About Our Guest- Dr. Robyn Benson – Regeneration health with ozone and pemf therapies

Dr. Robyn Benson specializes in regenerative medicine, natural aesthetics, women’s health, preventative and family medicine, and offers cutting edge health technologies. In addition, she offers nutritive IV injection therapies and several other services woven together with Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance her client’s detoxification, longevity and personal sustainability. Her mission is fueled by the wisdom and insights gained on her transformational 25 year journey as a doctor of Oriental medicine and her travels to 70 countries to learn from indigenous people.

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Our cells are like batteries. They literally are. So when we’re dealing with fatigue autoimmunity, sleep issues, very often the voltage in our body is turned way down. And when we use PMF on a regular basis, it turns up that voltage, it literally turns on the light.

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Welcome everyone to another episode of from doctor to patient. Today, I’m joined with Dr. Robyn Benson. For 27 years, Dr. Robyn Benson, a practitioner of oriental medicine, has applied her considerable knowledge of acupuncture, herbs, IV therapies, regenerative therapies, and leading edge energy medicine to help patients get out of pain and achieve optimal and sustainable health. Dr. Robyn founded and built Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health, and pioneered the self care revolution. Dr. Robyn is the author of the best selling book, Travel with Vitality; Seven Simple Solutions to Sleeping Well, Staying Fit, and Avoiding Illness. A mother, adventure enthusiast, world traveler and speaker, Robyn brings an innovative and game changing approach to today’s healthcare. Robyn, thanks for joining us today, welcome.

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Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here. And I love this topic, oh my goodness, there’s a lot of
topics in medicine. But this is a hot one.

Diva Nagula 01:42
This is really a hot one. And you have a model that’s very unique. And I’m actually kind of envious, because that’s kind of what I want to do is to put together this awesome array of healing modalities together under one roof. And essentially, you have this one stop shop for healing. Talk to us a little bit about your regeneration program, and all the things that you kind of offer for our patients and clients that visit you.

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Well, I would love to invite you to come anytime and see what we’re doing here. We actually built this from the ground up. And, and it really does represent a 21st century healthcare model. It’s so important that we remember that we’re all human and we’re patients. We go into these hospitals, and we go into clinics, and we’re really not met for the person that we are. And we certainly have achieved that here. You walk in and there’s a living room like setting. And there’s a prayer wall that represents all healing, all spiritual traditions. So when we think about medicine, we have Western medicine, right, and it’s got its strengths, and it has its weaknesses, but we pretty much cover an integrative approach here. And we look to natural solutions for just about every acute and chronic condition that’s out there. And we are so grateful for emergency medicine. So we built the Center two years ago. And we have a whole room that’s devoted to brain optimization and body regeneration. So when you think about the epidemic of Alzheimer’s, cognitive decline, depression, we have a room that’s devoted to technology that helps people, like our TMS (transient magnetic stimulation) helps with people that are depressed, like this magnetic thing that you wear around your head, and you do it 20 minutes several times a week. And that helps to down regulate the amygdala. And it helps to create neurogenesis in the brain, where we have different life experiences or different thoughts are going through our head. So this is really essential. We also have exercise with the oxygen. And we’re going to talk a lot about oxygen in this today. But it’s incredible how many of us are somewhat oxygen deprived, really not just at 7000 feet in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I live, but we are not having proper oxygen utilization because of the toxic levels in which we’re living not just externally but in our own bodies with heavy metals and lots of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, so exercising with oxygen is really fantastic. It helps our patients with lung challenges, it helps our endurance athletes perform even better. A lot of our oxidative therapies that we do… high dose vitamin C, we do the 10 pass here, we do ultraviolet radiation. Very often, if we get our patients to do that 10 or 15 minutes before, we’re already going to be treating a body that the oxygen circulation is optimized, so they will we do our oxidative therapy, we’re going to get a better outcome. So that is exciting. Everything that happens in, it’s called our ART lab. So we’re about ART that’s our brand amplify, regenerate, transform. So regenerative medicine is like, truthfully, like one of the fastest areas of medicine right now. And so when people think of regenerative medicine and quickly they think about stem cells, but it’s a lot more than stem cells. What we’re turning to medicine, the definition that I really like is it’s like the reverse of aging and degenerative disease. And that’s our mission here. We want to help a million people turn degeneration into regeneration. It’s like my new favorite word like 2020. This whole decade, it’s regenerate, to help every single person that walks in this door, we certainly want to help them get to the solution to their acute or chronic health condition. But that word regenerate means a second chance, like a new beginning, so many people are like, there’s something going on inside their body, they’re living in this prison zone. And they’re like, they want to get out they want to figure out what is the root cause. So regenerative medicine is the science of boosting health, healing naturally in damaged tissues, but also an under functioning endocrine and immune systems. And it’s being achieved with nutrition therapy, which I knew you do, you do IV therapies, which is fantastic. We do that here as well. Stem cells and oxidative medicine, which we’re talking about, we’re gonna go do a deep dive into what ozone therapies are doing across the world, really, especially when we think of some of these superbugs, these lethal viruses that are out there and these stealth pathogens. But you know, vitamin C IVs, it’s a key to restoring healthy joints, hair growth, skin rejuvenation, and sexual rejuvenation with people’s own platelet rich plasma. So we’re looking at how can we return to our own biology to be the solution to regenerate our bodies, from our joints, to our face, to our sexual organs? And it’s super exciting what we do everyday here. I know, it seems like you can just get a buzz from all the healing that you’re performing on so many patients and seeing them walk out the door in a much better state when they compared to when they walked in. It’s a buzz for sure. And that’s what that word amplification… when you start turning on cells, right? When you start getting that light back in the body, and the mitochondria is producing energy more efficiently, you just feel lit from the inside out.

Diva Nagula 07:36
Sure do. And not only do you feel that, but you look like you’re much brighter and you look just like you have this glow after coming out of those type of therapies. much different than when you walk out of your primary care doctor’s office or a western medicine practitioners office. And it’s not the same type of affect that you’re seeing on patients faces at all.

Dr. Robyn Benson 07:58 Yeah, it’s exciting.

Diva Nagula 08:00
Yeah, it’s really exciting. And you since you offer all these modalities. D you put typically, your patients through several modalities? Or is it one at a time? You kind of like have them go through one, see what kind of effect that it has on them and then depending on the results, you might suggest another option? Or do you just have a large protocol that encompasses many different modalities?

Dr. Robyn Benson 08:26
So yeah, it depends certainly what our patients come in with. So if somebody is coming in with let’s say, gastrointestinal issues, or Lyme disease, we see a lot of Lyme here, autoimmune conditions, we see people that are having surgeries, and they’re not recovering from the surgery. So we want to help people get to the root of what’s going on. So based on a very comprehensive… when they when they come in, we get an idea of what they need by filling out a very extensive… the paper trail right, but we can… a lot of people come in and they definitely they are signing up for our ultraviolet treatments, they want to do the 10 Pass because they have Lyme disease, or they have a skin rash that’s not going away, or they have sleep disorders. So we will customize it, personalize it to exactly what they need. And certainly we have programs like we have regenerative medicine programs, we have people who will buy packages because they want to look and grow younger, they want to get their face done with PRP, we do that and they want to restore sexual function. So we provide an OSHA procedure for women and a private shot for men. And a lot of times if they’re coming in with erectile dysfunction or having pelvic pain with sex, so we will guide them in on the journey. But I have to say that the foundation for every single person that walks in the door is to invite them to live a regenerative lifestyle. So therefore that means we want them to improve their diets and stay away from all inflammatory foods, certainly to have a really healthy exercise program. And then we work with a lot of trauma too and PTSD. So what is it that’s causing these limitations in your own thinking that’s affecting your cellular wellness? I mean, we know that right? That negative thinking causes our system to be… it actually can affect the pH, it can become more acidic, and that causes a lot of degeneration. So we look at that as well. So it depends, and some people just come in and they’re like, I want to get a prolozone from you, Dr. Benson, because so many people and that’s one of the, probably the top therapies that I do here, outside of IV therapies and the PRP, prolozone injections into knees and hips and backs, TMJ, shoulders, it’s a pretty quick fix very often, as long as somebody doesn’t have like a complete tear, we can get people back in action.

Diva Nagula 10:59
Talk to us a little bit about prolozone. I know there are some people that are familiar with prolotherapy, and which there is like an irritant solution that’s injected into various joints and tissues, that allows fibroblasts, which lays down connective tissue to support lift structures that are being injected. Is that what prolozones are? Is that what it typically is?

Dr. Robyn Benson 11:25
Well said, Yes it is. What we do is we inject a proliferative agent in first which includes B12, dextrose. And then we have this product called regionalen, which has a blend of amino acids, and it has peptides and other goodness of life in it that we get to inject first followed by ozone. And it’s really important for all of you listening, definitely work with somebody who’s well versed I’ve been using ozone in my practice for 20 years, that getting the rate dosage is really important. So after I do the proliferative agent, I put the ozone into the joint. And what the ozone does is it helps to increase blood circulation, it helps with any… if there’s a pathogenic influence or some type of infection going on, it helps to break down scar tissue. I mean, I break down scar tissue literally in the palms of hands and in joins, it helps to reverse arthritic changes that are happening. But primarily like what you just spoke of Diva is that it helps to, immediately, like you can see this under ultrasound, to get the tissue that has been overstretched and ligaments and tendons to return to their original nature. And it happens immediately. So when I do prolozone, sometimes I’m doing, let’s say if I’m doing a knee, I might based on an evaluation I might choose to do two in the knee depending on where the pain is. And then very often, I’ll have my patient come in seven to 10 days later, it takes seven to 10 days to get the total effect of just one of those injections. But it’s all natural, right? I’ve never ever had anybody have a bad reaction, they might be sore. And I’ll say ice it, because we don’t want you taking any assays at non steroidal anti inflammatories for at least 72 hours. And when we do our PRP injections, we stay up to like two weeks try to stay away from that, let mother nature take its course. But there are so many people that like need to go to like I can’t tell you how many people are like flying across the country or across the world and happy on a plane tomorrow, they will come in and get a prolozone. And it’s just amazing. Some people can’t come in there, can’t even walk and they walk out being able to move more effortlessly in their body. And then I say just give it a couple more days, you might feel worse one day and then you’ll feel better. But tennis elbow.. Yeah, my background in college was sports medicine in Virginia. And I love treating athletes. And it is one of the quickest ways to get people back into doing what they love to do. And the ozone, the way it breaks down in the body is it’s just a beautiful process, right where it breaks down into oxygen and then we think about that extra oxygen molecule that can connect with it when we think about oxidation, right? That’s the breakdown, the rusting of our body. It helps to regenerate, it helps to regenerate this new tissue. It helps to get more oxygen flow. And when we think about it increases the glutethion and nitric oxide. It’s just incredible what it’s doing. But when we think about the world at large and what I spoke about earlier, these superbugs, the fact that we can extend this ozone therapy into actually putting it into veins. And we do that which by a process called ultraviolet blood irradiation, and also the 10 Pass. Can we move into that?

Diva Nagula 15:09
Yeah. So let’s talk about the ultraviolet part first.

Dr. Robyn Benson 15:12
So I’ve been doing that for the last, 18 years. I can’t even tell you, from Lyme disease to chronic fatigue syndrome, epstein barr virus, people who come in with lesions that are not healing. In this part of the country brown recluse bites, we’ve seen some scary things, right. So what we do is we take your blood, and we actually put that into a bag where we then add a concentration of ozone right into that blood and right before your eyes you see this dark blood become like beautiful, cherry red, right? And then that blood goes down through a tube into this ultraviolet system where it’s exposed to different types of ultraviolet light, A, B, and C. So it’s, those different light frequencies are good for different pathogens, and then that healthy blood, clean blood, goes into your body. And so if you’re dealing with chronic fatigue, or you have multiple co infections from Lyme, it goes into the body and helps to get rid of these, these viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus. Fungus is massively a problem, right? That’s affecting your mitochondria in terms of producing energy in your body. And it’s causing joint pain and brain fog and gut dysbiosis. So it’s a fantastic modality out there that people need to know about. So many people go to 10 different doctors, and they’re like, I still have this problem, I’m still not feeling well. And very often, we will have to do some testing, we want to do a stool test, we work with one of the top parasitologist in the world, to find out what’s undermining you. And then this is one of the best modalities that we have. So there’s the ultraviolet blood radiation, which is specifically using ozone and the ultraviolet spectrum that’s specific to these pathogens to getting rid of these pathogens by bringing oxygen into the cellular being…

Diva Nagula 17:30
Before we go into the 10 Pass, I just have a couple of questions about the ultraviolet. So when you’re implementing this modality, I would imagine that you have some objective data to understand what you’re fighting and treating prior to utilizing this type of therapy, or does it really matter?

Dr. Robyn Benson 17:49
Well, we will look at blood blood work, we will do lots of different tests, it’s super safe. I mean, ozone and the ultraviolet blood treatment is very, very safe, of course, we won’t do it in pregnant woman. And there’s some type of thyroid issues, there’s times that we won’t, but it’s really effective. Even when we have very, very sick people with acute infections. It’s one of the safest things that you can do. And it’s considered like a natural antibiotic, because so many people have these pathogens that are resistant to everything that Western medicine has to offer. And if people want to there’s 1000s of research articles, just go to PubMed, just Google ozone, oh my gosh, you can spend literally days and months of your life learning about this. And to know that ozona medicine it goes into the late 1800s. You know, Tesla came out with a first ozone generator. I’m a big Tesla gril. I know, we’re going to talk about PMF later, too, but more and more people are bringing ozone into their homes and doing rectal installations on themselves or bladder installations, drinking ozonated water, in today’s world, it’s one of the best things you can do it, it’s one thing that we certainly add to the list of things in terms of being part of the home health care, self care revolution.

Diva Nagula 19:18
Right. And as we were talking about this particular formulation with the ultraviolet treatment, it’s a little different than what we were talking about before with the ozone injection as the ozone injection is specifically targeting a specific area, whereas the ozone, combined with the ultraviolet, that’s more of a systemic type of treatment. Correct?

Dr. Robyn Benson 19:38
Exactly. And very often it’s going to go to where the more inflamed areas are. And it naturally increases your glutathione levels. We know how important that is as an antioxidant. So oxidative therapies like high dose vitamin C drips and hydrogen peroxide. hyperbaric treatments are really all about helping to oxygenate the system or getting rid of pathogens and increasing blood circulation,

Diva Nagula 20:09
And then you’re about to go into the 10 Pass. So let’s get into that and discuss what that is and
how that’s effective.

Dr. Robyn Benson 20:15
Okay, so we decided a couple years ago to add this therapy, which is buying this very expensive machine from Germany. And it has been sort of very often quite miraculous what we’ve seen, we had this one patient that had skin cancer and had major surgery and the doctors, everybody… He was sent to a wound clinic, he was not healing, not healing. And then he finally came in here. And we built him up to a 10 Pass. But he completely reversed that condition, completely healed that. So when you think about that, is he just healing that skin cancer in his in his hand? No, it’s it’s helping him systemically it’s helping every single organ and blood vessel in his entire body. And if there was other cancer lurking, or some other autoimmunity, also he had an incredible chronic fatigue, that all got reversed with this. So the 10 Pass is a process where we take up 200 cc’s of blood, it’s pressurized ozone, that goes into that glass tube, and then it goes back into your body. And we never start anybody with a 10 Pass. It’s always like with a one pass and a two pass and we build people up, but it’s fantastic. It’s one of the best things out there for Lyme disease, it’s been known to reverse HIV. I mean, that’s extraordinary. And we don’t say we treat cancer, but we do it every day in our practice, just about and a lot of people will research, they’re doing their homework. Our patients are very educated very often. They’re like finding… they know they have a problem. And then they come in here because we’re I think we’re only one of two places that even offers the 10 Pass in Santa Fe. I personally went to Uganda on a mission to help these young girls with this organization. I came back just exhausted and I had a sinus infection. So I had a five pass. I mean, I literally had like a Monday full of patients. I’m like, I’ve got to show up. It was miraculous it was that fast. Your lungs feel more open, and some people can have herxheimer’s when the diop effect happens. So that’s why we have to be very careful about how we dose it. There are a lot of the superhuman people out there, right? This is a world of bio hackers. So people that will come in because they’re just like, I’m just not feeling… I don’t have my competitive edge, there’s something wrong, and I don’t want to do $1,000 worth of testing. And then they will just feel like oh my god, I’m returning back to myself. You also look at the 10 Pass for eye issues like macular degeneration.The aging population. Very effective for a cognitive decline. Skin issues, people who have psoriasis or have eczema, we get phenomenal results. Any type of digestive issue than there’s a lot of them out there, people have digestive issues. So why choose ultraviolet blood or a 10 Pass? We can help people decide that but very often our patients are very proactive, we will educate what we think is best. I think cost wise the ultraviolet blood treatments are less expensive than than the 10 pass and we in New Mexico are a lot less than than doing a 10 Pass, let’s say in LA or in New York City. But it’s so great when you have tried everything and you’re still not getting well but we don’t just say BAM let’s just do the 10 Pass, we have a woman right now who has worked with several doctors and just cannot get rid of her bladder infection. She probably has Staff she has it’s just been immune to… like she’s been to so many antibiotics. You can imagine how that’s wrecking havoc, not just her digestive biome, but her vaginal biome and her brain and doesn’t have her lifeforce. So the 10 Pass has been like the perfect option for her.

Diva Nagula 24:34
And then I have some questions as to when it’s appropriate to want to do the ultraviolet versus the other and specifically, I understand the ultraviolet. It’s the ultraviolet rays that are actually infused along with the ozone and that gives it a specific type of benefits to the body. The other question I have for you was, with the 10 Pass, what is the route of administration with that?

Dr. Robyn Benson 25:01 So obviously it’s through IV.

Diva Nagula 25:04 So it’s also IV, okay.

Dr. Robyn Benson 25:07
Both of them are IV. One is, with ultraviolet blood, I mean with the ultraviolet frequencies, right? And it’s going through this turbulators so it exposes the red blood cells to this light, right? And so the difference between the two. So obviously, the 10 Pass does not… you can, I mean, there, there are ways in which you can add the ultraviolet rays, but it’s just pressurized, it’s ozoned in every single pass. So it’s a big burst of ozone. And so you’re getting way more of that ozone effect than what you’re getting with the ultraviolet light. And we do see great results with both. But I think the more acute a condition is we’ve seen more massive transformations with a 10 Pass.

Diva Nagula 25:59
Yeah, it seems like it when you concentrate it.

Dr. Robyn Benson 26:01
It is. Somebody who’s been battling Lyme for a couple of decades, they’re like, I’m so done with this can commit to a 10 Pass protocol in addition to the supplements that we will recommend, in addition to finding out if you have Giardia, or you have mycoplasma, which most people do with Lyme. We want to look at what are some of those those low rate infections and making sure that we’re looking at the two or three main things that we can be doing that help. But then also, as you know, when people are deficient in vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, we really want to optimize those. So these therapies more effective. And then we’re saying, hey, if you want to really get a lot from this 10 Pass, we want you to be eating a high water content diet. So primarily a plant based diet is really one of the best ways to go. We’re not saying you have to be vegetarian, but we want you to look at everything that could possibly be causing inflammation in your body. And very often, people don’t have to… the actual protocol can be reduced in terms of what we think we have to do because people are being so proactive so the cost doesn’t mount, and people get the resolution that we’re looking for.

Diva Nagula 28:20
That totally makes sense. I mean, if you’re trying to reduce inflammation systemically or locally, it makes sense to reduce any other inflammatory potential causes like diet, or anything, they may be stressing the inflammatory system. So whether it’s switching to a plant diet or going to organic for a little while or doing some other means to reduce the stress on the body prior to undergoing these therapies. That totally makes sense to me.

Dr. Robyn Benson 28:55
You know what, it’s very popular right now. And everybody’s it seems to be on some form of intermittent fasting. That is another thing that really amplifies the effect of these oxidative therapies that we provide our patients is to do a five day fast mimicking diet, we have one that we offer our patients here, and or do some type of keto diet. But what happens with with fast mimicking diets is incredibly effective to get rid of the pathogen. So you’re already doing that while we’re doing these off to the therapy so it’s going to happen more efficiently and the results are going to be quicker.

Diva Nagula 29:40
Yeah, that makes sense also, because with you’re clearing out all this junk and cellular debris, and that’s kind of like priming your body for the therapeutic effects of your ozone therapies and your body will be more receptive to that. If you have like four or five days entering into intermittent fasting or some type of fasting mimicking diet.

Dr. Robyn Benson 30:05
Yeah, it is really one of the best things. Any of our patients with any type of blood sugar issues, diabetes, type two diabetes, we always recommend that they do this. Something’s got to interrupt this pattern that’s that’s going on in your body. And when you have type two diabetes your inflammatory reaction going on your body all the time, and you’re just aging much quicker. So pretty much everybody, even our teenagers, we try to give them a break, right? If you’re coming in with acne, or digestive problems or fatigue, just to give the body a break for five days is a really powerful option. And there’s also when I think about that, because I’ve done that like four times myself, by day four or five, you can get so much energy and mental clarity and cognitive decline. I mean, and this this massive growth of dementia and Alzheimer’s. There’s a direct relationship between inflammation and blood sugar levels. So we test those for our patients. And that’s just one of the top protocols that we offer.

Diva Nagula 31:16
That’s wonderful. And I want to get some time into the second modality that I really want our listeners to be educated on. But I really also want to ask you before we move into that topic, is do the insurance companies pay for any of these treatments?

Dr. Robyn Benson 31:32 No. None of them do.

Diva Nagula 31:35 That

Dr. Robyn Benson 31:37
Well, and when we look at the all these oxidative therapies and IV therapies, there is nothing that you can patent right? You can’t patent vitamins or ozone. And therefore, it’s not making big pharma, a lot of money. And it’s just unfortunate, because ozone is so effective. But because of that it would be amazing if it was in every single Hospital in this country, when people go into the ER rate with a really serious infection, immediately they got an ozone therapy, it would change… it would save many people’s lives. And it would it would really help people from living with chronic illness and in chronic pain. That’s how powerful this medicine is.

Diva Nagula 32:33
I totally agree with you, I would change the dynamics of how we practice medicine, and would probably increase some of the improvements in terms of infection rates and secondary complications associated with these antibiotics and primary therapies that are implemented in the hospital or emergency room. And it would probably save a lot of dollars on the healthcare system as well on the national level.

Dr. Robyn Benson 32:56
Really if we think about our youth too. And young children and babies for that matter and your ear infections, drinking ozonated water, and then we have a stethoscope where we can put the ozone goes through into the ears. That’s really good for for ear infections. And then we also do nasal installations where we inject ozone, not inject, we actually push ozone deep into the nasal cavity. So a lot of people who have massive infections in their sinuses, it’s really helpful. And every time I get on a plane, I do an ozone insufflation in my nose, I can be less prone to that cruising around the country like you are right, like as we were meeting, you’re at some conference, that’s what we do. So I have to stay healthy. And so it’s my go to thing. And there are ozone things, you can actually plug into this cigarette lighter area in your car, you can buy ozone, air purifiers, which are good as long as you use them properly, that really help with anything from smoke to your cooking your kitchen to just molds in home. Oh my goodness, so many of us have mold growing, lurking, and we don’t even know it. A lot of us are spending 90% of our entire life indoors. And it’s not shocking, therefore, that we have so many… there’s a health crisis going on with so many people right now.

Diva Nagula 34:35
Right. And you were talking just a second ago about purchasing some of these devices for home utilization and car use. What devices specifically would you recommend where would a person go online or wherever to purchase?

Dr. Robyn Benson 34:49
I think just on Amazon our friend Amazon you can just google ozone and and there’s some really good companies out there. WIEL is one, there’s ozone services, you can also buy ozonated olive oil which is fantastic for any topical lesions. Yeah, that is amazing. And you can buy ozone in capsules and actually take it like, daily, I take an ozone in a capsule form, just as a good natural anti biotic in my system. So there are a lot of options out there. And then specifically, we work with a couple of different companies. And you can call my office and my team here will give you the resources of who we work with specifically.

Diva Nagula 35:49
And before we end our show, I’ll definitely have you give that information for our listeners, I want to really go into our next topic I briefly want to discuss about pulsed electromagnetic frequency and PEMF is the other acronym that’s used to describe this therapy. And I’m always fascinated by this, I don’t completely understand its numerous benefits and how it really works. But I just know it works, I actually purchased the machine, heavy duty machine for my own use. And I’ve seen some improvements in recovery from my sports practices, and it also aids in athletic recovery. And I’ve been able to measure the improvements. I have objective data, I have an HRV tracking system using the Oura ring. And when I use the PMF modality for myself, I have a whole body map. And it seems to increase my HRV or my heart rate variability, significantly after utilization. And then also the next day after the night before using it. I also feel more like I’m more rested and I could perform at a higher level than compared to if I didn’t use the PEMF mat. So talk to us a little bit about what PMF is how it works. And you know, if you have any science behind it, you can share and what you use it for in your clients?

Dr. Robyn Benson 37:11
Okay, this has been huge in my life since 2008. And Dr. John Gray, the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. He came to speak for our nonprofit that we had, and I picked him up at the airport, he spent the whole hour talking to me about PMF. And he’s like, we’ve got this center Robyn, you need to really utilize this, this incredible technology. And I did just that. I didn’t buy just one mat, I went and bought eight of them and I think we have 10 now. So we’re talking 10-12 years now, 12 years that we’ve been using PMF. And it radically changed the course of my life because I was not sleeping well, right. Oh my God, my sympathetic… A lot of us live with our sympathetic nervous system is just that masculine, that yang in eastern medicine where we are meant to live in harmony and imbalance and our bodies will do everything to get back into that state. So PEMF is one of the best ways where we actually are mimicking PEMF is mimicking the natural frequencies of the earth, right? There’s this biological window, .5-12 hertz. We know about the Schumann resonance, which really activates our healthy cells, which turns on our mitochondrial engine. And I just want to mention that .5 to about 25 hertz, I would think is more accurate. And you have a cell phone it’s 900 megahertz, right. And then then Wi Fi 2 gigahertz, and then there’s 5g. Now, we’re living in this these environment that’s not conducive to our cellular health. So PEMF is an antidote to that. So when you lay in this field of the goodness of the earth, like literally, like lying on Mother Nature, it’s providing these negative electrons that help to open up the circulatory system. But primarily, we look at red blood cells that carries oxygen, it when we have inflammation in our body, our red blood cells tend to clump, right? That’s inflammation, it affects our circulation, affects our brain affects our sleep. So what’s fantastic is it opens up those red blood cells. So I talk about it like when our cells are like raisins. They’re injured, they’re toxic. We’re not getting the oxygen that needs that we need into our our system, and it turns into a grape. I’ve done so much blood analysis to see this effect that happens with PEMF. To show our patients, this is what’s going on in your cells. Let me think about PEMF. It’s the consistency of using it over time. Like you have have done Diva where you’re seeing that your heart rate variability… you’re becoming more resilient in your cellular being to the stressors of life. So we use it for pain, we actually have a mat on every single table. So when I do my platelet rich plasma injections for sexual rejuvenation, or for joints, when we do when our patients are getting the 10 Pass, they’re lying on a mat. So you can imagine that if they’re in this healthy field, that if we’re optimizing the buyer electrical system, their biology and the chemistry are going to work that much more efficiently. Very often in western medicine. And in the way we look at the body, we put so much focus on the biology and chemistry we undermine that the key, the Holy Grail really, is to optimize our chemicals, our electrical chemical system of our system, right? So when we optimize that, then the biology and chemistry will work more efficiently. This is the world in which we’re living, where we realize one of the big solutions to deal with his health crisis we’re in is energy medicine, simply free healing to being outdoors and being barefooting and going on vacations where you get out to the beach, right? Your feet are in that salt water, deeply connected to the earth. Any thoughts? Why do we feel so good there? Because we’re getting those negative electrons that our body so desperately needs to offset, all the oxidative damage happening, that degeneration. So PEMF is really fantastic. I mean, we have the mats for all of our patients on our on our treatment rooms, I also have one on the other side of my bed or for my children to use, when they were still here before college, when they’re stressed, they can’t study there, they can’t they’re not sleeping well, it really helps to calm down the the alpha… excuse me, it produces more alpha and theta states, which is deep relaxation, as opposed to beta, where you’re just firing like high five with your hair on fire, you’re just go go go all the time, and you’re disconnected from your being and from life. In many cases, so PEMF is incredible. We use the IMRS, Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation system from Germany that we love and has been so effective and hundreds of our patients have made this investment. Then we also have a very high end one, a $25,000, one that we use, every time our patient gets a prozone injection, or they come in specifically just for PMF because they have an injury, or they have some type of infection, or they just want to get the brain turned on because there’s different protocols that we used for, for people with brain fog, or have any type of even depression. It’s fantastic, because you get immediate upgrade of production of ADB and circulation to these areas so PEMF is awesome.

Diva Nagula 42:57
It is and you brought up a lot of questions for you because the application with the large mat and obviously you were talking about protocols that you have put in place. So when you’re utilizing it for specific types of healing and reduction in inflammatory states, such as depression, or say some kind of wound healing, or some kind of injury, like how long do you apply this specific modality to the person? Is it you know, a one time thing or is it a series of utilizations over a period of weeks? What do you generally use?

Dr. Robyn Benson 43:32
So using it, if you have a home use, I would say do it like at least twice a day for eight minutes. And we’ve got to understand and this is really important when we think about regenerative lifestyle we think about oxidative medicine and all these therapies that I talked about is that our cells are like batteries, right? They literally are so when we’re dealing with fatigue autoimmunity, sleep issues, very often the voltage in our body is turned way down. And when we use PEMF on a regular basis, it turns up that voltage, it literally turns on the light. You have more more lifeforce moving through your system. So when we are treating patients with acupuncture, let’s say or they’re getting whatever IV therapies were 8 to 24 minutes because that’s all that’s needed the PEMF because it’s giving the best it can at that time. But the sustainability of it is regular use. We have the full body mat has a sawtooth wave which gives access to every single cell in your body. So literally it will shift the bioelectric fields but when somebody has like a local wound or they have a tennis elbow, we will use a probe, our system has a probe or some type of TMJ or tooth pain. We will use the full body mat first for eight minutes just to turn on the biological window. Get activate circulation ATP production, and then we’ll use a local PMF. That’s more specific to local areas not for the whole body.

Diva Nagula 45:10
Do you still do an eight minute window treatment for a specific area?

Dr. Robyn Benson 45:14
A minimum of eight minutes. But with our local applications, like we have this small body mat, like for our men with prostate issues, they can sit on that mat, or digestive issues, you literally put that on for 8, 16 or 24 minutes, but you can do it much longer than that. So it’s almost like when, for our patients with chronic digestive issues, we say just do it for eight minutes after you eat. If you have something going on, of course, we want to get to the root of why that is. But when you’re having acute stuff going on, just put that local pad on for 8, 16 or 24 minutes. And that will be like 200 enzymes like bam, digestive enzymes are going right into your system to help with that inflammation.

Diva Nagula 45:58
Can anything bad happen if someone one uses it for a prolonged period of time? Are there any
cons to this therapy?

Dr. Robyn Benson 46:06
Not at all, I mean, seriously, I love to exercise and a lot of my athletes that have these, these masses PEMF mats to do it before you you exercise, or if I wake up in the morning cannot go to sleep, it’s based on the Chinese clocks so you’re getting exactly what your organ system needs at that time. So very often, when we wake up between one and three at night, that’s the liver time. So if you have a mat, just use it at that time, and it just helps to calm down your nervous system. And when you have adrenal fatigue, or you got an overload going on in your body, it just helps to bring your body back into that harmonious balance that it so wants.

Diva Nagula 46:52
And it’s really interesting, I think you have a link on your website to PEMF.com. And that has a lot of questions, a lot of answers and research articles that you can peruse. But it has a video on it. And it’s like a video of the cell the cells under a microscope. And it shows what the cells are doing prior to application of PEMF. And you see these clumps of cells that are… they look unhealthy, they look dead. They don’t look like they’re functioning at all.

Dr. Robyn Benson 47:27 Like the raisin cells, yes?

Diva Nagula 47:29
Yes. And then then, like you said that after the application of PEMF like literally minutes later, after the application, you see another like perspective under microscope of what the cells are doing. And literally there’s life, there’s a movement, there’s like this glow of each so it’s not clumped anymore. They’re all individual cells that are separated. And it’s amazing or that that to me stuck into my head, I’m like, wow, this is after just one like a few minutes treatment of PEMF therapy. And just imagine the benefits that it’s going to do for your whole body which is not exposed to PEMF and if you are exposed to EMF, the bad EMF energy that we’re often scraping by with microwaves and all the other things that are causing like Bluetooth and Wi Fi is just amazing to see how much better it would be by utilization of PMF therapy.

Dr. Robyn Benson 48:27
Yeah, if there’s like one the foundation of of health is this is getting an optimizing oxygen utilization. Of course we get that through exercise, drinking good water is really important, healthy foods, PEMF is fantastic. Like what you just said, we did that in well over 300 patients, the first two years that I brought PEMF into my practice, and certainly has further gone into our patients homes. It’s amazing. When you have those cells looking like grapes rather than raisins, that is everything because you also when you think about the immune system, it activates your white blood cells. That’s huge. So it’s not just the red blood cells that’s activating the the oxygen because those red blood cells that’s how we carry our oxygen. But those white blood cells become they mobilize more they’re not just stuck lurking just they’re shut down. They’re dormant, it gets them doing their job to go scavenge pathogens. People they want an instant fix like our healthier patients will feel it even more but once you get turned back on the cellular engine, it’s almost a you don’t want to miss your dose of vitamin E, vitamin earthing vitamin grounding the vitamin D and G and we just can’t get outside enough often. So thank God we have this I wrote a book on travel and health. As you mentioned the beginning, I’ve taken my mat to 17 countries. I used to run marathons. And it just helped me heal that lactic acid in my body, it just helps to detox much more, jetlag, I can ensure a good night’s sleep, it’s fantastic. And just became a way of traveling for me, it’s awesome. And even the smaller, without using the bigger pad, the smaller the the probe and the smaller pad are fantastic. Just to have 24/7 imagine that right? When I think about a lot of what we’ve talked about in terms of regenerative health, health now, and how to grow younger, it’s possible it is if so many of us, we care, we want to feel good in our body, we can look 10 and 20 years younger, in one of the best ways to do that is with PEMF and is with these oxygen therapies. And thank God, you’re you’re on the East Coast, I’m in the southwest, we have all these IV therapies that you’re offering people locally. And then, you know, keep doing the personal deep work, do the deep dive work to getting those issues out of your tissues… like we do live blood cell analysis it’s like a party in your body. But let’s say then you leave that party in your body and you go home and you have a fight with your spouse, or something very stressful happens. We eat crappy meals for a couple days, you know, you’re back into the the reason of effect, right? So it is again, this mindset of Wow, I have, I had the power to choose a regenerative lifestyle to have a new beginning when I wake up every morning, no matter what my health was like yesterday, I’m going to start. It’s a process very often it’s not overnight, especially with some of the acute chronic conditions that we see in our younger patients too.

Diva Nagula 52:06
It’s just part of the routine that everyone should get into to help their body recover and go through a stressful day with the ability to rebound quickly. One of the things that I want to offer real quickly is what I do is I do it regularly is I lie on my mat for about 20 to 25 minutes every day. And I also listened to biurnal beats. And that helps me calm my brain down while the PEMF mat is also working on my body. And then while I’m in that on the mat, I also do some breathing exercises. And that’s kind of my meditation. And so after about 20 minutes, I mean, I’m really rejuvenated, my body feels great, my mind feels great, whatever stress that I was feeling before going into that meditation practice, it’s gone off in 20 minutes. And I just feel great. And I recently implemented that routine, I would say, I don’t know, a month and a half ago, two months ago. Prior to that I wasn’t doing it together. And this seems to be a really useful thing for me personally. And I can imagine it could be beneficial for a lot of other people as well. So, Robyn, I know you have patients that you have to see. So I dont’ want to keep you but I thank you for being on the show. And for our listeners, if they want to get a hold of you and find out more about what you do. What’s the best way for them to get in contact.

Dr. Robyn Benson 53:30
So RobynBenson.com and that’s one of my websites also SantaFeSoul.com but also feel free to call (505) 986-1089 We have a wonderful staff that will answer the phone. It’s amazing in today’s world, right? So we care about you. And if there’s something that you’ve not solved yet, we can do that for you. For sure. And we also have retreats I have this incredible retreat for women, a regenerative medicine retreat for women of the art of radical self care. And we have them for men, this big epidemic of erectile dysfunction is near and dear to my heart. Oh my god, I swear, like 40% of all fourty year old men, 60% of all 60 year old men. And this regenerative medicine and this PRP is amazing what’s possible. So people fly in from all over the country. The cool thing is it’s not just coming to our center, but you get to enjoy Santa Fe. It’s really one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And there’s so much to do here. When are you gonna come? I want you to come here!

Diva Nagula 54:47
Yeah, that’s that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. Yeah, I definitely want to come out there and get myself treated and go through your modalities. And maybe we can have a show where I’m actually going through everything and look at me pre and I’m looking at me post.

Dr. Robyn Benson 55:03
yeah, we’re gonna do like a makeover. A 24 hour makeover. You’re going to be glowing, you’re
going to be ripped. Thank you for inviting me for all of you listening. It’s been a pleasure.

Diva Nagula 55:19
Thanks, Robyn. Appreciate it. Take care.