Many of us struggle with tiredness during the day, especially when working. Improving daytime tiredness is easier than you may think.

Tiredness can often be caused by a lack of movement. Be sure to move your body often. That is difficult to remember if you are working in a sedentary environment or if your hobbies are sedentary. Be sure to take breaks to walk around, stretch, or do a few jumping jacks. This not only will wake you up, but also improve blood circulation.

Be sure you are drinking enough water. Many of us downplay the importance of hydration, but it is essential to all body functions. Being dehydrated can strongly contribute to unnecessary tiredness. Consume at least the recommended 8 cups of water per day

Eat small meals frequently. Blood sugar fluctuations can affect tiredness. If you find yourself excessively tired during certain times of the day, take a look at your eating habits. Oftentimes you will find that tiredness exists during the longest stretch between meals or after consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates. Try consuming smaller meals more frequently that are higher in protein and healthy fats. This should regulate blood sugar levels and keep them more consistent throughout the day.

Try to reduce stress factors. Daytime tiredness can often be caused by excess stress. Try to reduce stress factors by taking frequent breaks from stressful tasks. Meditation may reduce feelings of stress and daytime tiredness when practiced on a daily basis. Having good sleep hygiene can also reduce excess stress on the body. For helpful tips for improving sleep check out: Improving Sleep with Valerian Root.

Hopefully, these tools will help you feel more awake and accomplish more throughout the day. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

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