About Our Guest- Kelsey Abbott – Human Design Your soul’s blueprint

Kelsey Abbott is an intuitive Human Design Reader, a Certified Professional Coach, Instigator of Joy, and the host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here so they can uplevel with ease. She believes that the universe wants us to be sparkly AF and that joy is our natural state. When Kelsey isn’t playing in her business, she’s bringing curiosity, play, and joy to triathlon—a sport she races as an elite amateur.

Full Podcast Transcription

Kelsey Abbott 00:00
Human Design shows us that we are not a planet of seven and a half billion people. We are a planet of one human shattered into seven and a half billion pieces. And when everyone is sharing their gifts, we all come together and that’s how we rise.

Diva Nagula 00:18
That’s awesome. So it’s like basically the concept that we are all one we’re all connected. Hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of From Doctor to Patient. Today, I have Kelsey Abbott joining us. Kelsey is an intuitive Human Design reader, a Certified Professional Coach, instigator of joy and the host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps spiritual adventurers remember who they are and why they’re here. So they can up level with ease. She believes that the universe wants to be sparkly as fuck, and that joy is our natural state. When Kelsey isn’t playing in her business, she’s bringing curiosity, play and joy to triathlon, a sport she races as an elite amateur. Hi, Kelsey, how are you today?

Kelsey Abbott 01:23
I’m good, Diva. It’s great to see you again!

Diva Nagula 01:25
It’s great to see you too. I know we did our podcast some time ago on your show. And I’m so glad that you were able to take the time out to be on my show and talk about Human Design. Now it’s interesting, I think the audience is going to be in for a treat, because we’re actually going to do a live human design reading, which is going to be my reading. So I’m looking forward to checking that out. But let’s dive in here. And let’s talk about what exactly is Human Design?

Kelsey Abbott 01:55
Human Design. First of all, the the name Human Design is just weird. I’m not entirely sure if the name human design was channeled with everything else that was channeled. So Human Design was channeled over eight days in 1981. And it sounds totally crazy. And it’s also this combination of the chakra system, astrology, the Kabbalah tree of life. And let me translate all of this. Your little baby soul got called to Earth school, it got so excited. And before it came it filled out a blueprint for who you are, and what you’re here to do. And your human design chart is that blueprint. So you don’t have to like figure anything out in this life. It’s all in your blueprint. All of your gifts that you’re here to share with the world, your soul just sprinkled those throughout your chart as golden nuggets. And learning your Human Design chart gives you permission to be who you deep down know, you are.

Diva Nagula 03:16
A lot of people are probably thinking so is this some sort of, like, fortune telling or tarot reading, I don’t know if anyone’s ever really understood if that actually has some merit in society. It’s all like Gypsy dust and all that stuff kind of is woowoo. So is this very woowoo? Or is there any science to this?

Kelsey Abbott 03:39
So this stuff I just told you, it is based on science, there are 64 gates in Human Design, they correspond to DNA 64 codons of DNA. And so I actually come from a scientific background, I have my Master’s in Marine Biology. When I first learned of Human Design, I was so skeptical. And then when I pulled up my chart, I was like, What is this? I have no idea how to make sense of this. And then as I started learning little bits of it, some things resonated with me, like the first thing I learned was that manifesting generators can be known as Warrior Buddhas. And that like resonated with my soul. I was like, well that feels really true. Okay, what else can I learn? And as I learned, I fell further and further down the rabbit hole. I saw it as more and more woowoo. And yet at the same time, I was giving, like, little readings to friends of mine, and everything was 100% accurate. So my answer to that is it’s totally woowoo and totally accurate. Let’s use it!

Diva Nagula 04:52
And so how long did it take you to understand how to read Human Design for other people, and
like you’re a human design reader. Can you talk to us a little bit about that?

Kelsey Abbott 05:06
Yeah. So I’m a four-six profile, which means I learned from other people not here to learn through books. And I quickly found some people online that I resonated with the way they were reading Human Design. And I actually took a training, a reader training, from Jenna Zoe. And the whole thing happened so quickly. I started out, I’ve been a Certified Professional coach for six years now. And this was just the missing piece. It just clicked into place for me. So I’ve been studying human design for a year and a half, two years.

Diva Nagula 05:48 Okay, so pretty recently.

Kelsey Abbott 05:49
Yeah, not that long and yet it fits.

Diva Nagula 05:54
Do you find that your design fits you to the t? And have you noticed that, as you’ve learned more about your blueprint, that you can fall into what it’s showing you to do and showing you what your life’s mission is supposed to be?

Kelsey Abbott 06:15
Yes, there are so many little tidbits, and I’m learning more and more every single day.

Diva Nagula 06:23 Yeah.

Kelsey Abbott 06:24
Every day, like I’m called to explore a different part of my chart, and to see how it shows up in different parts of my life. And that’s why it’s called the Human Design experiment. So we get the blueprint. And then we understand it on a surface level. And then we start playing with it, and see how like, if I’m built for consistency, okay, how can I be more consistent in my life? Or if I’m not built for consistency? Where am I? Where is society telling me I need to be consistent? And do I need to just let that go and see what happens? See how I feel in my body, see how see what Abundance flows to me, it’s all an experiment.

Diva Nagula 07:12
And it appears to me like a lot of people are trying to search what their purpose in life is supposed to be. I’m in my mid to late 40s. And I guess I’m in sort of a midlife crisis, trying to figure out who I am what I’m supposed to do. Is something like the Human Design, will that allow me to rediscover or find my purpose and give me clarity?

Kelsey Abbott 07:37
I can’t guarantee that because it depends on your embodying it, but it certainly will give you everything your soul picked out, it will give you permission to feed that stirring inside you, maybe to admit, for instance, that you’re super intuitive.

Diva Nagula 08:00
And speaking of which, does the reading actually give a person insight on you know, their job, love, relationships, abundance, wealth? Or is it something like it just shows you the way to attain these things?

Kelsey Abbott 08:19
So that’s a really good question. I’m not into predictions, we have freewill. But who knows what’s going to happen, I can tell you what your gifts are, that your soul picked out for you. So perhaps, when it comes to job there are many different ways and places where we can use our gifts. So if you’ve got the channel of the performer, it doesn’t mean you have to be an actor. Maybe just the way you tell stories is really engaging, and everyone wants to hear it. And so there are just many different ways that things can show up for us. That when it comes to relationships, well, that involves another person. But we can see some things that might be true across all relationships for you, because you’re going to be consistent across all relationships. Unless, of course, you have an open chi center.

Diva Nagula 09:19
So based on my profile, I guess my reading, it will allow me to have a better understanding of
my partner, and vice versa?

Kelsey Abbott 09:29
Yeah, when you have your partner’s chart, the whole world opens up for you. Because one of the things I love about human design is, like in coaching, my work with my clients is confidential. In human design, the whole point of it, in a way, is to like… I dream of a world where we introduce ourselves by sharing our charts, because then when we truly understand somebody else’s design, we see them using their gifts and we celebrate them for that. Instead of this weird thing that humans do right now, which is tell people that they all have to act a certain way that there’s like a right way to do things. No, no, no, no, there is a millions of different ways to do things, millions of different gifts, and different ways for everyone to use those gifts. And we want to celebrate that because human design shows us that we are not a planet of seven and a half billion people. We are a planet of one human shattered into seven and a half billion pieces. And when everyone is sharing their gifts, we all come together. And that’s how we rise.

Diva Nagula 10:40
That’s awesome. So it’s like basically the concept that we are all one, we’re all connected.

Kelsey Abbott 10:45 And we need each other.

Diva Nagula 10:47
Yeah. So with your readings, what type of clients do you see, who comes to you to get these
readings and coaching that you do?

Kelsey Abbott 11:00
That’s a funny question. Because now that I’m doing Human Design readings, I can answer in terms of design, but in terms of like what people do for business or anything like that, that no longer matters. But I’ve told you before we start hitting record that I’ve been seeing a very strong trend of people with the right angle cross of penetration, which comes in in a few different forms. There are 300, plus different incarnation crosses. And lately, like the last five readings, I’ve done like a six with you. It’s been right angle cross of penetration, which is also my incarnation cross. I don’t know what that means. Is it that those of us with this cross are curious, is it that those of us with this cross are being called forward more right now and really need to truly understand our purpose and the theme of our life? I don’t know. But I’m seeing a lot of that. And I work with really, truly magical people, it is so cool to see someone’s chart before I meet the person. So I can just name and our birth information and their chart, so I know all of their gifts. And then by the time I am having the reading with them, I’m like, oh my god, hi, I’m so excited to meet you, you magical creature. Tell me about who you are on a human level.

Diva Nagula 12:26
Yeah, I mean, it’s like you kind of know the person ahead of time before you actually get to
meet them. And then you can see when you meet that person, how they fit into this blueprint.

Kelsey Abbott 12:35
Exactly. Some people try and trick me. They’ll say like, oh, yeah, I’m not good at so and so I’m like, Yes, you are. That’s actually your gift.

Diva Nagula 12:43
I think this would be really a cool exercise to see if we can do an actual reading live, well not live, but recorded on this podcast show. And I think it will give people including myself a better understanding of how the Human Design blueprint actually works, and how useful it can be for anyone who wants to find out more about their life. So I guess we can I did this briefly before we started. But I guess the first three things that you need to really get my data I get my chart is you need my birthplace, my date of birth, and the time of birth?

Kelsey Abbott 12:44 Yes.

Diva Nagula 12:47
Can you explain quickly? Why? What’s the significance of those three things?

Kelsey Abbott 13:33
Yeah, so your soul chose all the gifts for you. And then it finds the place and time that your soul needs to like enter into earth to make all those things come true. Because the actual gates and stuff that you have defined, it all depends on where the planets are, when you’re born. So this is the astrology link to it.

Diva Nagula 14:01
Okay, I don’t know anything about astrology. But let’s go ahead and let’s get on this and see what kinds of information we can pull up about myself. So obviously, I guess what you do is you plug in this information into some sort of a table or program, and then it spits out information. And then basically with your skills, you interpret the information based on your education in Human Design.

Kelsey Abbott 14:24
Yea and I use www.mybodygraph.com, which is free, anyone can use it. Note that when you’re putting in your date of birth, it is in the European style. So it’s day, month, year, get that right. And you do also want to have your birth time exact, which will hopefully be on your birth certificate. If you’re in the ballpark, it’s entirely possible that nothing will change or everything will change. All right, you’re ready to play.

Diva Nagula 14:56 Let’s do this.

Kelsey Abbott 14:57
Okay, so this is going to be an abbreviated version, for the current time constraints. Let’s start
out with the fact that you’re a manifesting generator.

Diva Nagula 15:06
Okay, so what does that mean?

Kelsey Abbott 15:08
So there are five energy types in Human Design. There’s generators, manifestos, projectors, reflectors, and manifesting generators. And I’m going to talk about this as we because I’m also a manifesting generator. We are hybrids of manifestors and generators.

Diva Nagula 15:26
Which are what? Can you give a quick explaination?

Kelsey Abbott 15:26
Yea so let’s start with reflectors, reflectors are disco balls of magic. They are here. I believe that the oracles that we read about in Greek mythology and Greek stories, I think those people were probably reflectors, they embody the wisdom and the energy of the people that they’re energetically connected with. So if you are going to go see like a tarot reader, for instance, be really cool if that person’s a reflector, because they will take your wisdom and amplify it. So you’re gonna like what you hear. And then it’s probably gonna be really appropriate for you. Projectors are here to guide us. They are light beings that can hang out, they’re like the bird in the tree watching the rest of us scramble around on the ground, and they can see how things will be more effective and more efficient. And it’s kind of like they’re like pointing the score, like, hey, the good notes are over there. But the thing with projectors is, if that squirrel doesn’t ask the projector for advice, where to find the best nuts, the squirrel is gonna be kind of annoyed when that projector tells them about the good nuts. So projectors want to wait for the invitation.

Diva Nagula 15:37 I like that analogy.

Kelsey Abbott 15:51
Yeah, so when the squirrels like, hey, you’ve got a good view up there. Where am I gonna find the best nuts, then the projector tells them where to find the nuts and everyone’s happy.

Diva Nagula 17:05 Got it.

Kelsey Abbott 17:07
Manifestors are the let’s make it happen type of people. They receive urges from the universe, from source, and that urge is going to be like they’re walking down the street and they have an urge to go play on the swing set. And they are supposed to follow those urges. manifestos are here to start movements. It could be a movement that they and all their friends go play on the swings. It could be a movement, like let’s lift the vibration of the world.

Diva Nagula 17:41 So they’re leaders?

Kelsey Abbott 17:43
Yes. And traditionally, they were actually like, Alexander the Great. And a lot of the actual leaders of the ancient world were manifestors. manifestors aren’t as common now. They’re, I think, like 8% of the population now. Then generators are here. There’s a common misconception that generators are here to work. Oh, that’s just yucky. And I really advise anyone when it comes to human design, when you are learning about your human design, please, if it doesn’t feel good to you, it’s not for you. Your human design should give you permission to be you. It should lift you up. It should make you feel really, really good. Like, oh my goodness, yes. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I get to be me. Oh, my goodness, I have all these gifts. I’m so excited. So generators are here to be so excited. And they, the universe, and this part is true for manifesting generators as well. The universe is constantly showing them things and saying, hey, do you like this? Do you like this? Do you like this color? Do you like the song? Do you like this idea? Do you like this job? And generators are here to respond to those things. generators are here to be lit up. And when a generator is lit up, they’re going to elevate everyone around them. They’re not here to sacrifice themselves. They’re here to be lit up, and then manifesting generators. So we have, we get a little bit of that urge from the manifestors and we get that gift of response from the generators so we can initiate things sometimes. And we also are responding to things the universe has shown us. Big picture wise, we are here to play. We are not here to be put in any boxes, or have any labels slapped on us. We’re here to do all the things. We’re here to be wildly successful doing things no one thought was possible in a way that no one ever saw coming. We’re here to carve our own path and to do it with play and joy. Does that resonate with you?

Diva Nagula 20:00
Yeah, a little bit. I mean, I guess maybe that’s what I have to find is that avenue where I’m doing things where I feel like I’m playing and I am constantly in joy. It seems like right now the doing things where I feel like I’m playing and I am constantly in joy. It seems like right now the things that I’m doing, it feels like it’s sometimes it feels like it’s just work and it’s stressful. And I guess it’s because I haven’t found what it is that brings me that joy and play.

Kelsey Abbott 20:26
Yeah, so when, for both generators and manifesting generators, when something lights us up, we’re gonna feel it in our body. It’s a sacral response. So we’re gonna feel it in our gut, we might notice it, we might like lean forward, like, yes. Like when you asked me to be on this podcast, it was a hard sacral yes. Like, oh, my goodness, I’m so excited. I want to do this, you can probably feel my energy. Right now I am high on Human Design. I love it. And this is actually our natural state. I call it being sparkly AF. We are here to just be super excited. And this doesn’t mean, this doesn’t mean like cheerleader excited. This doesn’t mean like, rah, rah, this doesn’t mean fake excited. And this also doesn’t mean that we don’t sleep. Sometimes the excitement is a little quieter, but it’s still there. When we’re doing something that lights us up, we’re gonna create energy. And when we do enough things throughout the day that light us up, we’re gonna sleep like babies.

Diva Nagula 21:35
Okay, that’s, that’s good to know. So I guess, falling through my actual blueprint of a manifesting generator. In true essence, I’ll be able to rest well, if I’m following with my path has laid out for me. And I guess I’ll also be a sort of a leader, but then at the same time, also looking for signs that I can follow as a generator. So it’s kind of like the best of both worlds?

Kelsey Abbott 22:05
Absolutely. Yeah, we got it all. And really our job when you don’t know what to do, go play. This has been a game changer for me. I used to have this idea. Like, I’m struggling with something in my business. I don’t like I don’t dig into it. Now. I’m like, I’m gonna go ride my bike. And that’s where the answers always come. And I’m having fun. So yeah I think a former version of me would have been like, what are you running away from your problems? But no, I am here to play and that’s where I get my energy and that’s where I get the answers.

Diva Nagula 22:49
So now we’ve kind of defined the types. So what’s the next thing that we look at?

Kelsey Abbott 22:56
Next, we go to the profiles, which are the numbers. So there are a lot of different combinations. It’s your profiles, a two-four. And I can’t give an overview of all the other combinations right now. So let’s just dig into you. You’re an easy, breezy genius. You guys, I’m married to a two- four, I really love two-fours. You guys are really good at things. But you have no idea. You have no idea until somebody else tells you that you’re good at it. And then you can kind of start to see it. But you’re not very good at believing people that you’re actually really good at it. So as somebody who loves a two-four, let me tell you, please believe us when we tell you that you’re really good at something.

Diva Nagula 23:43
That pretty much hits hits me on the tee, because that’s exactly me. I don’t believe in it. But then people tell me, and I still don’t believe them. Because I think they’re FOS. That’s interesting. That’s very much like me.

Kelsey Abbott 23:56
Yeah. So what we are doing is calling you out essentially being like, hey, you’re really good at this. And then your job is to believe us, please, and then start doing more of that. And what’s your profile? I’m a four-six.

Diva Nagula 24:13
And can you quickly talk about what that is?

Kelsey Abbott 24:15
Yeah. So I’m here to connect with my tribe. I go deep, fast. A lot of one on one communication
with people and relationships are everything for me. Like connection is everything.

Diva Nagula 24:34
And that’s typical? That’s pretty much that’s who you are?

Kelsey Abbott 24:36
That is who I am. And I need to remember I’m not here to convert the non-believers. Just talk to
the raving fans.

Diva Nagula 24:46
Okay, let’s go back on me. Now. What else is the two-four?

Kelsey Abbott 24:52
The two line is this hermit line. You guys love your caves.

Diva Nagula 24:57 Yep!

Kelsey Abbott 24:57
Metaphorically speaking. What you need to remember is you need alone time. And when you are alone, that’s where you that’s where you build your wisdom. That’s where, because you guys know everything you can figure things out, you’re just gonna pick up skills super fast. And you’ll do it while you’re alone. What you need to know. And what people who love you need to know, is that your going in your cave has nothing to do with them whover them is.

Diva Nagula 25:29
Should’ve told that to my ex wife.

Kelsey Abbott 25:31
Yeah, yeah. And I asked my husband on a regular basis, can you just tell me that this isn’t about me, please. And he’s like, “no, this has nothing to do with you. I’m just in my cave.” So people see us as the second number. So people see you as a four people see me as a six. So the four is very extroverted, energetic. Um, well, it’s just your classic extrovert. And so people are often shocked to hear that I actually no longer buy into the concept of introvert and extrovert because I think Human Design goes past that. But they’re often shocked to learn that a two-four is perfectly happy hanging out at home by themselves.

Diva Nagula 26:15 Yeah, that’s me!

Kelsey Abbott 26:17
And that sixth line for me, is the role model line. And so people see me as this role model, and
I’m like, no, no, no, hey, I’m here to play with everyone!

Diva Nagula 26:29
Right? That’s really interesting. Because I during this whole COVID era, where we’re really supposed to be following stay at home orders. Well, I mean, we are up north, but you’re down the South. And that’s, we know what’s going on right now. But for me it hasn’t been hard. I mean, being at home for the last three to four months. I mean, it really hasn’t been an issue for me. I mean, once or twice, I was like really getting edgy, where I’m like, okay, I really need to see people, I need to go do something where there’s people around, but for the most part, I’ve been happy staying at home.

Kelsey Abbott 27:07
Yeah, you guys are built for this!

Diva Nagula 27:09 Fits me perfectly.

Kelsey Abbott 27:10 Exactly.

Diva Nagula 27:11 Okay, so what’s next?

Kelsey Abbott 27:13
So next, we’re gonna talk about your centers and your gates and channels. So there are nine centers, energy centers in Human Design. And these are the funny little shapes sprinkled throughout your chart. And they have similar names for the chakras. But they don’t totally align. So for you, you’ve got three open centers, and the rest are defined. So the ones that are colored in or defined, and the ones that are white are open. The color does not matter. I don’t know who chose the color. But it doesn’t mean anything. They’re either colored, or they’re white.

Diva Nagula 28:03
And so people can’t see this chart. So I think it’s best to explain that. I’m assuming that these nine energy centers are like you mentioned are very much oriented like the seven chakras that we all know. Right? And from all the way from the root chakra to the crown chakra, but there’s two additional centers, that Human Design carries versus the traditional seven chakra system, correct?

Kelsey Abbott 28:28
Exactly. Yeah. So here are the nine centers in Human Design. We’ve got the root, the solar plexus, the sacral, the spleen, the this one has three different names, it’s either the ego, the heart or the will center, then we’ve got the G Center, the throat Center, the Ajna and the crown. There will not be a test on that. So in Human Design, we want to live from the defined centers and we’re gonna feel and amplify other people’s energies in our open centers.

Diva Nagula 29:08
Okay, so I guess with the undefined I’ve three. The ones that are not colored are the undefined,
right? And so those I amplify other people’s centers?

Kelsey Abbott 29:21
Yes, and you have wide open head centers, your crown and arch numb, which are also open for me. So I can really speak to this. We feel and amplify other people’s mental energy. So this is amazing. For as a coach, I use this. I know what other people are thinking. I can feel it. I can mirror it back to them. This is really helpful. Let’s stick with the ajna for a second.

Diva Nagula 29:59 Ajna is the third eye right?

Kelsey Abbott 30:00
Yes. So we can reflect our thoughts back to them. People with an open ajna… ajna feels like an expansive space, it feels like a Montana sky, like wide open with maybe a bird flying overhead. People with a defined ajna their mind feels like a library with very orderly stacks and stacks upon stacks upon stacks. They’ve got trash cans in there, they’ve got a place for everything. We got spaciousness. And when something comes into our ajna, our open ajna, it swirls around like a tornado. And if we are using our open ajna incorrectly, energetically incorrectly, we’ll be constantly looking for the right answer, what’s the right way to do this? That is so not for us. We feel empowered and free. When we say I don’t know. Someone with a defined Arjuna is here to have to find opinions. We’re not. We can hold like 10 different opinions at the same time. Opinions can flow through us.

Diva Nagula 31:07
That’s funny, it’s totally me. It’s like on my social media feeds, like I have a combination of people who are far right, or far left. And people that are in the middle. And then people that are are woowoo. And it’s like I look at everything with everyone’s posts. And I’m like, I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other. That’s very interesting.

Kelsey Abbott 31:30
Exactly, and for this reason, debate is not for us debate will drain us.

Diva Nagula 31:38
Yes, arguments and I can’t do it, no. And then if I am sitting there in an argument with somebody, I’m thinking about what I should stay instead of actually saying something. And then an hour after the debate, I’m like, gosh, darn it. Why didn’t I say that?

Kelsey Abbott 31:56
Yeah, cuz you’re not supposed to. Which there’s so much like baggage that can come with that, like everyone. I mean, you’re highly educated? Shouldn’t you have an opinion on these things? Speak your mind. No, I don’t man. Nah, I’m out and I’ll feel my energy drain too. If somebody gets, someone with a defined ajna gets like, really into the nitty gritty of things. I’m like, I’m out. Yeah, you’re making me sleepy.

Diva Nagula 32:29
And that’s what happens to me too, I just peace out.

Kelsey Abbott 32:34
Yeah. And that’s the way we’re supposed to operate. So then that open crown mentality pressure is not for us. So all of the shoulds or someone nagging you? Very much not for us. And we get inspired outside ourselves. People with a defined crown get inspired within themselves.

Diva Nagula 33:00
When you were talking about the should have, could have, what if we play that self critic in our heads? You know, I should have done this, I shouldn’t be this way or I shouldn’t do this. I mean, that’s not serving us if this is what the blueprint states.

Kelsey Abbott 33:15
No, absolutely not. In fact, you and I do not belong in our heads. So we’ve got that gift of being able to feel and amplify other people’s mental energy, so we can reflect people’s thoughts back to them. Other than that, when we try and go in our heads and figure something out, oh, that’s just a recipe for suffering for us. Our bodies have all the answers, which is totally in opposition to what society tells us.

Diva Nagula 33:49
And that’s in opposition to what I believe about myself because I feel like I’m more in my head, and I’m not in my body enough.

Kelsey Abbott 33:56
Yeah. So it’s time to make a shift. Get back in your body and trust all the things your body tells
you, and especially, Diva, you are highly intuitive.

Diva Nagula 34:08
And you’re getting that by?

Kelsey Abbott 34:09
I’m getting that from, well, we know that your incarnation cross and your sun personality gate… I’m going to talk… Alright, so put a pin in those things. First, I’m getting that because your spleen is defined. your spleen is defined and you’ve got four gates defined in there.You have three of the same ones that I have. You’ve got a nose for the future, for instance. You just kind of know what’s coming next. And this is for other people. This is for the world. You know what’s up, you know what’s coming. This is not for you to go and turn on yourself. You are not supposed to be crystal balling. You are not supposed to be over planning, trying to control the future. You see what’s coming further. So when we were talking about this before we hit record. You’ve also got a gift for co creation, and well, co creation with the universe. So the negative side of this is feeling like the past is going to repeat itself. That’s not for us. Instead, we need to remember that amazing things happen overnight. That we, we often say everything can change in a second. And by that we and I’m using we as society right now, we mean you could get hit by a bus. But the truth is also something amazing could happen just as quickly as you could get hit by a bus, we really need to remember that.

Diva Nagula 35:56
What else out here is striking that may be interesting, so that we can see if it resonates with
me or not?

Kelsey Abbott 37:07
Let’s talk about your sun personality gate. So this is the majority of your personality in Human Design. Your soul sprinkled all these gifts, all these golden nuggets throughout your chart. And this one is not just gold, it’s like embedded with all the jewels. So you hopefully see it please see this one, this is what the world really truly needs for you, from you. And that is that nose for the future and being intuitive for other people. Another piece that comes with this is we’re very sensitive to sounds. We’re clairaudient. And I’m curious, do you have any musical talent?

Diva Nagula 37:58
I don’t. Specifically, I don’t think I’ve found it yet. But I do enjoy music. I need to be around music. It livens me, if I don’t have music playing or if I’m in a car, and there’s no music playing. It just drives me crazy. So yeah, and when I’m in sometimes in an altered state of mind, I really need to hear that music because it really brings me some sort of life.

Kelsey Abbott 38:23
So this is interesting. So I’m asking because we’re really sensitive to noise. I have an electric toothbrush, I cannot stand using it. I actually can’t stand it when my husband uses his the set. I can’t hear whether I can’t hear my intuition or I can’t hear his thoughts when he’s using it. In terms, so I have a theory, I’m working on like an N of four right now. But that those of us with the 57 as a sun personality gate this intuitive for other people that we are not musically talented. Because our our soul was like no, no, you need to be hearing other things. You need to not be like focusing on creating the perfect pitch or tone with your body. You need to be hearing the messages we are sharing with you. Okay, would you say that you’re clairaudient? Would you even say that you’re intuitive? Let’s back that up.

Diva Nagula 39:27
I don’t know what that means to be honest with you. Is that more of a reaction to a gut feeling
kind of thing?

Kelsey Abbott 39:39
So this is your invitation to start listening, because it has a lot to say. I started laughing when I learned that this was my like my chart all over the place says very similarly to yours. It says intuitive, intuitive, intuitive and I was like, oh, just I couldn’t stop laughing because when I finished coaching school like six years ago, I started hanging out with more and more people who call themselves intuitives. And they do a reading for me. And I always be like, yeah, I know that, yeah, I know that. I was always kind of disappointed because other people were, like, totally blown away by these readings. And then they’d be like yeah Kelsey, because you can do this, because you know this, because you’re super intuitive. So I had been prepped with all that information, then my human design is like, you’re super intuitive. And I was like, oh, fine, I guess I am.

Diva Nagula 40:39
So when you were told this, what do you do with that information? I mean, how do you hone in
your intuitive skills?

Kelsey Abbott 40:46
I start listening. And you start listening by like, if you just get this like, nagging feeling, you don’t censor what comes out of your mouth, and you start sharing just a little bit, find someone you trust, and maybe share, I’ve got a hit about this for you… just start sharing it. And eventually the trust comes, I’m still working on that trust. I had a hit back in March, that triathalon on nationals were going to be canceled this year. They weren’t canceled until like two weeks ago. So I started doubting and being like, oh, maybe they’re not maybe that it was for duathalon nationals, maybe it was for worlds. And no, I just got the lesson in trust. And also know, with this gate, we see things in the future. So I have a friend who is also a Human Design reader. And we first met like six months ago, and I was like, Jessie, you’re gonna teach breathwork. And she was like, hh, no, no, no. We just talked today. She’s teaching breath. So there’s a big patience that comes with it.

Diva Nagula 42:08
Yeah. And I think that’s the thing, but I from my understanding is with the manifesting
generator, from my understanding is the manifesting generators don’t have any patience.

Kelsey Abbott 42:19
Yeah, we move fast. Our flow is fast, people love to tell us to slow down. And that’s really annoying. Because like, yeah, if you need permission to slow down to take a breath, by all means, take it, slow down. But if you don’t feel like you’re going fast, please don’t slow down for other people. We’re not supposed to like pause and wait for them to catch up. They’re not gonna catch up with us. They’re supposed to be following us.

Diva Nagula 42:46
As we’re talking about intuition, that actually kind of like dawned on me what happened last six months for me. I think I mentioned this before to you, I moved to the DC area from Florida. And I still had my house in Florida. And I also had some rental properties that I own too. And I’ve been here ever four years, and I never really went back to Florida, and something told me at the end of the year last year, I need to just sell my properties. I don’t know why. I just felt this urge that I need to have this done before 2020 turns on. And I sold him like one property in October of last year. And then the main house that I used to live in was like mid December, and I sold it and I kind of thought it was a bad idea, after it happened, I had a little remorse, sellers remorse, I guess I’d call it and I think that’s frickin’ the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m like, holy crap with this stuff that’s going on right now. And Florida being one of the hotspots, like I’m so freaking glad that I don’t have those properties anymore. It’s a huge relief and I just followed my intuition. No one told me to do it. I just, I could have told 10 people that I was doing this, they’ve all been like, you’re crazy, because it’s a place of Florida. It’s a great opportunity to get out of here in the wintertime from being in the northeast and I was I kept hearing these people and I was like, yeah, you’re probably right, I screwed up, and that’s that self critic I have going on in my brain. And no, I was so happy that I did it.

Kelsey Abbott 44:26
That is such a good example. That is definitely absolutely positively you living your design. The other part of your incarnation cross is that you’ve got penetrating energy. And so what this looks like is we see through things we see through constructs.

Diva Nagula 44:46
See through bullshit.

Kelsey Abbott 44:47
Yes, we see through bullshit we see through if people are like totally on aligned with who they
are. We see that and I don’t know about you, but I have very low tolerance for it.

Diva Nagula 45:00
I’ve seen that more and more these days. And I’m like, why isn’t anybody else seeing this? And I’m questioning whether or not it’s me or my bias that’s guiding me to feel this way. But actually if what you’re saying is true. It’s part of my blueprint.

Kelsey Abbott 45:16
Yes. And the other piece of that penetrating energy is, we basically see through people. So for some people, that’s really uncomfortable, especially for the people who are really trying to, like wear a costume. And we’re, like we see right through your costume.

Diva Nagula 45:34 Or wear a mask?

Kelsey Abbott 45:35 Yes, exactly.

Diva Nagula 45:40
So cool, I guess this is a very, like, terse reading, it actually gave me some information that I need to really follow up through. And so when you do these readings for people, how long does it typically take to do a reading? Or do you do multiple follow ups after the initial reading?

Kelsey Abbott 45:57
The first reading is, like, 60 to 90 minutes, and then depending on the person, if we don’t get through everything, then we’ll do a follow up. And I do individual readings and partner readings, it can be so fun to do this with your romantic partner or business partner, friend, sibling, whomever. Because the things that you don’t necessarily see in yourself yet. The other person is like, oh, yeah. And then also, as the two of you understand your individual designs, you can give the other person permission, for instance, to experience their emotional wave, you have an emotional wave, which means that you are… so in Human Design feelings and emotions are different feelings are when we have a thought and then we feel something in response to that thought. So for instance, somebody gives you a piece of chocolate cake, and you think, like, oh, my god, that’s so nice. And then you feel happy as a result. And the emotion has no connection to thought. And just like the universe’s turning the dial on you. So you have emotional waves. And what you need to remember is to ride that wave, get any gifts that are in it, not let it kick your butt for longer than 24 hours, and know that it’s pushing you into divine timing. So that for those 24 hours when you’re in your wave, don’t talk to people. Because it’s pushing you into divine timing. It’s saying like, don’t respond to that email right now. Wait until tomorrow, because that person is going to say yes to whatever it is you want them to say yes to.

Diva Nagula 47:47
Got it. Yeah. So in other words, be patient.

Kelsey Abbott 47:52
Again, this is the Earth school class I’m in right now. And it’s probably like my permanent Earth
school class too, which is the patience class. I don’t like it.

Diva Nagula 48:04
Yeah, I guess that’s us being a manifesting generator. That’s one of the things that we just do
not have.

Kelsey Abbott 48:12
We are just so fast, we bounce from thing to thing to thing.

Diva Nagula 48:15 Yea I do that too.

Kelsey Abbott 48:17
Yea, you’ve had so many careers already so have I. And it’s not like they’ve been mistakes.
Yeah, it’s evolving, building to where we are right now.

Diva Nagula 48:28
Yes, that’s the way I look at it, too. I mean, it’s interesting, because some of these things that I’m learning about myself, I wish I had known about this, because I used to think there was some issue that was going on with me. And then my ex wife she was offended by some of the actions that I would I would take, and if she’d understand that I was a two-four profile, where I naturally needed to resort to be in the cave. And it was no offense to her, if she kind of understood that, it would have definitely improved our relationship we might even be together today. And I think this is remarkable, because this is a tool that people can use to enhance relationships, whether it’s your family member, partner, or business partner, I think this is a great tool to really understand what the blueprint of whomever it is that you want to be working with and partner wise. It just enhances that relationship to the nth degree in my opinion.

Kelsey Abbott 49:31
I agree completely, it is an absolute game changer. And then when it comes to business stuff, too, it’s fun to be like, like, wait, do you have this gate? I don’t think you do. No, you don’t have it either. So there’s this gate of knowing the right way to say things and these people, they’ll write a sales page and they can then write 10 different versions of the same sales page saying the same thing but in completely different ways. When I know that somebody has that gift, I’m like, Oh, can you help me, please? That comes in really handy. And I do not have it. When I write a sales page, that is my one way of saying something.

Diva Nagula 50:14
Well, this has been really awesome, Kelsey. So I would really want to point people to you. So where can people find out more about you? And if they want to reading? How can they get a hold of you?

Kelsey Abbott 50:29
They can go to KelseyAbbott.com and just play on over to the work with me tab and come play.

Diva Nagula 50:37
We’ll put that in our show notes, show notes for people. And if people want to learn more about human design, where can they find more information? Or if they want a book to read what do you advise?

Kelsey Abbott 50:50
That’s a good question. So I don’t recommend any books because I haven’t personally read any of them. And that’s a whole nother rabbit hole. But you can go on to my Instagram account. And I confession I’m taking a social media break. So I haven’t been on there since May. But I’ve got a whole bunch of posts with tons of information. Welcome to the rabbit hole. Go ahead and read and discover to your heart’s content. Also, on my podcast, the Find Your Awesome podcast. I have an episode recorded back in February start there. That’s an overview of the five energy types. And then I’ve got discussions with someone from every energy time. I’ve done some episodes with my husband, where we talk about human design and relationships. There’s if you want to come play Human Design, I got you covered.

Diva Nagula 51:47
And what’s your handle on Instagram?

Kelsey Abbott 51:49 @KelseyAbbottCPC

Diva Nagula 51:51
Okay, good. So I want to check that out myself, because I want to learn more about this. So well, Kelsey, thank you so much for being on the show. It was pleasure to see you again and look forward to seeing you soon hopefully.

Kelsey Abbott 52:03 Thank you so much.