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Lisa Thomas is a transformational leader, gifted healer and intuitive coach. She integrates business with her natural gifts to help her clients embrace all of life. Lisa is devoted to reconnecting people to their Soul’s purpose, so they can experience more love, joy and financial abundance. She has been featured on Good Morning LaLa Land, Allie & You, Dare to Dream, Inspired Conversations and her book, Mistakes Into Money, was published earlier this year. She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation. She lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband and family.

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You do the numerology on COVID-19 there’s two things that we need to learn from this. One is there is wisdom through isolation. So let’s just let that land for a minute. Wisdom through isolation.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of From Doctor to Patient. Today, I have Lisa Thomas. Lisa Thomas specializes in working with business leaders to dramatically enhance their success. Her specialty is focused on increasing revenue by releasing inherited patterns of money struggle, limiting beliefs, fears of success and public speaking, procrastination, and business stagnation. Lisa is a transformational leader dedicated to helping innovative business leaders be seen, known and heard. Lisa has also been on my show in the past. In fact, Lisa, you’re like my first time repeat!

Lisa Thomas 01:19

I’m excited.

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Thank you. So thank you for joining me today. How are you?

Lisa Thomas 01:23

I’m doing great. And I’m excited to have a conversation together because you know, I think the world of you. So it’s an honor for me.

Diva Nagula 01:32

Well thank you. And it’s interesting times that we’re facing right now. And it kind of prompted me to have this discussion with you regarding what this means to us from a spiritual perspective from an energy perspective. And, what is really going on out there?

Lisa Thomas 01:51

Yeah, right. So let’s start with a great question. Let’s start with how people are showing up. And maybe they’re being triggered in ways that really is out of character. So given what my specialty is, which is inherited patterns, so I can identify and release something that’s in the lineage. And so what came to me when I was hearing the stories of people stealing toilet paper out of somebody else’s cart. I became very aware in that moment that that might be out of character for the individual doing that. Right? But they could have inherited this scarcity and trauma, panic energy, that’s causing them to have a feeling that it’s all or nothing, or that everything is lost, and it’s never going to be recovered. And we don’t have to go back to the Spanish flu or the 1600s, for a pandemic for that, we can just go back a few generations for the Great Depression. So it’s an awareness that sometimes and and also so that we can be forgiving of others, that they might be acting out of character right now, because of something that somebody in their lineage experienced. Because in the Great Depression, there was a lack of food, like, people were hungry, and people stole for food, right. And they lost jobs. And so there’s a little bit of that, showing up even though this is a pandemic and that was the Great Depression which was a recession.

Diva Nagula 03:17

It’s interesting to me, it’s one or two days, I think people can handle a confinement in being their home is in being restricted from being outside and being with other people. But we’re sitting here, you’re in California, so you’re probably a week ahead of most people, I’m in the DC area, so we’re two weeks into this. I can see this experience eating at people and it’s interesting how people are reacting through social media, as that seems to be the one of the few outlets that people have to engage with other people. But it’s really forcing people to look inward, and a lot of people aren’t liking that.

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No, they’re not. And I kind of have it divided into two camps. Alright. So camp one, are those people that have learned their life lessons. So they’ve made a mistake, because we all make mistakes. It’s whether we choose to learn from it or not. So we’ve learned from our mistakes, we are also have done our work. And what I mean by that is, we stay in integrity, the very best we can. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. We have learned that we can move through uncomfortability and face that, right. Okay, those people that have been learning life lessons along the way, are those people that are going to be maybe inconvenienced right now, but they are not going to be triggered in mass amounts of fear. Because they’ve already learned through life, that things will work out so they have this deep trust that everything will work out camp one. Now camp two are those individuals who have maybe not wanting to face uncomfortability. Maybe they have numbed through TV and Game of Thrones, repeats and repeats. So they numb and do not face reality of life, so what’s happening is they’re hitting a brick wall. Because they’re being controlled right now and being forced to do something that they wouldn’t choose, we all are, in a sense, but those people that have not learned to feel the uncomfortability, that life can bring us, we’re not exempt from that. And so I really feel like part of this is the universe to saying, hey, wake up, right? Because we’re all being forced into some sort of change and paradigm shift.

Diva Nagula 05:42

Right now, it’s interesting, how you break people into their two different camps. And I think that fits everyone into one or the other bucket. From a spiritual perspective. Is there any meaning behind all this? What’s your interpretation of this?

Lisa Thomas 05:54

I absolutely think there is. And in numerology, if you do the numerology on COVID-19, there’s two things that we need to learn from this. One is there is wisdom through isolation. So let’s just let that land for a minute. Wisdom through isolation. We’re all being forced into isolation. So how do we gain wisdom in this, this is the spiritual, the higher law, right? So it could be that, again, if we repeat an old habit, and we live in front of the TV, and we are numbing, being with ourselves, or being with our family, then we’re not going to gain any wisdom. If we take the isolation time, and we maybe spend a few minutes a day, asking our higher self, what do I learn from this, if we reach out and try and help others, meaning there is wisdom in this. If you’re entrepreneurs, CEO of your own company, the wisdom could be that this gives you the time to think outside of the box that you would have never thought about in scaling your business. Okay, that’s one lesson. The second lesson is success through collaboration. So here, we’re being isolated. Well, each person, nobody’s exempt from this, we can choose to accept it and step into it, or again, we don’t have to then success through collaboration. What does that look like? Well, let’s just take you and I, for example, right? We’re combining who we are here, and we’re putting it out into the world. That’s a collaboration to help educate people so that they can move into this with more confidence. Right Yeah. And it’s interesting also, for me, I can’t help but notice and read all these news about the positive things that what’s going on. I think this is almost a revolt by Mother Earth, because look at what’s happening to the environment into the areas that we live in. I mean, we’re not out there, in our cars in causing pollution. In fact, I think that the smog around LA has lifted, because there’s fewer cars that are driving around. There’s also reports and again, I don’t know how truth is through this is but I read somewhere that the canals of Venice, Italy, have recently had dolphins show up. And it’s because the waters is clear, and is not heavily trafficed like it has been. This is kind of a interesting time, even though we’re faced with a virus that forces us inside. But if we look at the positive things, there’s some beautiful things that it’s doing. And that’s being in the positive. So shifting into the gratitude, finding the positive in the negative, will keep our energy vibration high, it’ll keep our immune system strong. You know what I mean? You’re the expert in that. Right? So some of the positives that I’ve found, is that never has there ever been a time where more families have been brought together? I mean, we’re brought together and we’re being reminded from the earth, from Mother Earth, from the universe, of what really is important in our life. Okay, and having that opportunity to have them home brings that safety and that connection to those people that are most important to us. We might consciously know that but until something bad happens it doesn’t really come to our awareness of how important and that is because we’re so busy in life. And then just speak to what you were saying, like for LA. If you go out on the freeway, you’re going to maybe see five to 10 cars. Okay, like it’s a ghost town. LA is a ghost town right now. And so the opportunity to have the smog go away and have that clarity. But have you even noticed walking outside how still it is? Right? Yeah, it’s almost erie. Right, but flip it from erie to – this is what life could be like, right? And and it gives us that time to pause and think we don’t hear as many overheads like helicopters and airplanes, the noise level the noise pollution.

Diva Nagula 10:41

But again, a kind of also makes people uncomfortable, because you’re more in tune with your own thoughts. You don’t have that distraction of the noise pollution, distraction of other people’s conversations. So it can be very frightening. And people usually use these types of tactics or other strategies to escape that inner voice. And I’ve noticed a lot of people, not necessarily in my circles, but through observations through social media, that people are consuming a lot of alcohol and alcohol sales have gone up. It’s interesting in time, and the industry of alcohol has has an interesting line of business. It is recession proof.

Lisa Thomas 11:29
Yes, it thrives in the recession.

Diva Nagula 11:33
I see that happening now and people just don’t want to face their inner thoughts and fears, as we were discussing earlier.

Lisa Thomas 11:42

And the thing is, with alcohol is it drops the energy vibration. So it’s gonna make you less able to face your fear and move forward. And so by numbing, whether it’s through TV, or through alcohol, or any other thing, you’re missing this window of opportunity to really step into life purposely, because when one door closes, there’s always another door that will open always. Yeah, and camp two are those people that are going to continue because we do have free will to ignore this silence. So I have an idea and you tell me what you think, okay? This is how I’ve been kind of guiding several of my clients is that you take 10 minutes, that’s all you need. You can do it at any time of the day. But you take 10 minutes, and I’m not it’s, you could say meditation, but a lot of times people think that meditation means you can’t have any thoughts in your mind and you have to empty the thoughts. That’s not what we’re doing here. I want you to take 10 minutes of stillness, okay, and this stillness is… I want you to write out like three questions that you have. For example, maybe what can I learn from the Coronavirus? What have I forgotten that I like to do that I could do now? And in what way can I contribute to the success of others? Really, when we become a go giver, it’s a great book, by the way, Go Giver. When we think like that, and not make it about us in the moment. It allows new opportunities, new opportunities are coming everyone. It just won’t be the same way you’re doing it.

Diva Nagula 13:34

Exactly. Honestly, it’s it’s also interesting is we’re also facing a time of, of loneliness. Social distancing does not necessarily equate to social isolation. There are many ways to reach out to people. And in fact, I’m doing things that I hadn’t done since I was younger in the sense of picking up the phone and actually talking to someone. I hadn’t done that in a long time. And it’s it’s like, wow, I forgot how to do this because you were always used to the fast, speedy way of communication through text, or even a more formal way through an email. But phone calls have been a lost art and conversation has been a lost art. And it’s nice to see people are going back to that. And then now with technology. We can do video conferencing and zoom like we’re on right now. And yeah, my family, we’re all live in different areas. My parents live close by about 20 minutes away. My brother and his family. One of my brothers in his family lives in New York and outside the city. And my other brother and his wife live in Africa in Kenya. So they’re about 7-8 hours apart. What we started doing the last few weeks is having weekly zoom calls. It took us something like this situation for us to communicate and really have more of a bond with one another. And it’s been really nice and my parents are like really happy to get to do this, but I’m trying to look at this as positives and what I am able to learn from this and what I can take out of it in isolation, if people are truly isolated, one of the remedies of isolation that I’ve learned is being of service to others. And it really helps you get out of that self pity mode. It’s a very simple thing is being of service to others.

Lisa Thomas 15:27

Right. And the self pity mode can come because we have lost control. So though, and to be mindful, so here’s some things if you’re somebody out there that you thrive in controlling situations, because then you make sure nothing bad happens. You see all that’s been taken away right now. Like, I can’t even go down to the beach to ground or walk on the beach. Like that triggered me. Because right it’s super triggered me. But it’s going to be okay. I can walk and put in my grass in the backyard. But when we feel like we lose control, then we feel powerless. And when we feel powerless than we feel fear, right? Something else that when you were talking jogged my memory is right now, more than any other time, it’s important to unclutter. We could unclutter our environment who you know we might not have time this is a great time to unclutter. But I’m thinking about where is there unforgiveness in someone’s like… Where am I unforgiving? Where have I been wronged and hurt? Because it’s during this time, we’re going to gain wisdom and we’re going to be free when we’re out of it. So those people that are numbing with alcohol, oftentimes there’s hard grudges, and unforgiving and betrayals, and they don’t want to feel it. They don’t want to deal with it. Right. And it might be within their own family. And so to really look at, what are you holding on to that doesn’t serve you anymore?

Diva Nagula 16:59

Right. That’s beautiful. What other types of things are people coming to now? I’m sure there’s a theme, and there’s probably a lot of commonalities, people’s issues that they’re trying to seek assistance with?

Lisa Thomas 17:14

Well, as you know, mostly I work with business owners. So it is Lisa, how do I think out of the box? “I’m numb” and when when they use the word numb it’s not that they don’t want to feel it’s that they’re shut down with ideas. And they feel like they’ve been doing business a certain way that they it’s very hard for them to be flexible and think outside of the box. I’m finding inherited patterns, quite a few, like scarcity and overwhelm the pattern of just shutting down during hard times.

Diva Nagula 17:53

In terms of the collective energy, the collective unconscious, and everything that we’re feeling as humans, what can you speak to in terms of what others are experiencing collectively and the energy that’s being released? I mean, is there like a thickness in the air in regards to this, that’s palpable?

Lisa Thomas 18:16

Fear. I think fear and anxiety and overwhelm of the unknown is the most palatable because think for those individuals that have elderly parents, and they can’t even go see their elderly parents, right? Or they’re afraid they’re going to get sick. And then I do have some clients… I’ll share with you, how I think about it and how I guide people, we must know and trust that our time to cross over onto the other side, will not happen until it’s the right time. And the reason I say that is, it’s not that I’m being insensitive to those people that have lost their lives. It’s not that I’m insensitive to those that are ill, I’m very much aware. But nobody is going to die before their time. We can make life choices of doing hard drugs, right? or things like that, that will that can take our, you know, when we pass away from us because we’re choosing right not being integrity, but we’ve chosen we were going to die. We know that on a higher level. And so anyone that is going to pass away from the Coronavirus, specifically, right? It’s because they chose that before they came to earth. And if we can just trust that everything is in Divine Order, even through the uncomfortability. I think it really helps. It helps in the knowingness that they’re going to be okay.

Diva Nagula 20:01

I think there’s two points that it’s useful to reiterate. When we’re talking about the fear that people are facing, it’s natural. What I’ve learned since we’re doing these, these podcasts, and since I’ve written my book, is that fear is an emotion, but a lot of that is his ego base, right? And we want to move our cursor away from fear, and move it towards love. And by moving in that direction we’re able to understand our souls purpose and become more in line with our higher self and away from the thoughts of our ego. Which is, it’s gonna be there and egos not always bad, it’s there to protect us. We definitely want to get out of fear based thoughts and move towards thoughts of love and that will help us prevent, it’s not necessarily experiencing but being in that fear based emotion.

Lisa Thomas 21:01

It helps so much I love that by bringing to mindfulness that we are loved, we can give love, we can send love, we can send those wonderful intentions to others, and it will it will impact them or help them calm down.

Diva Nagula 21:16
And it’ll also raise our individual vibration, as well as help raise the collective.

Lisa Thomas 21:22

Right. Absolutely. And I think too, when we go to just a little shift here, we have an extrovert type of individual and we have a an introvert. So the introverts couldn’t be happier right now. Right there right at home, being at home, introvert, bring it on, right. But what about those extroverts right now, let’s really speak to that, because they’re troubled, the extrovert, this is their worst nightmare. So for the extrovert, and the introvert if you’re an introvert and you want to, you know, you’re mindful you have an extroverted friend, follow that intuition. That prompting you get because you have that free will to take action or not, and call the extrovert. Because the extrovert is fed through connections with others. The extrovert is the person that’s going to plan the online dance party, right, and all the extroverts are going to be on there dancing. That’s how they can get through this. The introvert though, is going to be wanting to do their grounding, do their journal writing, that’s how they can find the wisdom during this time.

Diva Nagula 22:32

It’s funny that you mentioned that because a friend of mine. I don’t know, I can’t remember if he posted a meme or posted this on his own on social media. But it basically said that as an introvert, I’ve been preparing for this moment all my life.

Lisa Thomas 22:48 Like, they’re just happy.

Diva Nagula 22:50

Yeah, I mean, I’m introverted. I usually stay in my home most of the time as I work from home. I haven’t had an issue. But the funny thing is, is that it’s gotten to the point. I mean, we’re talking going into week three here, and I’m starting to get a little edgy now because I’ve been in my house too long. I can only talk to my dog for so long.

Lisa Thomas 23:12 Yeah, I know.

Diva Nagula 23:15

That’s good advice, though. I think that I’ll do that. Because I have a lot of friends that are extroverted. And I am not seeing their end of it. And I’m more empathetic than I then this. But it’s a really good thought, I think I’m going to go reach out to them and call them say, hey, what’s up, and just allow them to just have their moment.

Lisa Thomas 23:34

And it’s beautiful. And it gives the introvert the power to do something where if the extrovert is calling them, it’s going to trigger them like, Oh, my gosh, I don’t want to do that. I want my party. So gives you an opportunity to do something for someone else.

Diva Nagula 23:50
Yeah. And again, this is about when we’re in isolation, the best way of getting out of isolation is to be of service to others. And this is a perfect way of being of service to others.

Lisa Thomas 23:59
It’s success though cooperation, success through collaboration. Absolutely.

Diva Nagula 24:07

Well, Lisa, this has been great conversation. Thank you so much for coming back on the show. For my listeners, where, if they want to reach out to you, what’s the best way of reaching out ot you online?

Lisa Thomas 24:21
My website is www.LisaThomasEnergyHealing.com

Diva Nagula 24:26 Perfect.

Lisa Thomas 24:27

There’s a calendar on there. You can schedule a 15 minute phone call. I’ve got healing meditations on there. I’d love to talk to anybody that’s interested.

Diva Nagula 24:37

And in my circle and network are entrepreneurs. So I think having a person like you coaching them, and anyone else obviously can benefit but yeah, I know what your specific niches so this will be

Lisa Thomas 24:49 Thank you!

Diva Nagula 24:52
And I hope to have you again sometime soon.

Lisa Thomas 24:56
Thank you. I adore you and I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate all right with you.

Diva Nagula 25:01 Thanks, Lisa. Take care.

Lisa Thomas 25:02 All right. Bye bye