Sinus congestion is common when pollen is high and allergies are inflamed. This is a common problem in the spring and summer. There are some options aside from medication to help ease sinus discomfort.

Using a humidifier in the rooms you typically occupy can help soothe sinuses and loosen up mucus. Adding a little bit of peppermint oil or using the menthol cartridge that comes with many humidifiers can also help ease discomfort. An alternative to using a humidifier would be holding a cup of steaming hot water under your nose and breathing in the vapor.

The steam from warm showers can help to loosen up sinus congestion. There are shower steamers available to help loosen up mucus while in the shower. A warm wet towel placed over your sinuses can also help ease sinus discomfort.

Using a sinus rinse can help soothe irritated sinuses and clear out mucus. They aren’t the most pleasant tool to use, but can be quite effective. Using a sinus rinse regularly can be used as a preventative for future sinus irritation.

Stay hydrated! Drinking enough water is important for sinus health as well as overall health. It can help to keep your sinuses properly lubricated and avoid sinus blockage. For a quick boost of moisture to your sinuses, consider a saline nose spray. Saline nose spray can help moisten the sinuses and encourage the mucus to be expelled.

Sinus congestion can be aggravating to deal with, but there are simple and effective ways to soothe it. Consider giving them a try the next time you find yourself congested.

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