Exercising regularly is very important for both physical and mental wellbeing. However, if you don’t enjoy running or going to the gym, it can be difficult to feel motivated to exercise consistently. Here are five fun ways to get more exercise and actually enjoy doing it.

#1: Go on a walk

First up on our list is a simple way to get some exercise. Taking 15 to 30 minutes out of your day to go on a walk is great for not only getting exercise, but also clearing your head and getting some fresh air. A 15-minute brisk walk can be almost a mile long and burn nearly 100 calories. Health benefits of walking include weight loss, improved heart health, and stronger muscles and bones.

#2: Hiking

If you are looking for a way to destress, enjoy nature, and get in shape, then I would recommend picking up hiking as a hobby. If you live somewhere with plenty of hiking trails nearby, try going on a day hike during a weekend or a day off. If you live somewhere without any trails, you may want to consider taking a hiking trip with friends or family. Hiking has numerous health benefits including building muscle strength, improving balance, weight loss, cardiovascular health, and even improved mental health!

#3: Rock climbing

Rock climbing can be a very fun hobby that is also great for staying in shape. In addition to burning calories and improving cardiovascular fitness, rock climbing is great for building muscle strength, flexibility, and improving coordination. It is important to choose a form of exercise that you enjoy and look forward to. Rock climbing is a great option for exercising in a fun and exciting way.

#4: Pick up a sport

Whether it is a pick-up game, a recreational league, or a competition, starting a sport is a great way to stay healthy and have fun. Many common sports have recreational adult leagues, such as Sunday soccer leagues. You can also just get together with friends for a little friendly competition, such as a pick-up basketball game or a tennis match. If you are struggling with finding people to play a sport with, there are many different Facebook groups dedicated to helping get in touch with people interested in different sports.

#5: Join/start a work or family fitness competition

Many workplaces have different fitness challenges to encourage people to practice healthy habits. These include app-based challenges, fitness classes, charity walks, and 5k runs! If your work doesn’t have any fitness challenges, consider starting your own with your co-workers, friends, or family. Fitness challenges can be great for helping people stay motivated, hold each other accountable, and encourage each other.