Your immune system can be improved by making a few simple changes to your diet. Your immune system can be negatively affected by trans fats and high amounts of saturated fats. Try to reduce/avoid those when possible. Incorporate more healthy omega-3 fats such as fish and seeds. They will also give you a boost in vitamin D and zinc which help with immune function.

Limiting sugary fatty foods, such as cakes and cookies, can greatly benefit your immune system and overall health. Incorporate more vitamin C-rich fruits, such as guava and kiwi, as a healthy substitute for sugary desserts. Their low calorie and higher fiber contents are a bonus too.

Try to avoid fast food when possible. Most fast foods are deep-fried and low in nutritional value. If you are in a situation when fast food is required, most fast food places have salads or grilled meats as an option. Go for that when possible.

Cook with garlic and olive oil more often. Garlic can greatly reduce your likelihood of getting sick and reduce the length of your illness. Olive oil is high in antioxidants and omegas. If cooking with garlic and olive oil is not your thing, supplements are available for both. 

Improving your immune system’s function is possible. Eat more mindfully. Exercise often. Stay hydrated. 


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