Many struggles with making steps to improve their heart health. It’s not necessarily from lack of education, but from lack of support. 

It’s hard to make positive life changes all by yourself. Many of us hope our family members will make the changes with us and move forward as a team, but that isn’t always the case. It can get discouraging when you are trying to eat cleaner and exercise while your partner is watching tv on the couch eating a bacon cheeseburger. 

You are not alone. There’s a community of people out there that are struggling in the same way. Show each other support. Groups are forming to support each other to reach their health improvement goals. There are social media groups, community programs, even your neighbors may be looking to make the same changes you are. Reach out to the people around you. You will find that with community comes confidence. 

If you are concerned about exercising in a gym full of people… that isn’t the only option. Take a walk with your friend or pet. Take it at your own pace. Making yourself dread exercising is never the goal. Take it slow and build up your strength. Putting in the effort can change your life, even if you start out slow.

Eating cleaner to improve heart health is an adjustment. It involves changing the way you cook and the types of food that your body craves, but it isn’t as difficult as you think. Chances are you already know what you should be eating but have chosen to avoid it due to fear, laziness, or belief that it will be an inconvenience to you. Consider what small changes you could make to improve your diet and focus on them first. Maybe switch out one meal a week from red meat to salmon. Just a simple swap of protein once a week can make a big difference in the long run. 

Remember, you are not alone and you do not have to make the changes all at once. It’s about sustainability. The goal is to make reasonable improvements to your daily life that you can stick to.

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