In the midst of a pandemic, Halloween was bound to be different this year. So why not start some new traditions? Make the most of Halloween 2020 by infusing these three active activities into your annual Halloween traditions.

Halloween Hustle

Everyone’s heard of the “Turkey Trot,” or running a race on Thanksgiving morning. I love this kind of tradition because it helps offset the calories of traditional holiday eating – no need to feel bad about that extra slice of pie! So, why not incorporate this tradition into Halloween, too? Especially on years like this, when Halloween falls on a weekend, you have no excuse not to! 

This Halloween, I’d recommend hosting your own Halloween race, rather than participating in a large event. You can even steal a name from common community races – my favorites are “The Devils Chase,” “Monster Dash,” “Run for Your Life,” and “Halloween Hustle.” A simple Google search will provide even more name ideas! If a fun name isn’t enough, you can even lift special features from community races. For example, take a pumpkin with you on your run, like they do in Colorado’s “Great Pumpkin Haul” 2-miler!

Get Jacked (O’ Lantern)

I think the name itself is worth adding a weight-lifting workout into your Halloween routine.  A Halloween weight workout might not burn as many calories as your Halloween Hustle 5k, but research shows that weight-training keeps your metabolism elevated longer than cardio. This will certainly pay off when you start snacking in the evening! Besides, strength training will help you look more toned in Halloween pictures – which are inevitable! 

Get Jacked (O’ Lantern) this Halloween with a weighted workout using – you guessed it – a pumpkin! Believe it or not, pumpkin workouts are all the rage these days. I’ve gathered a few different strength-training circuits for you to consider:  

Halloween Hike

The final active-ity you should consider this year is a Halloween hike. The October weather is lovely, and most trees have reached their full peak leaf color. What I love about a Halloween hike is that it can be as intense or relaxing as you’d like. You can bring the kids along for a family outing, or if you’re up for more of a challenge, you can seek out a high-intensity, quad-burning climb. Either way, you’ll get out in nature and squeeze in some cardio. 

I’d recommend Googling the best fall hikes in your area to choose your Halloween hiking destination. Some trails are better than others for seeing the changing leaves. If you’re concerned about social distancing, you may also want to figure out which trails are likely to be overcrowded.

Whether you choose one or all three, you will want to keep these active Halloween traditions around for years to come. October provides perfect exercise weather, and burning so many calories will make the candy taste even sweeter – since you earned it!