It’s the much-dreaded cold and flu season. Many of us will contract some form of illness during this time of year. Here are a few simple things that can be done to help combat cold and flu season:

Wash your hands.

When washing your hands be sure that you do so thoroughly. Cover all surfaces of your hands with soap and scrub for 20 seconds. Be sure to get your palms and fingernails.

Avoid touching your face and eyes.

Your face has several entry points for germs. Germs often like to enter your body through the insides of your mouth, nose, and eyes. 

Drink plenty of water.

Drinking adequate amounts of water each day, about 8 cups, will keep your body running appropriately which can make it easier to combat illness.

Exercise regularly to boost strength and immunity.

Exercise is often overlooked this time of year but is needed the most. For a lot of us, it is cold and dreary outside, but there are still plenty of options for exercise. It is recommended to exercise approximately 30 minutes a day. Although, any amount is better than being sedentary.

Get adequate sleep.

Sleep is deeply needed to repair your body and refresh your mind. Do not skip out on this basic yet extremely important step. Try to get at least 7 hours a night.

Incorporate vitamin C and D.

Adding supplementation for vitamin C and D to your diet this time of year can improve your chances of recovery from illness. Often not enough vitamin D is consumed in the winter due to the lack of sun exposure. Vitamin C is often under-consumed due to local fruit not being in-season as well. Incorporating supplementation for these essential vitamins can greatly improve your health during the winter months.

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