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Dr. Jill Blakeway is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, a licensed and board certified acupuncturist, and clinical herbalist. Jill founded the Yinova Center in New York City in 1999 and continues to practice there alongside a team of Chinese medicine practitioners. She is known for her intuitive approach to Chinese medicine and particularly for her skills as an acupuncturist and energy healer. She is also author of a new book, “Energy Medicine: The science and mystery of healing.”

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When I’m with a patient my heart and brain, the frequencies synchronize. It’s called heart brain coherence, they go at the same frequency to do that I slow down my brain a lot. And then the patient’s heart goes at the same frequency as mine. And we think that when that leveling of frequencies happens, that’s when information gets passed one person to another.

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Hello everyone, and welcome to a another episode of From Doctor to Patient. Today, I have Dr. Jill Blakeway. She’s a doctor of ccupuncture and Chinese medicine, a licensed and board certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist Jill founded the Yinova center in New York City in 1999, and continues to practice there alongside a team of Chinese medicine practitioners. She’s known for an intuitive approach to Chinese medicine, and particularly for her skills as an acupuncturist and energy healer. She is also an author of a new book, energy medicine, the science and history of healing. Jill, thank you for joining us today.

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Thank you so much for having me on your podcast.

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It’s lovely to talk to you a person that is an expert in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and also energy medicine. It’s a field that I’m very interested in as I’ve been in the last six months or so I’ve been drawn to energy medicine more and more. Let’s just talk about how you got into the work that you do now and what exactly it is that you do to help heal patients.

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Well, like lots of acupuncturist, in my generation in the West, I discovered acupuncture when it worked for me, that was a long time ago, that is over 25 years ago. And I became fascinated that it did work that there was this piece missing from my education that couldn’t explain why it worked. And that fascination ended up with me taking a Master of Science in Chinese medicine, and then a doctorate and teaching, starting acupuncture in hospitals and hospice and also founding Yinova in New York City, we have three clinics in New York City and practicing Chinese medicine. And I fell down a considerable rabbit hole. And one of the things that I realized is that acupuncture is a form of energy medicine, and that acupuncture is particularly here in the United States where we’re licensed and we’re part of the medical system, is not talked about that very much we’ve looked at all the ways we integrate, I was like that I was part of a hospital study into pain relief, in labor and delivery and things like that. And it’s interesting to look at acupuncture from a Western mechanistic point of view. But if we’re not careful, we lose our routes, which is that it’s a little electrical intervention that prompts the body to self heal. And that is where I ended up.

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So awesome. So was the discovery or the practice of energy medicine. Did that come as a
result of your practice in acupuncture that kind of coincide the same time?

Dr. Jill Blakeway 03:21
Yes, I began to see the medicine is energetic. And people always ask me what is energy because it can sound quite sort of amorphous as a concept. But the truth is, that energy is all the bits of you that aren’t tissue, and bone, and sinew and organ. It is your body’s intelligence. It’s you know, every single cell in your body knows who it is and where it is, and what it’s supposed to do, you communicate deeply at a cellular level, your organs interact with each other. There are complex feedback systems in the body, to keep you in homeostasis, and keep bringing you back into balance. And all of those require awareness. And that awareness is a form of intelligence. And that intelligence is what the Chinese called chi in India was called prana. And the Judeo-Christian tradition was called the breath of life. In every ancient tradition, there was an understanding that we have a bodily intelligence, we have a life force, that we’re not just a machine at all. And I actually also include your thoughts and your feelings and your memories in the part of you that is energetic. I think we pull our memories from an energy field. And I think we use our thoughts in a way that affects our body’s communication systems.

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And so when you are evaluating a patient and they come in with a history and they have some chronic issues, illnesses, as well as some acute things, how do you incorporate the two into your practice to help heal the patient?

Dr. Jill Blakeway 04:54
Chinese medicine naturally takes the holistic view of the body we make what’s called a pattern diagnosis. So the functional medicine doctors actually do something similar. But this is an ancient form of this. And so no symptom makes sense except in relation to other symptoms. So we’re already looking at patterns of disharmony in the body, and those patterns of disharmony about communication. And the longer I’ve practice, the more I think that chronic diseases as opposed to acute trauma are usually an issue of poor communication and poor synchronization, you know, over active immune systems lead to our autoimmune diseases that we’re seeing more and more of his people’s bodies have trouble coming, achieving flexibility and balance against, a background of toxicity. So I already had the tools through Chinese medicine to diagnose somewhat energetically. And I still practice acupuncture in a very energetic form. But I also started to realize in my practice, that I had energy coming out of my hands that people could feel, and the patients would tell me, it helped them. And I had all the kind of self doubt that I think anyone responsible would have, I was like, what if it’s the placebo? What if I have really strong energy coming out of my hands that people can feel and it does absolutely nothing. But they’re very impressed by it, and they heal thanks to their belief in it. So I set off on a journey. Harper-Collins very kindly commissioned me to write a book for skeptics, as well as people who are interested in energy medicine called, Energy Medicine: the Science and Mystery of Healing. And I set off to explain in some ways myself to myself, and find out if the energetic effects were measurable. If the effects of an energy healer, were just subjective, obviously patients say they feel better, but whether there was measurable outcomes that we could find.

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And what did you find because this is fascinating, because, you know, acupuncture, there’s a standard, you know, you have to go through schooling and you receive a certification and energy medicine, a lot of it’s considered woowoo. And it’s not really accepted by mainstay folks, especially traditional medicine folks. It’s considered woowoo. And just off the charts, I mean, fortunately, although traditional medicine practitioners are starting to accept the benefits of acupuncture and incorporating that, whether they refer their clients out to acupuncturist or taking classes themselves to perform acupuncture, but energy medicine, that is just something that, you know, there’s no standard and so a lot of practitioners can come off and take advantage of clients because there’s no certification, there’s no standard put to practice. So number one, how do you differentiate an energy healer that is actually has merit versus someone who was really woowoo in is just, you know, Hocus Pocus. And then let’s get into conversation about energy medicine of itself and how you use your hands to heal.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 07:56
Well, you bring up a very good point, acupuncture is the license, so they’re accountable. They go through a very similar training, no matter where they train, they pass board exams, and then they can lose their license if they do anything unethical. And those standards of education and ethics, I think are important. And energy medicine is a very, very broad field. And as I traveled, I went to Japan for this book, I met some amazing healers, I really did. But I started to think about charlatans, I bumped into the occasional one. And here’s what I found. I thought when it came to charlatans, I would find people with absolutely no talent whatsoever, doing absolutely nothing and charging a fortune and conning people. I did occasionally come across that, but much less than you would think. But there was another category of practitioner that really alarmed me. And these were people who did have some talent, but we’re using it to be exploitative, and manipulative, and have control over people. And I became so concerned about that, that I got in touch with a man called Dr. Thomas Goodale who is the head of psychiatry and law at Harvard. He’s a forensic psychiatrist, and his specialty is transgressions of the therapeutic relationship. And he gave me some red flags which I put in the book. But basically, he said, look out for people who are a cult of one, be wary of anyone who says only I can help you. Because that’s never true. As far as you know, we put our heads together, we just couldn’t think of a time where that would ever be true, you know. And anyone who’s asking you for more than their fee, Dr. Goodale said to me, the only thing you should get from a treatment is your fee and the satisfaction of having done a good job, you know, so anyone who’s asking you for more and more money in order to do things that you know, outside of their fee, anyone who’s manipulating you, sexually, obviously, but Dr. Goodale had all sorts of horror stories of people, you know, cleaning their practitioners office, picking up their dry cleaning, and sex is obviously a big area where there’s exploitation but there’s also exploitation for social contacts and career advancement. So having thought about this, I thought, well, the best thing to do is actually teach everyone how to be their own healer. Because the truth is, there are no special healers, the longer I travelled, and investigated my own talent, the more I realized I wasn’t remotely special, not even slightly. And if I can do it, anyone can do it. So I put lessons at the end of every chapter, how to develop your own healing skills, because I felt like the more power you have as a patient over yourself, the less power you’re likely to give away to someone who’s exploitative. So that is, how you find a good practitioner is sort of word of mouth, unfortunately, because there is no licensure. And then look out for red flags look out for anyone who is developing a bit of a cult. If you’ve seen the Bikram documentary on Netflix, you can see that he was a man of considerable talent, he is a man of considerable talent, whose ego and narcissism blindsided him and blinded him to the effect of what he was doing. And he was extremely explosive. That is what you’re trying to avoid. And I tell all my patients, you have total power of your own energy field, you have complete autonomy in your body. So don’t let anyone take that power away from you.

Diva Nagula 11:22
Yeah, that’s a good point. And when you talk about the Bikram, there’s also the same stuff that’s going on with Yogi Bahjan and with the Kundalini Yoga. So it’s unfortunate that that exploitation is going on. But I do digress. But going back to energy medicine, I mean, there is a form of energy medicine that where you can receive a certificate, I guess that’s a Reiki healing. Is that similar to what you do when you practice energy medicine?

Dr. Jill Blakeway 11:49
I think I do something different. But there, there are different ways of generating this energy. But one of the things you asked me and I didn’t answer is how can it be measured. And what’s interesting is you can measure the effect we have on each other, and not special healers yet just the effect we have on each other. So for instance, at the University of Connecticut, they put two separate people in two separate MRIs in different rooms. And when one thought healing thoughts about the other their brainwaves synced up, which is really interesting. And that is the feeling you get when you think about someone and they text you, which happens all the time, doesn’t it. And clearly, we’re picking things up from from a field, I started to wonder what I was doing in my body when I was with a patient. And so I submitted my own body to science. And what they did was they put an EKG on my heart and an EKG on my brain. And when I’m with a patient, my heart and brain, the frequencies synchronize, it’s called heart brain coherence, they go at the same frequency to do that I slow down my brain a lot. And then the patient’s heart goes at the same frequency as mine. And we think that when that leveling of frequencies happens, that’s when information gets passed one person to another, and the patient’s heart goes into the same frequency as mine, not to anything mystical, but thanks to mirror neurons, they start to mirror me, I go into a very peaceful place, I sort of align my energy, heart brain synchronization, and then the patient goes into the same place. Now at that point, I have energy that comes out to my hands. And that energy is measurable. The energy that comes out of Reiki practitioners hands is measurable, they do it a different way. And they’re not doing heart brain coherence. But they are doing it a different way. There was a study in Japan in 1992, that looked at Qigong masters who are very highly trained energy workers, they have gone through a very formal training in Asia. And they had frequencies that came out of their hands that were 1000 times strong as the strongest frequencies in the body, which are normally the heart and they were measurable. And what’s more, they were a very low frequency. And I noticed that in the study, because at the best orthopedic hospitals these days, they put electricity through broken bone, and it’s the same frequency, it’s a very low frequency seems to heal bone and soft tissue. And as I said, in the book, I had a patient who broke both his legs skiing, and I would visit him at home and just do energy work and his legs would shake and shake. And he got better really, really, really quickly. He’s surprised his doctors and given his age, how quickly he got better. And so I started to delve into what is that frequency and then I found that at Columbia University, they done research into putting low frequency electric current to heal bone and I put it to you that the two gang masters are generating that with their hands because same frequency.

Diva Nagula 15:00
Are you able to modulate the frequency of energy that’s transmitting from your hands and

Dr. Jill Blakeway 15:05
I can’t. I think some people probably can. I am a little, it doesn’t take much talent to do what I do, I just line up and let go. I line up my heart, my brain I breathe, I slow my brain down, and I let go. And I’m not very technical, when it comes through me rather than from me. And actually, I explained this in the book. Anytime I tried to control it with my own ego, it gets less to the point where the patient can feel it. Even if I’m trying to be nice, you know, even if I treat a loss of fertility patients, my first book was called making babies. And if I hold my hands over someone and think please let this nice woman have a baby, it goes, it goes immediately, because I am then controlling it with my ego, not letting it go through me, I’m blocking it. In fact, I’m making it smaller, even though I’m trying to be kind.

Diva Nagula 16:30
It’s interesting because over the last, I would say six months or so I’ve experienced energy healing from both sides, like I’ve had someone place their hands over me and I could feel the energy being transmitted and, you know, actually transform my emotional states from from bad to good. And then recently, like, I’ve started to develop a lot of these sensations in my hands. And I honestly, it was funny because I thought it was neuropathic pain, you know, because it was this tingling and burning sensation. And it would be something that would just go on and off in specific instances. And mostly when you’re just saying when my mind is blank. And so it was then when I would be able to perceive these energy sensations in my hands. And, you know, I’m very familiar with with the chakra system. And you know, those are just pockets of energy centers up and down our bodies. And recently I had an experience where I actually took some medicine, and actually recently started a ketamine clinic. And ketamine is a fascinating medicine and helps people in so many different ways. And we’re using it in instances of treatment resistant depression. And I wanted to understand what that patient was going through. So I went ahead and had it done on me. And as I was coming out of the experience, my entire body turned into this electromagnetic field. And I just felt enormous amounts of energy throughout not only in my hands, but in my entire body from head to toe. And it was interesting, because I had never felt that sensation before. And I would assume what happened was was that during the ketamine session, my vibrational frequency increased, because that’s what energy is, energy consolidates into matter. And you know, when you reverse that process, it goes into energy. So I assume that during the session that it was what happened, I was always raising my vibrational frequency. And I just turned into this, this energy field, and we placed this crystal pendant, quartz pendant over my body. And that typically can measure in a very, very rudimentary way of energy. And it was spinning so rapidly all over my body confirming that there was so much energy that was coming out of me. And so it’s interesting because I personally did not you talk to me about this years ago, three years ago, I would have been like, no, that’s woowoo, that doesn’t make any sense. But now I truly believe in this and there’s science behind it and it’s just fascinating how it really works and how you can apply it to heal people.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 19:45
Well, speaking of science behind it, there is a really interesting study in my book that happened at City University in New York. There was a professor called Dr. Bill Bankston. And he learned energy medicine technique from a sort of quite mercurial, a psychic healer sort of person, you would be quite scared off in some ways. And he took it into the lab and he got mice that were specially bred to have cancer poor mice. And those mice always die on day 27. They are bred genetically to be very predisposed to have cancer, they’re given cancer, in this case, breast cancer, and they die in the lab on day 27. And that’s how pharmaceutical companies test that anti cancer drugs if the if you can keep them today, 30, you’ve got some possibility and things like that. So Bill took these mice and did the technique that he had learnt and they all survived, they all survived, which is unheard of in these particular type of lab mice. And what’s more, when they re injected them with breast cancer, they could no longer get it, their immune systems had been changed. And so Bill did what any scientists would do. He’s quite skeptical. He asked if this was replicable, because science needs to build, we all have to build on each other. Yeah, there’s no point in having a special someone in a lab somewhere doing something that nobody else can repeat. And so he got a cohort of skeptical students and colleagues together, he taught them all the technique, and it turned out that they could all do it, they could all reverse the cancer in the mice. Regardless of whether they believed in it didn’t believe in it, they learned the technique. And I mentioned it, because you mentioned getting your head out of the way it is a technique to distract the ego. That’s all it is, and Bill very kindly let me put it in the book. And he does teach it in a class it takes him six weeks to teach the students in the lab to do it properly. But it’s quite simple, you have to practice but it’s quite simple and it’s a way of distracting your ego, I just let my mind go blank. But whereas his is about flashing ego distracting images very fast. But either way, it’s it’s getting you as in your sense of separate self out of the way so that you can be your non dual self in consciousness. Which brings me to your ketamine because of course, shamans and traditional healers have used plant medicine to expand consciousness for 1000s of years. And I think ketamine, I have a few patients who are doing ketamine at the moment for addictions and recalcitrant depression long term. And it appears to expand consciousness a little bit in the same way. And I think you get a sense of your non dual self from it. It affects the brain in a way that you begin to understand that there is a level at which we are all one, and that our individuated aspects are just aspects of us. But our consciousness is bigger than that and very connected. And I think that’s what ketamine is giving people and in my patients, when I talk to them, it appears to give them some context for their lives, they didn’t have before some perspective that is higher or greater than it was when they were deeply in pain.

Diva Nagula 23:00
That’s fairly true. When I had the ketamine introduced to me, in this therapeutic way, it was more of me to try to see what the patients were going through, but I double the more therapeutic dose. So I definitely got that oneness sensation, and that expansion of consciousness and, and I felt it was, you know, 15 to 20 minutes in and I have a lot of experience in psychedelics itself. So this was interesting because ketamine is fascinating, because it can be worked as a anti depressant in small doses. And then in moderate doses, it can be used as a psychedelic, and then large doses, it’s used as an anesthetic. So it’s just an amazing molecule. And I’m fascinated by it, and results. I mean, I’ve used psychedelics in the past, but nothing has given me that type of energy sensation. And so it’s just a testament that my vibrational frequency was raised in my consciousness was expanded. And that’s how I felt all this. So I mean, I’m curious now it’s like, alright, so how do I use my hands to heal. So we can have a conversation offline about that. But you have a lot of interesting stories that you’ve documented in your book about how you’ve healed people, I’d love to share that with some of the listeners. So that we can have an understanding of how powerful energy medicine is.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 24:22
Well, for the most part, I like to tell other people’s stories, because one of the things, I am a clinician and I spend a lot of time with patients. But I am very keen not to be anyone’s guru. I am flawed in my own way. I am the wounded healer in so many ways. And in some ways, I’m just a baby at this. So I think I’m gonna actually tell you a story that doesn’t help me but it’s about self healing in a way that I think is amazing. And towards the end of my book, I interviewed a young man called Mardu and Mardu fell out of his dorm room window when he was in college and he broke his neck. And he was paralyzed from the neck down. He was tetraplegia sick, and he was in a coma for a long time he had surgery at UCSF, his parents flew in from New York. And he was told when he came around that he would never walk again. And Mardu lay in his bed, and he was only 23 at the time, and he told me, Jill, I knew I wasn’t stupid, I knew I’d probably end up in a wheelchair, but I tried not to let that thought permeate my being in any significant way and I decided to live in joy. And that’s a direct quote. And I remember thinking was extraordinary presence of mind that took for someone of 23 to think like that. And so he lay in his bed, and he made noises, and he could feel the noises and the vibration of the noises in his body, the body, he could no longer feel, it was actually quite hard to make noises. Because as you know, when you’re tetraplegic, your diaphragm isn’t elevated, so it doesn’t move very well. But he was encouraged to continue because he was smart enough to realize that if he could feel vibration, he had some spinal cord left, which he did, his spinal cord was 99%, severed. So you had a tiny bit. And so he started to sing and tones, people came in and taught him mantras. Someone brought a Tibetan prayer wheel, and his dad used to lift him up and hold his hand and help him move the prayer wheel. And at one point, a nurse said to him, Mardu, you need to focus on being the best tetraplegia you can be not, you know, all this false hope, which I think was quite well meaning but he tells her I am going to walk out of here. And he did three months after being admitted to UCSF, he walked out on a walker, he told me a year later, he was able to get on a plane and go and visit his family in New York, as he put it like a normal person. And he is now a sound healer, as you can probably imagine. story is that there is no guru. Yeah, Mardu had a lovely Reiki Master who came to visit him, his family were deeply supportive. But he also had really great surgeons really good nursing, really good physical therapy. This is UCSF, a very, very good competent hospital. And he had his own belief and his own ability to control his beliefs, which you know, as you know, I think of as part of your energy field, and vibration, which is a form of chi, it is a form of energy, it’s a frequency. And all of that healed him, it wasn’t one thing. And I think we’re very tempted to look for the magic bullet or the one. And my experience, and I’ve done my job for 25 years, and I’ve treated 1000s and 1000s of patients is that as participant of a group effort. For the most part, there are little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. And as practitioners, our job is to help people put the jigsaw puzzle together, and make sure that they keep the power in their own hands, because being disempowered is not healthy at all. So that is actually one of the stories from my book. It doesn’t have much it doesn’t have anything to do with me, except I listened to Mardu’s story. But in my own practice, I have seen extraordinary results. And I have seen people heal in extraordinary ways. And which makes me believe not in me, necessarily, but in the body’s capacity to restore balance and my ability with experience to provide prompts to help that happen. Various prompts at the moment, I’m doing my job on zoom, and people are getting better without touch.

Diva Nagula 28:32 Oh, wow.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 28:32
Yes, because I can provide prompts during guided meditation, my understanding of anatomy and physiology is enough that I can lead people on journeys through their bodies and provide prompts in a different way. And that’s that’s how I’m spending my days.

Diva Nagula 28:48
So you don’t necessarily have to be present in the same room, where you apply your hands on
the patient, you can do this through, I guess transmitting energy through your zoom calls.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 29:00
You can use vibration, you can start to create it in the patient using their mind. So I’m not really transmitting energy through the ether. At some point. We are all one. And one of the studies I love in my book is at Princeton University in the engineering department, which I imagine is literally the least woo department at Princeton. They are very concrete in their view of the world, a mechanistic, they had a grad student, a female grad students who wondered if she could make a machine that could be moved by the human mind. And the dean of engineering a man called Dr. Robert Chan, who I spoke to for this book, didn’t think for a moment she’d be able to pull this off, but he thought it was a nice grad school project to think it through. Like how would you create a machine that can be moved with the human mind? Well, she did pull it off. She created a machine which thanks decaying atomic material just spits out random numbers. And what she found is that when people focus on it with feeling, the numbers become less random, when lots of people focus on it with the same feeling, the numbers become less random in a way that is statistically impossible. And they have, this research was done for 20 years at Princeton. And then it’s been handed over to a private organization, a nonprofit called the global consciousness project, who are carrying it on and they’ve taken these little portable random event generators, they called everywhere, the Trump inaugural, yoga retreats, and what they found is that love and compassion, shared love and compassion, have the most profound effect on the machine. But shared fear and cruelty also has an effect and it spreads like a virus. So we are connected at some level, and we are affecting our reality, if you can affect a machine, a physical mechanical machine, then you can affect other aspects of reality, by your group think and your group feel. And so we are in some ways, changing our future based on how we feel, particularly when we feel in groups. And I think that’s particularly important to say at the moment, because fear is a very attractive energy. And love is a very expensive energy. And we’re seeing my own country, Britain and America, where I live, become increasingly fearful and isolationist and contracted on the world stage. And we’re seeing fear spread like a virus, it’s very toxic, and it affects the next step in our future. In fact, it can affect the machine. And so I think that those studies at Princeton were incredibly profound when it comes to this idea that at some level, we are operating as one, as one consciousness.

Diva Nagula 31:54
And I truly believe in that on the whole aspect of the oneness, and that we’re all connected. And I talked about this in my book that I write in. And I’ve also talked about this on previous podcast shows, but the power of positivity is truly unique and powerful. And at the same, the corollary is also true, the power of negativities is just as strong, but how we convey our thoughts and how we express our thoughts to ourselves has an impact on others around us. And I’m sure you’re familiar with this, but it’s sort of like the concept of the oneness. But they did this experiment, I think it’s called a twin photon experiment. It was done in 1997. And it’s where they actually took a photon, and they split it into two. And they moved one photon, seven miles north from where they started, and then the other photons seven miles south from where they started. And I think there’s obviously a separation of 14 miles, they applied a magnetic field to one photon. And wouldn’t you know, it in logically says that there would not be any impact on the other photon that was split. But in fact, it actually happened. They applied this magnetic energy and then the photon where the energy was applied to was spinning. And simultaneously, the photon that was 14 miles away was also spinning. And so that was faster than the speed of light. So that’s shows you that there’s, you know, matter and energy that we’re all connected in some way.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 33:22
Yes, it’s a photons are particularly interesting to me, actually, because we have light in every cell biophotons. And interestingly, cancer cells lose their light, which I think is important, more important than we’ve understood, because our biophotons get neglected. And at the end of my book, I tell a story. I was in Japan for several weeks, like six or seven weeks, and I met some amazing healers, but I met a monk called Hiroyukiobey, who was an extraordinary healer. And I have to tell you, as an aside, I I wanted to know if he was worth me going to see not because I love Japan, but it was a long trip. And I’m busy and I’m writing a book. So I asked, San Francisco State had done research into him and I asked them to introduce me to a patient. And I talked to a man called Yuval in Israel, who is a psychologist, a research psychologist. And Yuval told me that he had had a baby who was born blind. And out of desperation he and his wife had taken this baby to meet with Hiroyukiobey. And that to start with nothing much happened. And Yuval who is a research psychologist and scientists began to feel kind of silly that he’d gone on this wild goose chase. And then I think On the fifth day, they willed the baby out and he screwed up his eyes and they realized he could see and when I talked to you about a little boy was four and he could still see. And so I got on a plane and I went to see Hiroyukiobey who was just a joy, an absolute joy and who still teaches me to this day, every week on zoom. He teaches me to distance heal. I watched him in his clinic and he was surrounded by students. He’s kind of a big deal in his field in Japan. And he asked me, would you like to have your chakras opened? And I being a Westerner was like, sure. You know, I’ve lived in California, so yeah, I took it way too lightly. And I sat down, and I realized, Oh, I can feel him, I was sitting in a chair, but I could feel inside my body things changing. I have video of this, you can see that I’m, I had my eyes closed. But I started to look really stopped off because this is not your, you know, low level chakra opening at all. And it took him several minutes. But when he finished, I opened my eyes and I was in a classroom full of his students. And all I could see was the light emanating from them for the longest, and then it dissipated. But it changed the way I see human beings forever. I never quite went back to seeing the world the same way again, it accelerated my healing abilities extraordinarily he like moved blocks in me. And when I came home, the patients, my regular patients were like, what happened to you? It’s a long story, I’ve got to write my book, but it was about a chakra is a light. But I think light is a very important part of you know, the way we emit light is a very important part of our connection. And that gets underrated.

Diva Nagula 36:31
Right? That’s fascinating. Well, for our listeners today, interested in trying to contact you or
learn more about your books, what’s the best way of doing so?

Dr. Jill Blakeway 36:41
Well, you can buy Energy Medicine: the science and mystery of healing anywhere and you good bookstore or online support your indie bookstore if you can, otherwise we won’t have them. And that will be really bad and will be sad. And it’s published by HarperCollins. And it’s in hardback and you can buy it anywhere. You can find me in my clinic where I’m supposed to be just like a normal practitioner. In fact, when I’m not writing books at YinvovaCenter.com and there are over 20 acupuncturists at the Nova center. They’re all phenomenal. They’re all Chinese herbalist. So you can see any of us that you can book with me online at the moment. I haven’t done that for a while, but I’m stuck at home like a lot of people. And I thought I may as well you know, just help people. And look outward rather than feel sad that I’m on lockdown. So I am sitting at home and happy to chat with people on zoom and help them troubleshoot their health problems.

Diva Nagula 37:50
Awesome. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Dr. Jill Blakeway 37:53
Thank you so much for having me. I’m having such an interesting chat.