Pets aren’t only cute, but they can have positive effects on your health. Pets can cause improvements to your mood and subsequently improvements to your physical health.

Having a pet holds you accountable to something. You have another living being that you are responsible for and that in turn shows you love and appreciation. This can greatly improve mental health. Having a pet, especially a dog, to get out of bed and feed, water, give bathroom access, and make sure gets proper exercise can encourage people with depression to get up and move, even on their worst days.

Having a pet promotes more exercise, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and lower stress levels. Pets can encourage you to take better care of yourself and your body. They can see things that you often don’t notice about yourself. If you have ever had a cat lay on your chest and purr when you are sad, you know how important a pet’s intuition can be.

Emotional support animals have become increasingly popular due to the positive impact they can have on their caregiver’s emotional and physical health. Emotional support animals can help with panic, anxiety, depression, PTSD. They can help reduce social anxiety and help defuse tension in their caregiver.

Be sure to do proper research when selecting the right pet for you. Not every pet is right for your lifestyle. If you are unable to make a long-term commitment to an animal, try fostering. There are many shelters that could use help.

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