When you think of a St. Patty’s Day party, your first thought may include green beer, green jello shots, etc. But if you’re looking to have a healthier St. Patrick’s Day and a less painful March 18th, you may be in need of some activities that aren’t alcohol-related. Keep reading for a list of ten St. Patty’s Day activities that don’t require alcohol.

#1: Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for something to get all of your party attendees up and moving, a St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt is a great idea. Depending on the scope and planning of the activity, your scavenger hunt could range from a relatively quick search around your house to an extended adventure throughout your neighborhood or city.

#2: Plant Shamrocks

This next activity is intended for those of us with green thumbs (pun intended). Planting clovers in your yard or potting them in your house can be a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity that continues on as the plants grow.

#3: Bake Soda Bread

If you prefer baking to gardening, consider making homemade soda bread this St. Patty’s Day. Not only is it a delicious treat, but it can add some additional Irish flair to any get together you are having.

#4: Have an Irish Film Viewing

There are plenty of great options for movies involving Ireland or Irish culture to watch on St. Patty’s day. One example is Brooklyn (2015), a drama starring Saoirse Ronan as an Irish immigrant in 1950s Brooklyn. If you’re open to less family-friendly options, you could also consider The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006) or The Boondock Saints (1999).

#5: Costume Contest

A St. Patty’s Day themed costume contest is a great way to liven up your evening. You could dress up as a Leprechaun, or get creative and design a costume as a rainbow, pot of gold, shamrock, or even a beer!

#6: Quoits

If you’re looking to add a little authenticity to your Irish celebration, consider trading in your cornhole board for a game of quoits! Quoits is similar to ring toss or horseshoes and involves trying to throw rings and land them on spikes or pins on the ground from a certain distance away.

#7: Make Healthy Green Drinks

While green beer and jello shots get all of the attention on St. Patty’s Day, there are plenty of healthy alternatives you can substitute in. This year you might consider trying to make green matcha drinks or green smoothies to promote wellness and still show your holiday spirit.

#8: Irish Jeopardy

While this would require a good amount of prior research, Irish Jeopardy could be a blast if your party attendees are fond of quiz shows. Some example categories could include Irish History, Literature, Music, Pop Culture, and Catch Phrases.

#9: Pin the Clover on the Leprechaun

This Irish take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a basic, but always fun party game to incorporate. This activity is easy to set up, only requiring a printable target and some clover stickers.

#10: Irish Jig Contest

All you need to do to plan an Irish jig contest is learn the basics of the Irish jig and put together a good Irish playlist. Whether the dancing is great or terrible, the contest is sure to be fun for everyone involved.