7 Incredible and Surprising Health Perks for Fall 

Are you excited about Fall? With the crisp air, the beautiful colors, and arguably all the pumpkin-spice coffee you could possibly drink. What’s not to love? Did you know that the Seasons Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall have incredible and surprising effects on your body’s health that you may, or may not be aware of? Here’s why the Fall season is the best time to improve both mental and physical health.

Fall Health Perk #1: Deeper Sleep

In Fall, the sunrise starts coming later as well as the sunset comes earlier every single day. The change in available sunlight affects adjustments in our bodies’ circadian rythms* which will reset to make you sleep earlier. It’s also been proven that lower temperatures help us sleep better, so go ahead and just crack your window a little on those cooler Fall nights for the best sleep ever.

Fall Health Perk #2: Those Warm Fall Colors Promote Mental Health

When you have the “blues” or feeling “down” there’s no faster way to boost your mood than to step outside. Not only does the vitamin D from the sunlight do incredible things for our serotonin levels, but there’s something soothing about being in the fresh air and looking at nature. In the Fall, when the landscape is especially beautiful and colorful, the sight of brightly colored leaves will immediately and dramatically boost your happiness and mental health. Go for a hike or take a walk. Whatever you do just get outside, it’s good for your body and mind.

Fall Health Perk #3: Seasonal Fall Spices Improve your Overall Wellness

When you think of Fall food you probably think about “comfort food.” Foods with lots of Cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. These spices are delicious, and they improve your whole-body health this time of year, foods are abundant that have these spices. You may have already had your pumpkin spice coffee this morning.

  • Cinnamon – Linked to lower inflammation levels
  • Nutmeg – Has germ-killing properties
  • Ginger – Improves the circulation

Fall Health Perk #4: Say “Goodbye” to Brain Fog

The term “Brain Fog” is a general term for malaise and fuzzy-headed feelings that affect us all from time to time during the summer heat. Cooler weather is on its way which means the chances of heat stress and brain fog are gone, at least until next summer.


Fall Health Perk #5: You Will Get Outside More

With the majority of heat waves over, cooler fall weather will help you do more things outdoors which is an increase in activity and it can improve your metabolism and overall health.


Fall Health Perk #6: Cool Weather Helps our Decision-Making Abilities and Oxytocin Levels

If warm temperatures are more likely to deplete our resources and we use up large amounts of glucose. Because glucose is used for mental processes, it may be that the physical demands imposed by excessive warmth produce our capacity for cognitive functioning, thereby adversely affecting our decision-making abilities The cooler weather should improve these abilities significantly plus on a cold night is there anything better than snuggling up under a blanket and watching a movie. There’s nothing better than a Fall night in, and with all that physical contact you will get a boost in **oxytocin levels.

Fall Health Perk #7: Fall Season Perks to Look Foreward to

We all love Thanksgiving, Halloween, Family, and shopping for holiday presents in the Fall, but there’s one thing we love even more about those activities. It’s that people get more pleasure from anticipation than they are from actually doing it. Fall is fantastic for this because you have so much to plan and look forward to, which makes us happy and boosts our serotonin levels for the most content season of them all.


* Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle. These natural processes respond primarily to light and dark and affect most living things, including animals, plants, and microbes. Chronobiology is the study of circadian rhythms. One example of a light-related circadian rhythm is sleeping at night and being awake during the day. Source: National Institue of General Medical Sciences

** Oxytocin levels  are associated with trust, sexual arousal, and relationship building, it’s sometimes referred to as the “love hormone” or “cuddle chemical.” Oxytocin levels also increase when you’re hugging someone and when you’re experiencing an orgasm. Oxytocin is an essential hormone for childbirth and lactation. Source: My Clevland Clinic