we would have called our level 10. So our top level of performance? Well, what we would have called level 10 at our first session, a few sessions later, you realize, oh, you know, I’m at 10, and 11, is right there. And then 12. And so you just keep going. It’s really fun.

Diva Nagula 35:50
Also, I guess people would like to know, the length of time it is per session. Is it just like a 30
minute session? Or how long does one session with you take?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 36:01
Oh, goodness, no, it’s much longer than that. yeah. And so it depends on the style that they book, the shortest session that I offer is three hours. I used to try to do them faster than that. But everybody was ending late. And I was just like, okay, I need to stop trying to jam this magic into a certain period of time. And so I paid attention to what organically was the the right length of time. And so yeah, three hours shortest, four hours, usually the longest. And so within, whether it’s three hours or four hours, I’ve noticed that the sweet spot of the hypnosis portion of the session is usually two hours to two hours and 20 minutes. Why that because it’s kind of like a tight timeframe, considering two hours to two hours and 20 minutes. And so that just means that they book the three hour session that we need to do a little bit of a faster pre-talk. Like, let’s just talk about everything quickly. And so I’ve noticed, too, that a lot of people might book a three hour session initially, and then they’re just like, oh, my gosh, I want to experience even more of that. And then they’ll follow up with a four hour session.

Diva Nagula 37:13
Oh, wow. That’s incredible. All right. Yeah. So I mean that’s a lot of stamina for yourself and the
client, but more for yourself, because you’re going through the day.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 37:24
I used to do multiple sessions in day, but then I started my Ph. D program. And I was like, I cannot balance all this and do justice to my academic program, and more importantly, do justice to my clients. So I am every now and then I’ll make an exception, because I travel so much. And someone was like, Oh, my gosh, you’re about to go to Hawaii for six weeks, can I have a session before you leave. And so sometimes I’ll sneak a couple of sessions into one day, but almost always, I will keep it to just one per day so I’m fully present. And then I trust the universe to if they give me two sessions in one day, then I will have the exact right amount of stamina for both of those sessions to be fully present. And then I just sleep really, really well that night, because I’m pretty exhausted in a good way.

Diva Nagula 38:13
Do you do these sessions virtually or in person?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 38:17
It depends on the style. So if it’s an LBL session, when I say LBL, that stands for life between lives. So that will get into past lives as well as the spirit realm and that soul connection and the soul channeling the vocal cords. Same thing for QHHT which stands for quantum healing hypnosis technique. Exact same thing past lives as well as going to the spirit realm channeling the soul. Both of those sessions, you are meant to experience those in person. So a brick and mortar session. And then when it comes to more like a higher wisdom session, those are the ones they’re the three hours, I’ve noticed that those are really good fit for online. And so the more detailed four hour sessions tend to be the best fit for in person. But I love the flexibility of offering the higher wisdom sessions online because I’ll have people from all across the world who are excited to work with me, but we’re not near each other. Or someone might know. Yeah, and so I might be traveling somewhere. And they know I’m coming A few months later. And so they’re very smart and they will have a preparatory online session so that whenever we’re in person, they get even more out of the four hour in person session because they have practiced and laid the foundation with the online three hour session.

Diva Nagula 39:38
Got it. Yeah, interesting. If our listeners want to find more information about spiritual hypnosis and actually want to learn more about you and book an appointment with you, how can they find you?

Dr. Courtney Starkey 39:51
Payitforwardhypnosis.com It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s worth it.

Diva Nagula 39:58
Cortney, it’s been a pleasure to talking with you. And I appreciate your time and being our
guest today, and I am so jealous that you are in Hawaii.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 40:09
Yeah, no, I’m very, very lucky that the universe continues to bring me out here. I think of this place as an incubator. And so every time I’m here, I just make so much spiritual progress. It’s amazing. I’m very lucky.

Diva Nagula 40:21
I’m sure it’s healing and rejuvenating, so that when you come back, you can take on clients with a new fresh perspective.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 40:28 Yes, absolutely.

Diva Nagula 40:29
Well, thanks again. It was great talking with you and I look forward to chatting with you later in
the future.

Dr. Courtney Starkey 40:35 Thank you. You too.

Diva Nagula 40:36 Take care.