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In Dr. Diva Nagula’s new book, “From Doctor to Patient,” Dr. Nagula shares his life story including intimate details about his childhood, career, and of course, his cancer journey. Although most readers would be captivated by Dr. Nagula’s compelling book, four groups of people may be especially interested: current or previous cancer patients, family members or friends of cancer patients, doctors and medical students, and entrepreneurs. Here’s why these people need to read “From Doctor to Patient” right now:
1. The (Current or Previous) Cancer Patient 

Whether you have recently received a cancer diagnosis, are currently undergoing cancer treatment, or are in remission from cancer, Dr. Diva Nagula has been there. In his new book, “From Doctor to Patient,” Dr. Nagula divulges the challenges and lessons learned at each stage of his cancer journey. He shares his difficulties with maintaining relationships, being out of control, and feeling angry and depressed. If you have or had cancer, you will likely relate to Dr. Nagula and find solace in your shared feelings and experiences. However, by the end of Dr. Nagula’s book, you will also be equipped with new tools and strategies to deal with your cancer journey.

2. The Family Member or Friend of a Cancer Patient

Your friend or family member has cancer, which may leave you feeling helpless, confused, and scared. So, what can you do to help? From the perspective of someone who had cancer, Dr. Nagula explains what he needed – but didn’t get – from his family and friends during his cancer journey. Dr. Nagula freely admits that he did not explicitly tell his loved ones what he needed from them and even actively pushed them away. However, thanks to Dr. Nagula’s retrospective candor, you can anticipate your loved one’s needs without putting the burden on them to tell you.
3. The Doctor or Medical Student

Dr. Nagula has seen medical care from both sides: the doctor and the patient. Every healthcare provider can benefit from the insight in Dr. Nagula’s book, “From Doctor to Patient.” Dr. Nagula’s concrete tips about treating patients with cancer, such as the importance of therapist recommendations, can help improve health outcomes and quality of life for your patients. Dr. Nagula also shares his advice about self-care as a healthcare provider and provides timely commentary on the current state of medical school education.
4. The Entrepreneur

In his new book, Dr. Nagula, a self-proclaimed “Type-A Workaholic,” details the personality and lifestyle factors that contributed to his cancer diagnosis. If you have an obsession with work and the pursuit of success, as many entrepreneurs do, Dr. Nagula’s book will help you identify toxic behaviors and provide practical solutions to address these behaviors before they manifest into physical conditions such as stroke, heart disease, and cancer.

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