About Our Guest- Wendy Myers – Detoxing the Right Way

Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC is an expert in detoxification and minerals. She is passionate about educating the public on the importance of long term detoxing considering our toxic world. She healed her own health issues through hair mineral analysis and developed a unique detox and supplement program. Wendy wants to help others do the same.

Wendy founded MyersDetox.com to communicate her research to the public in the areas of metal toxicology, detoxification, supplements and nutrition.

Wendy is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and a Certified Holistic Health Coach in Los Angeles, Ca. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and has a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. She uses Hair Mineral Analysis and other toxic metals testing for the purposes of designing custom Myers Detox Protocol and supplement programs for her clients around the world.

Wendy hosts the Myers Detox Podcast, Supercharged Podcast, and publishes a weekly article on her blog. She has contributed articles to top health sites around the web and spoke on countless health summits and podcasts.

Full Podcast Transcription

Wendy Myers 00:00
A lot of people try detoxes they just feel really sick and like crap. They’re like not doing that again. Well the reason is because your body is too stressed to deal with that. Your detox pathways aren’t opened up. But the number one thing you got to do is reduce stress.

Diva Nagula 00:20
Hello everyone and welcome to a another episode of From Doctor to Patient. Today, I have Wendy Myers as my guest on the show. Wendy is an expert in detoxification and minerals. She’s passionate about educating the public on the importance of long term detoxing, considering our toxic world. She healed her own health issues through hair and mineral analysis and developed a unique detox and supplement program. Wendy wants to help others to do the same. Wendy founded www.MyersDetox.com to communicate her research to the public in the areas of metal toxicology, detoxification, supplements and nutrition. She’s a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and a certified holistic health coach in LA. She attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, and has a degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. She uses hair mineral analysis and other toxic metals testing for the purpose of designing custom Myers Detox Protocol, and supplement programs for her clients all around the world. Wendy host the Myers Detox podcast, Supercharged Podcast and publishes a weekly article on her blog. She’s contributed articles to top health sites around the web and spoke on countless health summits and podcasts. Wendy, it’s such a pleasure to have you on the show today. How are you?

Wendy Myers 01:58
I’m fantastic. Thanks for having me on.

Diva Nagula 02:00
Yeah, you’re welcome. I’m really excited about this show. Because there’s so much that I want to talk to you about given our current environment. And, of course, as you know, there’s so much heavy metals and toxicity that’s rampant in our environment. So how did you get into this field of detoxification? And was it a personal thing? Or was it something that you just kind of fell into?

Wendy Myers 02:23
Well, I have always been interested in health, reading health journals, and studies and stuff since I was a teenager. But after I had my baby after I had a child, about a year after that, I really was taking impeccable care of myself. I mean, I felt like better than I’d ever taken care of myself in my life. As far as diet, supplementation, exercise, stress reduction. I mean, it was like a full time job. I wasn’t working at the time, but I felt like crap like that. What do I have to do to feel good? And I went to my doctor, I knew intuitively something wasn’t working, right. And I said, figure out what is wrong with me to every test. And I did like $4,000 worth of tests and I found that I had low thyroid functioning, I had the hormone levels of a menopausal woman at 37. And I was thrilled to hear that. And the doctor, being even a functional medical doctor wanted to put me on hormone replacement therapy, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones, and, and whatnot, and cortisol enhancing supplements. And I thought, you know, that’s just not really how I envisioned my life to be on hormone replacement therapy in my 30s. And I just was thinking to myself, well, what got me into this boat? Why are my hormones a mess? Why can I lose weight? Why do I not feel joy when I’m in a wonderful life? And what’s causing it? What can I do to reverse that and what I kept hitting on and going on, Dr. Google was finding out that a lot of heavy metals and chemicals interfere not only in our hormones, but in every different organ system in the body. And you can trace back to every health conditions symptom, the diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, hardening of the arteries, you name it, there is a dementia, there’s an underlying heavy metal and chemical root cause of that, if not outright causing it, they’re always a contributing factor to so many health issues that people have including fatigue, brain fog, trouble losing weight. So when you’re detoxing when you aim to detox and remove these toxins, people see a surprising reversal of their symptoms. That doesn’t happen overnight. But it’s amazing when you remove these roadblocks interfering in your body’s metabolism functioning, the results that people can enjoy, and enjoy all the fruits of their labor from doing the diet and the supplementation, the exercise. And so when those things aren’t working for you, like they should be, you want to be looking at detoxification and adding that to your health regime.

Diva Nagula 05:12
Yeah, that’s a great suggestion. And it’s really interesting because people don’t know that they’re full of toxins until they actually get out of that state. And then they experience what life is like and what their body feels like when it is significantly reduced in inflammation. And I’ve had that experience myself. I’d always eaten healthy and I tried to exercise just like kind of what you were doing before you were diagnosed. And it wasn’t until I went through a 28 day elimination diet, along with some detoxification processes. And then it wasn’t until my first two weeks were really rough, but I’m glad I went through it because the third and fourth week were amazing. And it was, I had no more brain fog, my GI issues that I was constantly having were gone, I had more energy. And I usually I use an Oura ring to measure my HRV and my sleep, I was able to achieve better deep sleep and the HRV, my heart rate variability was a lot improved. So it really tells you, that’s quantifiable data that can show you that what you’re doing to your body in the detoxification process really has great effects. And I kind of want to unpack it a little bit because I, I’m in a family of physicians, and both my father and my brother are a gastroenterologist. So when I say the word detox, they kind of cringe.

Wendy Myers 06:42
And it can mean a lot of things.

Diva Nagula 06:45
Yeah, and it’s interesting, so I kind of want to get a really good explanation. And if you could kind of define what we’re actually going through when we actually like encounter or are engaged into a detox process.

Wendy Myers 06:59
Yeah, yeah. And so let’s define what detox is, because a lot of people have a different idea of that. So I’m not talking necessarily about juice cleansing, or fasting or things like that those things can be counterproductive for various reasons. But they’re helpful for many, many people, but that when I when a client is coming to me, usually they are kind of so far behind the eight ball where they have a lot of different aspects of their body and metabolism isn’t functioning well, if they’re not sleeping, they’re in a super stress state, they are just not in a position to detox. So what I do, rather than thinking of detoxification as going in and taking something to remove heavy metals and chemicals, I really focus more on first stabilizing someone to where their body is functioning really well, where their body is… they’re able to sleep, they’re able to digest their food, and I use a number of different modalities to do this. And then when they’re stabilized, they’re feeling pretty good, then we can go in and start pulling out heavy metals and toxins, because otherwise, it’s kind of like adding fuel to the fire. And some people are dealing with infections or mold or other things that we have to address first. So it’s not a simple process. But when we’re… I’m not talking about a detox like as far as diet, eliminating animal protein. The the liver actually needs the sulfur containing amino acids in animal protein to function optimally. So going vegetarian or vegan, is not really detoxing you, that actually puts you at a detox disadvantage. And so that’s something that people don’t… I definitely talk about things that are very counter intuitive to maybe what the general public thinks as a detox, but everything I engage in is heavily, heavily researched base, you
can see every article on my site, I have 10 to 30 research studies to support what I’m saying. But I focus on heavy metals, primarily in removing heavy metals from the body because everyone has heavy metals in their body. We know based on the research that the mercury, lead, arsenic, thallium, cesium, aluminum, other metals that people have are dramatically impacting function. But everything that you do to detox metals, you’re also going to be detoxing chemicals as well, which we have about 100,000 in our environment that enter our bodies through the air, food and water that we’re exposed to every single day. So there’s no one that’s exempt. Everyone is going to have heavy metals and chemicals in their body, it’s impossible not to, but there are some people that just have these amazing genetics. They have these Olympic livers that would win the Olympics and the detox contest, and these are the people that are drinking and smoking to 100 and they’re just fine. If your grandpa did that, you’re probably in the same boat, you can abuse your body and be relatively, you know, consequence free, but the chances are that isn’t you. And if you are chronically ill, you are probably at a detox disadvantage, where you have these toxins, they build up and build up and build up, but they’re just no exit for your body, your body’s ability to remove these toxins has been dramatically compromised. And so that’s where I come in with helping people to kind of stabilize their body. And then once we reach a certain point that we can go in and rip them out with different natural key leaders and substances, binders, things like that, to facilitate the body’s removal of these toxins, which I think today is really greatly compromised. I think a lot of people in doctors will say, oh, our bodies already know how to detox. And yeah, they do they, we have detox organs of elimination, but they are dramatically compromised today. Because 100 million people it’s estimated have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. If you have metabolomic syndrome, you have diabetes, or high blood pressure, your liver is not working well. If you have high cholesterol, your fatty acid profile is off your liver isn’t able to handle just the fats, I mean forget the toxins that’s very low on the totem pole priority for the body to deal with when it’s putting out a three alarm fire, which is inflammation and poor fatty acids in your diet and what have you. So, while our bodies are designed to detox, our bodies are designed to deal with the level of metals we dealt with a million years ago, not today, when we’re seeing metals being dredged up from the Earth’s crust, to put into our computers and our phones and our microphone, everything you see around is all metal, all that stuff has come out of the environment, into our water into our air into products we touch every day, which our skin absorbs all this stuff that we touch. And so our bodies are just not equipped to excrete this stuff as fast as it’s coming in. So anyone that says that detox is BS, or our bodies are designed to detox, I think they really do not know what they’re talking about.

Diva Nagula 12:21
Yeah, that’s a great point. And thank you for that explanation, it really goes to show you that I mean, we do have internal detoxification processes in our bodies, specifically our liver. And it gets to a point that it becomes overburden with its jobs because of the amount of chemicals that have accumulated over time, heavy metals, and so forth. And as people are eating a standard American diet, and they’re putting hundreds and hundreds of chemicals on their bodies before they even leave a door for work. I mean, over time, it just builds up. Plus, you’re also counting issues with a poor metabolism due to the standard American diet, increase in inflammation. So you’re just putting a lot of burden on your liver to actually function the way it’s supposed to be. And that’s kind of where people like you are and it’s great that they’re experts like yourself, they could identify these. And pretty much that’s all of us, because who isn’t in this country, exposed to all the stuff even if you eat correctly, and even if you try to exercise and do things like sauna, you still need some sort of internal detoxification process or ramp up your own internal detoxification process. Because there’s a good chance that you are overburdened. In people who are specifically trying to detox on a regular basis. Is there a maintenance type of recommendation of a detox protocol that people should be abiding by?

Wendy Myers 13:47
One thing I also want to mention is like something that throws a wrench in detox is stress. That just a point, I thought about know when you were talking is that stress throws a huge wrench into detoxification because everyone’s there is many people are stuck in that sympathetic fight or flight mode, especially with this pandemic going on. I don’t know about you guys. But I definitely I’m not as stressed now so much, I think we’re over the curb. But I definitely was stressed in January when I was reading about this. But we have to be in a parasympathetic state, where our bodies can relax, we can rest, we can digest, we can detox, we can sleep. And if you’re not in that mode, you’re not able to detox very well. So reducing stress, I have a lot of different mechanisms or things bio hacks I use to help reduce stress. But that’s probably one of the number one things that throw a wrench in detox something that people aren’t really thinking about. But as far as your other question, could you repeat it again?

Diva Nagula 14:56
Maintenance, like people who are actively going through a detox. So I guess that’s why you were talking about de-stressing. So on a regular basis, it really serves a person better if they’re doing some sort of parasympathetic state mindfulness exercise, to really allow their bodies to be out of a sympathetic fight or flight state, and to allow their internal detoxification processes to work appropriately.

Wendy Myers 15:22
Yeah, absolutely, you have to de-stress and that’s a lack of knowledge, we just don’t know how to do that. Like they maybe try meditation, or like that is not really helping them, or they try yoga, or they try all these these things. They tried listening to meditations, and, but it goes deeper than that for many people. But as far as like a detox maintenance program, I love it, when people do infrared saunas, those are a great way to help get your body into parasympathetic. And it gives your body this infrared frequency therapy gives you light therapy frequent, frequently, if you’re using an infrared sauna that uses red light bulbs, they’re called near infrared light bulbs. And, and these kind of, they charge up your mitochondria, they help heat up your body’s cells so that you can release toxins easier, they build up the structure of water in your body. So your body communicates better, you have a lot of communication happening in the structure water in your body. And so those are tremendously helpful for detoxification. And if you want to be healthy, I mean, forget detox. If you want to be live a long, healthy disease free life, you need to be using an infrared sauna, all the studies support this, people have a 40% reduction in mortality from all causes. If they use a sauna five days or more a week, that’s a big investment in your time. But the research is there, it’s clear that it promotes longevity and it for a number of reasons, not just detox. And then liver cleansing, super important, whether you’re into really wanting to remove all the toxins out of your body or not, you need to be optimizing liver function, because our liver does hundreds of different functions. And it did isn’t working optimally, you’re screwed, essentially, like you just can’t. That’s why a lot of people tried to do like a keto type diet, or they’re trying to lose weight, but a lot of women especially can’t do it, because their liver just can’t handle all that fat. It’s either there’s lots of little crystals and greens that are built up in the liver and gallbladder that needs to be flushed out. Or they’re just not producing enough digestive enzymes, and not enough bile or just there’s certain things that they need to do to optimize their liver function to improve handling a higher fat diet, if that works for them, or just detoxing better, or digesting their food better. And just doing all the things the liver does helping to maintain blood sugar balance, it also helps with immunity. It’s the frontline of defense in your immune system. So there’s just a lot of different benefits that come with cleansing your liver. So I recommend a liver flush. I have one of my website, it’s called a 14 day liver rehab cleanse that very detailed instructions on how to do that or what not to do. And also coffee enemas are amazing. Not always so easy to get a guy that convinced him to do coffee out of us, which I understand. They’re not terribly glamorous, but you feel like a million dollars after you do an enema. So a lot of people are really hesitant. And then after a couple of years and hearing me talk about how amazing they are they finally try one and then they’re off to the races and they’re doing them you know, on a regular basis. So even my fiance he, after two and a half years of telling him to start them he finally he started having migraines and he started doing it he started to do one. And it was so hilarious. He was just like, he could not stop expressing how amazing he felt after doing this enema. How is his migraine was gone after doing one because there’s weight for pain. So yeah, enemas are great, but lots of things you can do to support liver function and you know, herbs. broccoli sprouts are amazing food supplements, adaptogenic herbs and I created a supplement called daily detox that has a lot of like broccoli sprout fermented powder and a lot of herbs that support the liver too, because it’s really important and people aren’t focusing enough on their liver as they should, should be if they want to enjoy optimal health. So I created a supplement called daily detox to to help people give their liver everything they need to be functioning optimally.

Diva Nagula 19:48
There’s a lot of stuff that like to just take a few minutes to unpack, but specifically with the liver, I guess. It makes sense how your approach is because you kind of want to decongest the liver prior to implementing strategies to actually detox the body, because the liver is the source of detoxification, and in most cases, there’s a lot of congestion going on from all the inflammation and from all the buildup of toxic chemicals. So it absolutely makes sense to go through a liver flush. And I guess your concoction or your liver detox is typically just a blend of specific enzymes and vitamins that actually assist the detoxification processes to work?

Wendy Myers 20:35
Yeah so one of the number one detox foods is broccoli sprouts, they just have tons of sulforaphane. And that’s really important. A lot of people don’t have enough sulfur in their diet, either. They’re avoiding red meat, which has sulfur-containing amino acids, or they’re not eating enough cruciferous vegetables, or for whatever reason, they’re not getting enough sulfur in their diet. And so it’s really important to… that’s why broccoli sprouts are one of the number one detox with tons and tons of sulfur specifically in the form of sulforaphane. And that will facilitate, you know, taking the toxins out in phase two, liver detox. So we have phase one, liver detox – phase two, you have certain nutrients need for phase one and certain need for phase two. So some people break down toxins really well in phase one, but they don’t do so well in phase two, by taking out the trash. So both of them have to work. Some people genetically are at a disadvantage for either one or both. And some people just don’t have the nutrients needed to support phase one or two. So the daily detox I created will help with giving them fermented broccoli sprouts, you can also just eat broccoli sprouts, but some people just don’t have time to grow them or haven’t figured that out yet. And the ones at the store that are not always available. And if they are, they’re usually a little bit on the old side. So they’re much much better grown fresh. But if you don’t have time for that you can just do this supplement. And also, it’s got things like burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle is tried and true.

Diva Nagula 22:07
Is it for liver support or more than accelerated detoxification process?

Wendy Myers 22:11
Well, it does both it does liver support, but also the the sulforaphane in the broccoli sprouts definitely support detox. So it works both ways. It just supports generalized liver function and detox.

Diva Nagula 22:24
Got it. And then you were talking about the coffee enemas. And so it’s interesting, is it? What’s
the mechanism of how that actually assists with flushing the liver?

Wendy Myers 22:33
Yes. And so with coffee enemas, because you’re inserting this coffee into your colon and a lot of people think it’s just cleaning out your colon. And while it certainly does that, it’s not that’s not the goal. The goal of that is the caffeine traveling up the portal vein to the liver and that caffeine, stimulating the capillaries to all open up. And then that kind of irritates the liver has this hormetic stressful effect that helps the liver dump its toxic contents into the intestines for elimination. And when you do this over and over and over, it just helps the liver kind of purge, purge, purge and get to that next batch of toxins. This is why natural cancer treatment clinics. They’re using coffee enemas, four,-six times a day even for some of their cancer patients to really fast track the body’s release of toxins out of the body.

Diva Nagula 23:31
And I mean, I’ve heard of coffee enemas before I’ve never used it. But is this like something that you can purchase readily? Or is it something that has to be made for you specifically? Or how’s it done?

Wendy Myers 23:44
Yes, so you have a couple auction options, actually, because it’s really the caffeine that you’re after. So you can get, buy some coffee and a coffee enema bucket and do that route. There’s also now there are caffeine suppositories that you can get, and some of them have green tea in them. And some of them just have straight up caffeine. There’s one company, it’s a product called glytamins. And it’s at www.remedylink.com. And so they have, if you don’t want to do this whole coffee enema process, some people just do this caffeine suppository, which also has like glutathione and other things in it to help detox. And then you can do that before you go into an infrared sauna and you get more out of your session because I’m all about stacking, stacking protocols so that you’re spending less time as possible. In whatever you’re doing. I’m trying to like multitask when I’m doing any protocol. So so you can either do a coffee enema bucket what I like Purity Coffee, it’s a mold free, pesticide free coffee, I drink that in the morning but I use my leftover grounds and just reboil those to make the coffee enema coffee. So you don’t have to like buy special coffee enema coffee. You can on plenty of brands on Amazon. So you can do that do the mechanical kind of purge for your liver or you can get the suppositories. But I just personally, I’m more of a fan of the actual coffee enema.

Diva Nagula 25:15
And I’m interested, I’m sure I don’t know the studies. I’m sure you’re well versed. But when the coffee enemas are administered, I would love to have seen a person with LFTs who were elevated due to a fatty liver or… and have a coffee enema, maybe I don’t know, a couple treatments. I don’t know what the number of hours required. But to see if the liver enzymes actually start to get lower in number, and to see if everything else in the body as jumpstarted to start working, and then the inflammation starts to reduce. I mean, have they already been studies or any tests that you’ve done to measure this?

Wendy Myers 25:54
It’s been a while since I looked at the research because I started talking about this about 10 years ago, but I’m not aware of any recent studies. I just haven’t looked into it, but I do have a practitioner. On my 14 day liberal rehab cleanse. His name’s Michael McEvoy, and he does a lot of testing – before and after tests, and recommends coffee enemas. And he said, we have a whole thing on liver labs and what your liver lab should look like and how doing liver cleanse can help improve your labs. And he said that he definitely sees in his own client population a dramatic improvement in liver enzymes and other labs, bilirubin, etc. When people are doing liver flushing, including coffee enemas, so he didn’t get into specifics, but I know he’s seen in his own client population a dramatic improvement and I do see it in my clients too. I have clients that have elevated liver enzymes that have fatty liver, whose health dramatically improves and their labs improve and this is not overnight. You’re gonna do this in you know, two weeks and expect some miracle it’s like anything else, you have to do these things on a consistent basis like if you have like 50 years of eating garbage and not sleeping well and of using your body and being stressed all day long drinking coffee all day long. You know, your liver is not going to turn around in 30 days. People have to have realistic expectations. When it comes to liver flushing or detoxing in general, it’s going to take time to unravel decades of abuse. One month per year of abuse, if you want to expect for recovery, so it can take it can take some time but but we definitely do see with doing these type of liberal protocols, people do have improved labs.

Diva Nagula 28:01
And you are talking about stacking. So what are your favorite stacks to use for patients who are
just heavily burdened with toxins?

Wendy Myers 28:59
Yes, so first I do like a stress stack, where I’m helping people to dramatically reduce the myriad number of stressors that they have. That is a reason they can’t really detox in the first place. A lot of people try detoxes they just feel really sick and like crap and like not doing that again. Well, the reason is because your body was to stressed to deal with that, your detox pathways aren’t opened up, but the number one thing you got to do is reduce stress. So the first thing I do is I do something that’s called a harmony pendant. And this is something that I use with people and it corrects distortions in your body’s energy field. And energy distortions are energetic blocks are caused by emotional trauma, by EMFs, by heavy metals and chemicals. Just a lot of different things. And so that really helps to kind of clear the body’s energy field very quickly. And people and we also have a study with 150 patients, with 10 different doctors, where people are looking at our HRV, looking at their mitochondrial power, looking at a lot of different factors, but including the heart rate variability, and we see improvement in 60-80% of people that are using the harmony pendant, it’s very, very quick. It’s very, very easy to do, and inexpensive. Another thing I do with clients is I do something called a brain tap. And this is a device right here developed by Dr. Patrick Porter. And there’s about 67,000 people using this, a lot of doctors around the country, it’s 2300 doctors or 2300 clinics, I forget, but using this to help people hack their brainwaves, improve brainwave entrainment, to help interrupt certain patterns that people get that destroy their ability to sleep, they’re stuck in this sympathetic nervous system fight or flight. And this, the lights and the frequencies that are emitted really helped to correct brainwave functioning and expression at the proper time. And it can interrupt those patterns that people’s brains are just stuck in. Another thing that I use is I like biofield tuning, it’s a certain kind of like a tuning fork, and use that also to correct a tune up your body’s energy field and release traumas and just stressors that people are. They’re just not consciously aware of emotional trauma is huge, huge. We’ve seen in the research that it throws a huge wrench into your health, energy drain causes this chronic underlying stress a lot of people just have grown used to. But I think trauma is a huge underlying ignored factor in people’s health issues. We see with people with adverse childhood events, they have a 200- 300% increase in chronic health conditions. And this also throws a wrench in detoxification as well, because they’re just stuck in the stress state. And especially if you had a lot of emotional/sexual/physical abuse in your past, you do not want to ignore this when you have physical health issues. And so this is something I also address. When working with clients. I also do another thing called Nes Health Bioenergetics that has dozens and dozens of studies to show its efficacy, and I put about 3000 people through this type of program. And it’s really phenomenal. That’s a whole other podcast. But these are some of the ways that I work to get people kind of functioning better, and feeling better, sleeping better, and laying that foundation so their body can release toxins.

Diva Nagula 32:51
Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s a great stack. And you were you actually mentioned, had a little buzzword in there 5G. You know, obviously 5G has been and we’ll be rolling out all over the country if it hasn’t already been in an area near you. But I mean, is the same detoxification processes that we’ve been talking about? Can they be the ones that we can implement to combat the issues and harm from 5G?

Wendy Myers 33:17
Yeah, and a lot of the things I just talked about also combat 5G, because what is 5G? It’s a frequency. It’s a frequency that’s admitted onto our body, it’s involuntary, nothing we can do about it, we can just you know, just have little things to biohack our body and kind of deflect that or prevent the damage it does to our bodies, native frequencies, like our brainwaves like W
our heart waves, and really all of our organs emit a frequency. This is actually how our body communicates mainly we have an energy field in our brain and heart and other organs emit frequencies and they send messages and communication to each other in this energy field. They also do it through our the structure water, the easy water in our body as well. And this is a thing that a lot of people overlook. There’s a lot of research to support this if you want to look on PubMed, but the the kind of cliff notes version is that if you think of like a radio, a radio has radio waves and it sends packets of information on that radio wave and when you tune into the 98.6 frequency, you hear the information that was delivered on that radio wave, that’s the same way that your body works as well. And when you have these these EMF frequencies, these 5G frequencies even 4G, 3G Even I they had they had that in Italy last summer when I went to Italy, I was like 3G, how cute! But the 5G also really interrupts our our bodies, native frequencies, they interrupt our brainwaves. They interrupt our heart rhythm. That’s why people get heart palpitations when exposed to 5G, that’s why they can’t sleep well, because their brainwaves are a mess. That’s why they have increased pain because you experience pain when you’re expressing more beta. And so you have to really do things, all these things I just suggested for stress, while 5G and EMF is a huge stressor on the body, these things I just mentioned, can counteract that. And either some amount of not protection, but you’re just recalibrating and feeding your body the correct frequencies, so that these negative frequencies that are constantly acting on you don’t affect you as much.

Diva Nagula 35:42
It’s great information. So yeah, I’m in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. And so 5G is starting to roll out. So it’s definitely interesting to see, to hear a lot of people’s complaints, because these are issues that normally don’t have a typical source, and they are abnormal. So people are just feeling like issues with their GI system, difficulty sleeping, and so it’s unexplainable. But it could be something as simple as 5G and combating these frequencies with the strategies that you’ve elucidated it would be really helpful for most people.

Wendy Myers 36:15
Yeah, it’s a huge problem. And I mean, there’s already a rash of sleep issues that people are experiencing, and people are having mystery illness, and they go to get all these different practitioners and doctors trying to figure out what’s wrong, and a lot of people just have EMF sensitivity, and have to remove themselves and be very vigilant about discovering sources of emf in their environment and mitigating them or removing themselves completely from urban areas. And it’s like a spectrum. Some people are really affected by it, debilitated and other people just aren’t they just are adapted to it for whatever reason, but it is affecting you. I think, people realize how much it is affecting them when they stay at a really nice hotel that all the wiring in the building is grounded. God I had the most amazing sleep in their cell phone also doesn’t work in the room. That’s because you’re in like this little EMF cocoons bubble, dirty electricity cocoon. That’s how you sleep better or you go out in the country, or Hawaii or whatever. And you’re because something amazing, because you’re away from all these frequencies.

Diva Nagula 37:18
Yep. And that’s true. I sometimes go out to the mountains, where there’s minimal interruption with frequencies such as 5G or any other EMF radiation. So yeah I guess that’s a really good telltale, if you go out to where there’s not a whole lot of technology all around you, it’s a good indication that you might have some sensitivity to the EMF radiation that’s constantly around you at home.

Wendy Myers 37:43
Yeah, more than you think it’s affecting people more than they are aware of.

Diva Nagula 37:48
And lastly, what I want to get into briefly is, obviously, we’re in a unique time in our lives, where we have this this virus that’s presented and plaguing our society and how we act and how we do things. I’m sure you probably have some sort of a protocol for people for preventative measures. And you briefly describe what you what you advocate?

Wendy Myers 38:10
For COVID. Yeah I have a big opinion on this. So the number one thing that people I think need to do is they need to ground their body. Your body doesn’t work correctly, your immune system won’t work correctly, communication or minerals won’t work correctly unless your body is grounded. So by that, I mean, you need to have a negative charge. This is another thing that counteracts EMF, by the way, because EMF elicits a positive charge on our body, and then our body, the polarity in our cells doesn’t work, right, so we’re like why do we feel like crap? Well, because your body just can’t work unless it’s grounded. And we’re largely removed from walking on the earth or sleeping on the ground like cavemen and our bodies evolved over millions of years, being grounded in one with the earth in the ground. So to kind of recreate that there’s this water, it’s called watt-ahh. You can get it at www.aquanew.com and this is a polarized water. It has tons and tons and tons of electrons, and oxygen, and hydrogen. So if say you do get a health issue like COVID, and you have that apoxia, where your red blood cells are not able to carry oxygen, this floods your body with oxygen. They’ve also found a research that h-bar hyperbaric oxygen therapy also can counteract the effects of COVID as well. But if you don’t have access to that, or you don’t have money for 200 bucks a session or more, you can drink this watt-ahh and it’s not cheap either to get it shipped, I mean shipping a case of water is not cheap. But it’s like $3 a bottle it’s the same you pay for other garbage water. So why not do this one. So I’m not affiliated with this company. I’ll make money for recommending this to you but this I’ve got 40 Cases of this at my house, okay. And when you drink it, the majority of people feel high after when they start drinking it, including myself, I was joyous for about four days because my brain was finally getting oxygen that it was not getting before. And so this is much more advanced than just hydrogen water, because you can’t just feed your body hydrogen, you also need oxygen, you also need a correct charge on your cells, your body or the hydrogen is not going to work or get into your cells. So this is key. And then also, of course, zinc is really important. Zinc is super key. They there’s a study going on right now the university that this water helps zinc get into the cells, because a lot of people take supplements, they don’t get into cells, they have absorption issues, for one reason or another. So that’s how hydroxychloroquine work works, it helps to get in sync with a cell. Well, you know, you can use this to, to do that. And then IV vitamin C, I’ve been doing about one a week one IV vitamin C session a week that’s known to kill. Yeah, that kills everything that’s known to just want to I don’t want to say the C word. But that’s just a therapy that’s used for a lot of different types of infections. And so that’s super, super key.

Diva Nagula 39:07
How many milligrams of vitamin C are you taking?

Wendy Myers 41:27
Yes, so I’m doing 10 milligrams of vitamin C, most people can start at like five. Vitamin C is not for everyone. Some people if they have certain genetic issues, the vitamin C is going to make them sick. But you can look that up on the internet that’s readily available information, for every kind of thing you suggest, or someone that’s not going to work for always. So it’s so just be aware of that. But yeah, IV vitamin C is really, really key. And why do you do that, as opposed to supplementing with it, can I just take lipozomal, you just can’t get enough vitamin C, when you’re having to have a supplement go through your digestive tract, you just absorb much less of it than you consume. But when you just straight up mainline, it, you know through an IV, you’re getting a lot in your body before then you could absorb normally. So that’s what I recommend. And then I also do something called a Spooky, you can learn about that at www.spooky2.com – it’s a Rife machine. And Rife is just frequencies, it’s like a plasma light, where you emit certain frequencies onto the body. This has been around for 100 years, it’s nothing new. And this program has about 500,000 different programs that you can run. And they just have all the frequencies for every infection on the planet, including the the pandemic that’s out there and every mutation of it. So it’s every single thing has a frequency that admits it emits that can be measured, and then can be countered. And those counter frequencies can be applied to the body and the pathogen explodes and dies. It’s the same concept when is when an opera singer sings and a glass explodes. Well, that can happen to any pathogen that you have in your body. And so Rife, I think is really something that not enough people know about it is out of the realm of you know, it’s priced out for a lot of people I mean is it’s not cheap. But this company is Spooky2 the the guys aim is to make it affordable for everyone. So you can get started for as low as like, it’s $166 that you can do what’s called a remote Rife but it’s not as good as the plasma rifle, which is I believe about $2500. But still, that’s half the cost of most Rife devices on the market today. And that is just key if you’re dealing with pathogens and infections, or the Big C word that is really, really hepled us.

Diva Nagula 44:07
Yeah, this is awesome. I’ll make sure that we put that in the show notes. There’s a lot of nice useful tools and interesting modalities that we’ve talked about that would be useful to put on on the show notes. So we’ll do that. So Wendy, I really appreciate you coming on to the show. I mean, thank you so much. And if our listeners really want to find out more about you and your program and all the products that you offer, what’s the best way for them to find out

Wendy Myers 44:32
Yes, well, you can go to www.MyersDetox.com I have hundreds of free information, hundreds of podcasts, hundreds of articles, all backed by science, all backed by research, very, very particular about that and we’ve got lots of different programs, liver flushes with bioenergetic programs and detox supplements and things like that and a team of practitioners is well to help you go on a guided detox. If that’s what you feel you need and it’s certainly an education. There’s certainly a learning curve to it all like, where do you start? But there’s lots of information you can dig into www.MyersDetox.com.

Diva Nagula 45:10
And are you taking on patients through virtual as well?

Wendy Myers 45:14
Yeah, we only do remote. We only do virtual meetings over zoom we always have. Because I just want to be able to help people everywhere in the world, especially people that don’t have access to the care that they need or practitioners that they need. So we have a team of brilliant practitioners, we even have a veterinarian for people that want to work in an alternative way with their pets as well, so we just have a lot to offer people everywhere in the world.

Diva Nagula 45:40
That’s awesome. Well, thank you for coming on the show. And more importantly, thank you for
what you do.

Wendy Myers 45:45 Yeah. Thanks for having me.

Diva Nagula 45:47 You’re welcome.